Devices Security To Surf This Cstan98 Website

Version4 2020.11.17

*Devices Security To Surf This Cstan98 Website mean. You need the below measures to protect & secure your devices when you surf this Website.

**Surfing This Cstan98 Knowledge Website.

(01) Time to time connect to wifi. And backup iCloud. So Apple AI (Artifical Intelligence) know what next OS/iOs to do to solve your devices problems.

(02) Update All Devices OS/iOS/App to latest.

(03) For MacBook. Main Account solely for Administrator. Sub Account Cstan98 solely to surf this Cstan98 Website.

(04) For MacBook. Delete all networks options. Only necessary network option. Preferrable one at a time.

(05) Close All App. Clear Bin. Delete all unwanted email/photo/message/ePub/Podcast.

(06) Don't use wifi/bluetooth. On iPhone data USB Personal Hotspot for MacBook to surf internet. Put to iPhone Personal Hotspot page to initiate with USB connected to MacBook.

(07) (Option + Click) Safari to start. With option mean hackings plug-in will not be activated. Delete all Safari Browser History. Close Safari. (Option + Click) Safari to start again. To start. Always type the website address '' fully in your internet browser to prevent plishing. When closing Safari. Delete clear all browser history.

(08) Delete MacBook USB Personal Hotspot Network Setting. (To reinstate back when Hotspot again.) Shutdown MacBook. Off Personal Hotspot for iPhone.

(09) Charge MacBook/iPhone only when you are looking near the devices. Majority of hacking is offline hackers hand-on. Rather than online.

**Devices Security.

  1. Apple Support App.

    Download Apple Support App. Seem to help secure devices.

  2. Secure Factory Setting.

    Know Apple MacBook Air/iPhone/Watch. You can always do zero state (Factory State) reset. For MacBook. You can always factory reset at Apple Support App. Ask them teach you. To factory reset your iPhone use Apple Support App help database steps.

  3. Secure Location.

    Take stair. Understand in Singapore. There is x4 Yishun 435. Each block has x4 #06.

  4. Secure iPhone/MacBook/Cable.

    Try to bring along all iPhone/MacBook and charging cables/plugs. Because can swap with blue-toothed bugs. I sleep with iPhone/cable inside my trousers pockets. MacBook Air inside my backpack. My backpack as my pillow. I go everywhere including kitchen with my Uniform (trouser) & backpack.

  5. Secure Serial Number.

    Try to bring along boxing out with You. Because enemy with Serial Number. Can call Apple.

iPhone Security.

  1. Always Close Background running App.

  2. Always Delete As Much rubbish unnecessary files/photo/messages as much as possbile. But leaving rubbish files contents on devices. Help Apple AI (Artificial Intelligence) to ID problems when you backup your iCloud.

  3. Always Exit & Re-Enter Touch/Face ID. If ask for numerical passcode.

  4. Always Confirm iCloud ID is correct for devices.

  5. Always Lock. When You leave iPhone.

  6. Always Off Bluetooth.

  7. Always Off Personal Hotspot. (When not in).

  8. Always On Mobile Data. When Apple AI (Artificial Intelligence) Server is not online login with mobile data. You may be log out of iCloud by hackers.

  9. Always On Touch ID (Fingerprint). For All Possible App.

  10. Always Update To Latest App/OS (Oprating System) Version.

  11. Always Enter All Data for Profile. Shipping address, email, phone.

  12. As Few App As Possible.

  13. Buy Gold/Rosy Gold iPhone. If You can afford.

  14. Close All App Properly.

  15. Control Panel Access. Disable access from App/Locked Home Screen.

  16. Double Delete. All apps, downloaded files, iBooks, photos, movies, music, ... Once. Then from rubbish bin.

  17. Find Friends. Do you know iPhone 7? You can find know where is Your Children/Husband/Wife.

  18. Have A iCloud ID.

  19. iPhone Name. Put in Callsign/Full Name for. So hackers need to lie.

