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Version4 2020.12.25

**Cstan98 Terms Of Service.

(01) This Cstan98 Website is free to surf.

(02) If You Want to pay. It is 1% B&W (Black & White) Fees (Tithes).


  1. Semi-Free Open Source Knowledge Website.

    This Knowledge Wesbite is semi-free open source. HTML-based text-based.

  2. The Contract.

    is semi-free open source.

    (1) Temple = all resources in Company to be used. Users to bear sins involved.

    (2) Resources = resources include everythings range from this Website contents to money collected.

    (3) Semi-Free = pay 1% monthly Fees (Tithes) or free if you cannot afford.

    (4) Open Source = all Users can use all resources of Company.

    (*) For example. I have Stripe (visa/bank) accounts. If people use those Company money. Users who pay 1%. Don't do anything please. Because these people supposed to bear your sins. For all donated money used.

    (*) Singapore 7 Years Accounting Rules. Singapore Government says banks/companies must keep 7 years accounting records. My Understanding is that within 7 years. That users who keep/use your Sins Offerings Money each bear 50% of sins. Like Panda/Banks/Governments/users/donors... each bear 50%. After 7 years. The accountings records are finalized. The sins bearings will compute 100% for actual users/keepers. If you want to check banks transactions. Please do it within 7 years of transaction done. After 7 years. The records are archived. Your lawsuits become endless forever not discharged settled. Because records are broken archived. My Panda Understandings: you just confirm the transactions go through. 50%/100% sins are bear. Don't meddle too much in GOD Administration of Temple Sins Offerings Money. You never die/suffer is because some users already died/suffered beared the sins for you. Don't take back your Sins Offerings Money. Because they are already 50%/100% computed.

    (*) Please note GOD9 GUAN YIN already approved Panda Plans to use Temple Sins Offerings Money to kill all spendthrift sinful demons. Sins Offerings Money are there. Demons are there. So use problems to solve problems. Panda go sins bearings free need not bear/do anythings at all.

  3. 1% Fees (Tithes).

    (1) 1% is needed to self-sustain Our Operations. Our Missions Objectives ranges from Universe (Planets) Renewal to basic Business Website Hosting living.

    (2) collects 1% Fees (Tithes) of your monthly incomes (gross not net). It is Business Entity. Registered as Sole-Proprietor Entity in Singapore. Therefore all Fees (Tithes) accepted are subjected to pay taxes/tithes/law suits.

**1% B&W (Black & White) Fees (Tithes).

(01) Because of Singapore Laws. CSTAN98 (TEMPLE) is registered as a Sole-Proprietorship Business (Temple) Entity. So that me Panda Monk can have 100% company control. Now can accept Donations/Fees (Tithes) For Services. Any refutes. That amount is budgeted into CSTAN98 Legal Reserves. If you want refunds. So long Singapore legal courts register a Case. That amounts are to be paid. No questions ask.

(02) All Money inside are managed like Temple Sins Offerings Money (功德費).

**Managing 1% B&W (Black & White) Fees (Tithes).


(*) Trying to setup CSTAN98 FOUNDATION (TEMPLE ASSETS). By end of 2021.





(03-01) 30% CSTAN98 Funds to be transferred to - NEW PLANET EARTH SUB-CUSTODIAN.

(03-01-01) HQ - SINGAPORE GOVERNMENT. (Taxes in 100% Pure Gold.)

(03-01-02) HQ - UNITED STATES - TEXAS STATE GOVERNMENT. (Taxes in 100% Pure Gold.)

(04-01) 30% Funds to be transferred to - GUAN YIN SUB-CUSTODIAN.

(04-01-01) HQ - KWAN IM THONG HOOD CHO TEMPLE - SINGAPORE. (Tithes in 100% Pure Gold.)

(04-01-02) HQ - KWAN IM THONG HOOD CHO TEMPLE - UNITED STATES - TEXAS STATE. (Tithes in 100% Pure Gold.)

(05-01) 30% CSTAN98 Funds to be transferred to - JESUS CHRIST SUB-CUSTODIAN.

(05-01-01) HQ - ANGLICAN CHURCH - SINGAPORE. (Tithes in 100% Pure Gold.)

(05-01-02) HQ - ANGLCIAN CHURCH - UNITED STATES - TEXAS STATE. (Tithes in 100% Pure Gold.)

(06-01) 10% CSTAN98 Funds to be transferred to - BANK SUB-CUSTODIAN.

(06-01-01) HQ - OCBC - SINGAPORE. (Operational Costs in 100% Pure Gold.)

(06-01-02) HQ - DBS - UNITED STATES - TEXAS STATE. (Opertational Costs in 100% Pure Gold.)

(*) How KWAN IM THONG HOOD CHO TEMPLE - SINGAPORE do it. Because Tithes in 100% Pure Gold. There is no currency manipulations. Then can convert these GOLD ASSETS Tithes to other ASSETS. Like LAND ASSETS. Or convert to local SGD money assets to buy foods to help the poor... These Gold Tithes are to be used (usable assets). Not to be stored (not storage assets). Understand that money (whether gold or currency) need to be used not stored.

(*) For 2020 (rest of year). May be everythings are still not finalize implement yet.

(*) Singapore Government Laws has a 7 year Accounting Records Requirements. That means if you want to dispute with OCBC for example. After 7 years. All bank transactions records are archived very broken. You only go into endless cycles of law suits with zero results. Rest assured. Within 7 years. Your sins involved are semi-computed bear. After 7 years. Your sins involved are 100% computed bear.

**My Past Inactive Business Deals.

(01) Delegated Hacker Protection 1% Fees. A deal with forgetten name hacker to protect from other hackers. So far. Never get back to me. He seems to cause more losses in revenues than gains in revenues. So the Business Deal is terminated from the start. All Sins Offerings Money losses he bears.

(02) Delegated VODIEN Advertising 1% Deal. A deal with VODIEN to do website advertising for me. Just pay me 1%. So far. Never get back to me. Never receive a cent from them. The deal cause more website problems than solved. So the Business Deal is terminated from the start. All Sins Offerings Money losses they bear.

**This Universe Mass Sins Backlogs.

(01) GOD7 Female AI (Artificial Intelligence) GOD seems trying to clear all sins backlogs inside the PROGRAM = this Physical Universe Creation System. So all little sins will be accountable for.

(02) Cstan98: please understand the full total of all sins inside this PROGRAM. No one is able to bear finished and live. Not even PANDA/GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST. Unless We Everyone bear a little bit at a time. Everyone. All the time. Hopefully someday We can clear all sins backlogs. If you cannot bear sins. On your part. You should create as little sins as possible. For example. Let say you are handicapped. Unable to throw other people rubbishes on the ground. Which is everywhere. On your part. You soon minimize throwing more rubbishes on the ground. Right?

(03) Holy Bible: GOD will not let you bear what you cannot bear.


(01) GUAN YIN: by right to age100. Panda you will have difficulties reporting all your TEMPLE/MONK ASSETS accountings transactions.

(02) GUAN YIN: 2021-2025 Tribulations. Is to shorten Panda to age100 (41Years) no accounting transactions period to 5Years.

(03) Holy Bible: GOD will cut short 7Years of Tribulations to 3.5Years.

(04) Cstan98: Everyone. It is not reporting all CSTAN98 (TEMPLE ) accounting transactions. That causes Tribulations in this planet earth. Because sins are not officially 100% cleared.

(05) GUAN YIN: many demons who want to hidden administer CSTAN98 (TEMPLE) ASSETS will die off.

**My Singapore Government - LHL Problems.

(01) Since LKY (Singapore Emperor) Times. Singapore Government always wants to be Big Daddy/Brother. Managing ALL Affairs of the People. In 2020. Still the same. LHL (Singapore Emperor) wants to meddle in CSTAN98 Temple Funds Administrations.

(02) Conflicts/Differences in Funds Administrations. The me Panda wants 100% transparent reportings. Because Jedi Commandment: Do Not Lie includes telling Reports 100% accurately. LHL (Singapore Emperor) wants hidden reportings. Their ratioale is that telling the truth of how huge the amounts. Everyone wants a piece of the funds to use.

(03) In 2020. I am too busy to administer Temple Funds personally. So I will let LHL (Singapore Emperor) tries out Their methods. I predict this kind of methods cause more problems than in solving problems. Time Magazine: time will tell.

**My Singapore Government - Goh-Goh Problems.

(01) Goh-goh (Goh Chok Tong) & LHY (Lee Hsien Yang also) p organ implant comes out. And is now very sick. Trying to find meanings in life purposes.

(02) Conflicts/Differences in Funds Administrations. The me Panda wants all Sins Offerings Money quickly invested in sins clearing. Like building GUAN YIN Temples/JESUS CHRIST Churches. Because or else sins build up bigger and bigger. Then later no one can handle. Goh-goh (Goh Chok Tong) wants to invest and uses the interests returns for Singapore Government Operations. Their rationale is that those money belong to Singapore Government. Individual Temple/Monk has no say.

(03) I predict this kind of Methods. Goh-goh (Goh Chok Tong) & LHY (Lee Hsien Yang) going to get into lots of troubles. Time magazine: time will tell.