  20. Lock Into iPhone Portrait Screen.

  21. Log-In IDs. One Central iCloud ID For App Store, iBooks, iTunes, ... All logged on.

  22. Reboot. If suspect of online & viruses hackings. Close all Apps, shut-down & reboot your iPhone/Mac Laptop.

  23. Reinstall. You may want to reinstall the App if you suspect it is hacked.

  24. Stocks. Do you know iPhone 7? You can find know charting of your indices/shares.

  25. Try Best Not To Use Wifi.

  26. Weather. Do you know iPhone 7? You can find know what chance of rain this hour, next hour, ...

  27. WhatsApp. Always delete WhatsApp chat history whenever possible. Always disable WhatsApp picture/video automatic download. They contain possible virus.

  28. YouTube. Always login with Google ID. Create Google ID from Apple devices Settings.

MacBook Air Security.

  1. Administrator. Always Enable Administrator Password Needed. With Administrator main account. And many Sub-Accounts for individual workspaces. For example. One for Adobe Website HTML Editing. One for banking. One for Government administration... Because different entities are fighting inter-cyber warfares all the time. Will crash your devices.

  2. Always Close All App Before Shutdown.

  3. Always Close Background App.

  4. Always On Christian Songs.

  5. Always Shutdown.

  6. As Few App As Possible.

  7. Built-In Camera. Always on Your Built-In Camera. Do not block it. Most AI (Artifical Intelligence) Softwares have face recognition of Authorised Log-in Users.

  8. Close All App Properly.

  9. Always Lock Screen when leave MacBook for toilet/kitchen.

  10. Double Delete. Once. All apps, downloaded files, iBooks, photos, movies, music, ... Then from rubbish bin.

  11. Delete Download. Always delete download files when they give problems.

  12. Dreamweaver CC. Log into Adobe Cloud all the time.

  13. Filevault. Always Enable Filevault Encryption.

  14. Firewall. Always Enable Firewall.

  15. Have A iCloud ID.

  16. iCloud. Enable update everythings.

  17. Internet Accounts. Delete all deleted/unknown accounts.

  18. Latest MacOS (Operating System).

  19. Log-In. Do not allow guest log-in.

  20. Log-In. Only 1 Administrator User You.

  21. Mac Name. Put in Callsign/Full Name for. So hackers need to lie.

  22. Mail. Do not leave Mail App on all the time. Always clear junk, send, trash folders. Always delete all emails that caused problems.

  23. Network - Blue Tooth. Don't.

  24. Network - Thunderbolt Bridge. Don't.

  25. Network - Wifi. Don't. Use iPhone 7 Personal Hotspot.

  26. No Additional App At Start Up.

  27. Personal Hotspot. Do you know You can connect Mac Laptop to iPhone data plan to turn it to secured paid wired mobile data?

  28. Photo. Must delete all ID Documents. To prevent hackings re-use.

  29. Safari. Always clear cache/browsing history. Always type the full website url. Do not bookmark. Most bookmarks have fake links/viruses. Type in full URL from Google Search. Do not leave Safari App on all the time.

  30. Send Diagnostics. Always Enable Feedback To App Developer/Apple.

  31. Sharing. Don't share any resources. Hackings come from shared resources.

  32. Shutdown. Always shutdown the Mac laptop. Do not use on-off switch for Mac Laptop. Always shut-down App at left-uppermost corner App Icon. But if Mac Laptop hangs. You no choice have to press-hold the power button until shut-down. Then press the power button to on reboot. First Force Shutdown that App.

  33. System Preferences. Remember to lock every feature.

  34. Technical Support. Apple Support Chat is very solid if You have problems. If they are cut half-way. Mean your device is hacked.

  35. Trash. Always clear trash to free up harddisk spaces & get rid viruses.

*Emails & Others.

  1. Email Links. Try not click emails links to acccess accounts. They let enable online hackers. The only Solution = Change Passwords + Select Log Out Of All Devices Feature + Access Only Through Apple Safari Internet Browser.

  2. Email Preview Read. For Apple Mail. You can Preview Read & Print the Emails without opening those Emails. Opening Emails activate macros viruses. Open emails only when necessary like to read further details, ...