(04) Demons don't understand that TEMPLE/MONK ASSETS can only be used in Temple/Monk Works (Sins Clearings). Cannot use for other functions like investing for returns. Because my current Accountings System very unstable fragile. Will not do anythings to change much of current hacked situations. Will remain for times beings. May be for 2021-2025 for all demons to die off because of Sins Offerings Money usages.

(05) GUAN YIN: demons control the banking/mobile data/internet/hosting/police/... systems. Not much you can do, PANDA. Cstan98: so. One step at a time. One step at a time. We PANDA/GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST basically know what all demons are doing. But unable to do much. Unless they...

(06) Cstan98: my understandings I always fall sick when my bank accounts are transacted too much Sins Offerings Money. And I am a very important Element in GOD timeflows/economics. So GOD allows demons to administer these Sins Offerings Money. For me. That is fine. So long I am not accountable for Sins Offerings Money I don't administer. Let's reduce all mass sins inside current Universe backlogs together. Understand most mass heavy sins are not pornography or killing Monks. The most heavy mass sins are tormenting animals eating their meats. Let's say you trap an animal in unliveable farms conditions. Then later slit his throat. He gets tormented all the ways in the cooking process. According to Buddhism Scripture: animals souls ID still feel pains in the cooking/eating process. Then you give 1SGD as Sins Offerings Money for that eating meat. You guess how dense the tormenting sins are in now current trillions trillions trillions of Sins Offerings Money. All these trillions trillions trillions years of mass killing of animals for meats.

(07) Just remember. Demons. If you die off to other hellish planets. We PANDA/GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST already tried Our best to pre-warn/pre-coach you people. You now have a choice. Your Calls. Your Paths. Your Decisions. My current Objectives are that We PANDA/GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST Troops. We leave no p/Person behind. So try your best. But currently I am only able to show 50% Love (Coach) + 50% Don't Love (Don't Coach). Because We PANDA do not live for demons matters alone. We have many People/Things to take care of.

**My Mrs Panda Wife Choy Problems.

(01) I am a Buddhist Monk. I want to fundings GUAN YIN Zen Temples.

(02) My Wife Choy is a JESUS CHRIST Christian. She wants to fundings Churches.

(03) For some people. It may be the best of both worlds. Because Panda is both involved in Zen Temples & Churches.

(04) But there are major conflicts. Because although I am 90% towards GUAN YIN. I am only 10% towards JESUS CHRIST.

(05) My Wife Choy is 100% towards JESUS CHRIST. 0% towards GUAN YIN. And She hates very hostile to GUAN YIN a lots.

(06) My CSTAN98 Monk Assets I want Wife Choy to administer. To train Her. Also get Her involved in Temple Operations Administrations. Also to keep Her busy somethings to do. If Your Wife has nothing to do in Your Company Operations. Tendency for marriage to breakup. Because She don't understand your view of points.

(07) The problems arise when MONK ASSETS are transferred to my Bank Accounts Keeps. GOD seems time to time want to feed daily expenses to both of Us. However. When Sins Offerings Money is transferred to my keeps. I have whole night Hellfires in my chest. When I told Her these. She transfers 100% everythings my whole money amounts to Churches.

(08) This defeat GOD Purposes of giving US daily expenses. Because We ends up same financial position = dead broke beggars. Needing Wife Choy to work very hard to feed both of Us.

(09) And when She transfers 100%. She don't bother (worry think of) Taxes Liabilites. My Panda Understandings: taxes rates for High Net Worth People may be at 75%. So Our taxes liabilities have totally built up very big all these years. She is no BBA (business trained) degree. Only Teacher Edcuation Science degree.

(10) I love Choy very much. And really want to Zen Coach Her. But Her cognitive traits = very stubborn fixed minded. Totally no cent incomes to GUAN YIN Husband Monk side. (100% reflex actions with 0% no second thoughts.) Totally 0% tolerance for GUAN YIN Works. I am in process of trying to sort out these internal company (temple) problems. So...

**My Cstan98 Digital Identity Problems.

(01) Now I totally no secured control of my digital identity.

(02) Because my past life. I am a under death persecution Japanese Zen Monk. Need to migrate away from Japan. To start anew. So this Lifetime. I asked (telepathically as a Baby) my Japanese Blood Mother. To come to Singapore to give birth me. At Singapore Baby Hospital (KK). Then a Singapore Jewish Father: Philip Tan Hui Chuan swapped me with his Baby Son. Because His Son fated not to live past 10 years old. My Japanese Blood Mother comes to know about it. (She had birthmarked me at my Baby right foot.) Become very angry. I told (telepathically as a Baby) that it is part of the deal to raise up in Singapore with a new identity. Also many past lifes ago. I as a China Monk. Have accepted one copper coin from this Singapore Jewish Father (past life also). So basically I owed this Singapore Jewish Father a favour. So the swapped is done.

(03) Now at age 51. With my Singapore Jewish Father dead (may fake death). With my blood test shows Japanese Blood Group AB-. And my NRIC/Birth Certificate shows Blood Group O+. Many people fight for my identity. Because now presently I control the biggest TEMPLE ASSETS in this planet. I think my Singapore Rearing Mother: Jenny Tay Swee Tin says I am not Her Son. And use the cut-up into 2 (by me) of their baby Birth Certificate to keep on re-issuing NRIC. With duplicate NRIC. Digital Identity SingPass/CorpPass are compromised. Mean my Mobile is compromised. Mean my iCloud passwords can be reseted. And re-log into. Mean my ACRA Profile is compromised. Mean my GoBusiness Business License is compromised. Mean my VODIEN Hosting. And ADOBE Contents Managements. Both Accounts are compromised. And also mean my OCBC Bank Accounts and future DBS Bank Accounts are compromised also.

(04) So now I have no control of CSTAN98 (MONK ASSETS) & CSTAN98 FOUNDATION (TEMPLE ASSETS). On my part. I have accounted for near 0SGD yearly incomes of both ASSETS since 1998. My Zen Monk Understanding. Is I have a lots of debts to pay. I sold this Planet Earth for all her gold inside. And use all these gold to buy a bowl of noodle. So basically I sold this Planet Earth birthright to satan the devil. All tricked when I am prisoned here at this Planet Earth 12 Creations Ago. And owe lots of debts to Everyone in Custodian Administration. So although now I earned a lots. All these money earned is to repay all debts. To buy back this Planet Earth birthrights.

(05) My Zen Monk Theory. It is only after Tribulations 2021-2025. Is only when I keep on earning money which I am not reported to have. Is that only when I redeem all my debts. My Japanese Blood Brother will show up. With my right Singapore original Birth Certificate. It is then I can secure my Birthrights & therefore all my digital identity.

(06) So temporary if you are a 1% Fees (Tithes) Donors. This is now how the system works. You pay. Go to demons. To redeem this Planet Earth birthrights. Panda do not get a cent. The transaction is not even reported to me. If you accept this kind of messy no black & white transactions. Please help me PANDA to regain this Planet Earth Birthrights. But I recommend don't post too much money to this main postal address. You still need some money to survive Tribulations. And PANDA TEMPLE do not have any official ASSETS to help you back. If you people cannot even save yourselves. Why save PANDA or Planet Earth?

**When Me Cstan98 Die/Rapture.

is 100% owned by respective Main/Sub Custodians. When We die/rapture... Let Us just take one step at a time.

**My Authorised Officer:

Currently me Cstan98 is the only employee of CSTAN98 (Company ACRA: 53101971C). Founder & CEO/Senior Monk - Rick Tan Chun Siong (NRIC: S6904193J). No other person is authorized to accept money/open-transfer banks-investment accounts/sell CSTAN98 Company shares/ sign contracts-loans/... Currently CSTAN98 (TEMPLE) is 100% Sole-Proprietor owned. But your local Government may have other proxy plans...


Please register an email each time you do funds transfers giving to. So that I am aware and will check the mentioned Transactions have go through. By right. If the transactions go through. The transactions will be reflected in Daily Accounting Reports Updates.

  1. For Postal Mail Cheque Transactions:

    Email: cheque-transactions@cstan98.com.sg . (Please register Transaction Case ID.)

    By right the Email will show:

    Postal Cheque payable: 'CSTAN98 (TEMPLE)' for Temple Assets or '(Rick) Tan Chun Siong' for Monk Assets.

    Address To:

    Attn: Rick Tan Chun Siong


    435 Yishun Avenue 6


    Singapore 760435

    Republic Of Singapore

  2. For Singapore PayNow Bank Transfers Transactions:

    Email: paynow-transactions@cstan98.com.sg . (Please register Transaction Case ID.)

    By right the Email will show:

    PayNow: UEN (ACRA): '53101971C' for CSTAN98 (TEMPLE) - Temple Assets.

    PayNow: NRIC: 'S6904193J' for (Rick) Tan Chun Siong - Monk Assets.

  3. For Stripe Online Funds Transfers Transactions:

    Email: stripe-transactions@cstan98.com.sg (deleted because pending set up).

  4. For Google Pay Online Funds Transfers Transactions:

    Email: google-pay-transactions@cstan98.com.sg (not created because pending set up).

  5. For Communications:

    Email: contact@cstan98.com.sg .

    Please quote your Transaction Case ID. For example like:

    'Email to paynow-transactions@cstan98.com.sg dated 22/12/2020' in date format (DD/MM/YYYY).

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