  3. Housekeeping. Delete all unwanted emails daily to delete virus infected files.

  4. *Junk Emails. Do not click links on junk mails. Even they say it is legal cases, outstanding invoices, ... These links contain viruses. Everyone has these kind of scams emails. Just preview read, then ignore & delete them.

  5. Mark Junk Emails. Move all junk emails to junk folder. Then delete all in junk/trash. Not need to mark unread/move back to junk. If You get the procedure correct. Next time. The they are deleted automatically.

  6. Apple iCloud ID. Always use the Safari Internet Browser to suggest difficult to remember Password & automate save them to Safari Internet Browser Apple iCloud ID.

  7. Careful Blue. Free app/softwares especially if they are blue or even a little blue. The blue colours id denote the satanic empire flag.

  8. Careful Free. Don't free downloads pdf, pictures, videos, music, softwares, ... As many of these free downloads contain viruses. PDF download to Apple Books.

  9. Decrease Hack Signature. Decrease your being hacked radar signature to the minimum. Be more & more careful.

  10. Delete Unnecessary. Those app time to time to free up memory spaces & to speed up CPU speed. Also. Getting rid of free blue softwares increase your anointings/blessings.

  11. Few Password Entries. Use Apple Safari Automated Passwords System where you need not enter passwords all the time. Each time you enter Your Passwords. Each time the passwords risk being hacked. New Password feature tell you your Passwords are compromised need updating changes.

  12. If Hacked. Like emails, whatsapp, ... accounts. Do not login with old outdated hardwares anymore. Upgrade to the latest hardwares & softwares. And always login with the new hardwares & softwares. If you login with old devices again. You get hacked again. Because old hardwares & softwares leak out passwords informations.

  13. If System Hang. Google Search in other Device how to reset the hanged Device.

  14. Keep On Increasing Security Level. Increase your Security Level when You know new informations. Be better & better.

  15. Know System Preferences. Very Well. Know all features.

  16. No Plug-In. Disable Safari Internet Browser unnecessary add-on extensions for more secured internet browsing.

  17. No Beta. These softwares crash your computer.

  18. No Free. Always pay the Paid Versions of the Apps. Unless they come with the OS (Operating). Try to use Reliable Free Softwares. For example. Free Apple Numbers, Apple Pages & Apple Keynote from MacOS are ok. But Free microsoft note/one drive in the samsung S6 AndroidOS are very power hungry. So Free Softwares? = Yes & No + Depend On Apps Developers + Depend How Much You Need Them + For Me. Whatsapp App Is Essential Needed Daily + No Choice Access Free.

  19. No Pirated. Have no (especially pirated) downloaded internet pictures, video movies. Especially porn. They always contain macro viruses.

  20. No Pornography. Do not surf pornographic websites. They mostly have viruses. If no choice. Use a secondary hacked device to access.

  21. Official Photo. For iCloud ID Profile. So that MacOS (Operating System) can face recognition You.

  22. Parental Control. The me Cstan98 has reports that with some parental control softwares. You are unable to surf this Cstan98 Website. Because of keywords 'quit masturbation & pornography' on this Cstan98 Website. You need to disable Parental Control.

  23. Play Christian Music in the background for the best surfing learning experiences.

  24. Suspicious Emails Activity Logs. If you get suspicious emails activity logs. It means those accounts are hacked.

  25. Suspicious Websites Favicons. Favicon is a small picture of that Website you surf in Your Safari Internet Browser History. If it is suspicious. Your Internet Websites are hacked.

  26. Time-To-Time Communication Check. If no emails for very long time. Consider self-emailing (email to all self email accounts) to check working Status. Can also mobile self-sms check your mobile phone.

  27. **Cstan98 No False Stroke, No Waste Movements. Faster & faster keystrokes/mousestrokes/typing. Cstan98 Housekeeping Stroke. Cstan98 More & More Perfect Stroke. Cstan98 No Rubbish Stroke. Cstan98 Simplify & Streamlining IT (Information Technology) Operations Stroke.

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