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**Cstan98 Wisdom Social Skills:

List Source: IMH Hougang Care Centre (Anglican Mental Rehab Centre) + me Cstan98.

Contents Source: me Cstan98 (stated) + HCC (denotes Hougang Care Centre) + Others (stated).

Cstan98 Wisdom - Social - Active Listening Skill.

(*) Book: listen intensively.

(*) Book: after each spoken conversation blocks.

(*) Book: reparaphase emotions/logics/summaries back to speaker.

(*) Book: use: "You say you are..." Listen back for correction/confirmation.

(*) Psychologist: empathy counselling.

Cstan98 Wisdom - Social - Anger Management Skill.

(*) Cstan98: listen To Music.

(*) IMH Nurse: repeat to self: "just control. Just control..."

(*) HCC: Affective (Emotional) Strategies. Crying. Praying. Writing. Appreciation. Acceptance.

(*) HCC: Behavourial (Actions) Strategies. Assertive. Time Out. Give Out Rights.

(*) HCC: Cognitive (Thinking) Strategies. Calm Self Talk. Talk Out To Think. What If I Scenario.

Cstan98 Wisdom - Social - Assertivness Skill.

(*) HCC: Tone Of Voice: self awareness.

(*) HCC: Boundary Statement: define boundaries/claims.

(*) Cstan98: think cute cute. Tell Wife: "why is there a hamster (her) shouting?"

(*) Cstan98: think out of box. Up/down/left/right one level/move.

(*) Cstan98: think OCBC. Calmly tell shouting customer: "is there a problem? May I understand..."

Cstan98 Wisdom - Social - Confidence Skill.

(*) Cstan98: many small wins. Like daily clicked to-do list tasks. To build self worth.

(*) Cstan98: quit sins. For example. Know you are in control of your porn addictions.

(*) Apostle Paul: work Don't Beg. you don't work. You don't eat.

(*) Buddha: Monk 5 Commandments. Don't Kill/Steal/Adultery/Lie/Problems. Cstan98: Be Sinless Perfect.

(*) Cstan98: High Energy. Sleep Little. Eat Little. Many tasks done. Many physical trainings done.

Cstan98 Wisdom - Social - Conflict Management Skill.

(*) Stephen Covey: think win-win.

(*) Stephen Covey: synergize.

(*) Stephen Covey: seek to understand first. Then to be understood.

(*) HCC: smile.

(*) HCC: solutions = accommodating + collaborating + compromising + withdrawing.

Cstan98 Wisdom - Social - Decision Making Skill.

(*) Higher Intelligence. Ask GUAN YIN Divination advices.

(*) More Data. Google search the subject/problem.

(*) BBA: satisfying solution. Not optimal.

(*) Cstan98: fight fast. No false stroke. No waste movement.

(*) Expert. Proiorization correctly.

Cstan98 Wisdom - Social - Empathy Skill.

(*) Confucius: don't do to others. What you don't want others to do to you.

(*) JESUS CHRIST: do for others. What you want others to do to you.

(*) Cstan98: think from their shoes.

(*) Book: NLP Heart. Telepathy = know their thoughts.

(*) Mastermind Game: know source codes of person purposes why.

Cstan98 Wisdom - Social - Interactions Skill.

(*) HCC: eye contact. Facial expressions. Tone of voice. Body language.

(*) HCC: Smile. Head/word noddings.

(*) HCC: finish session short. If person is bored.

(*) HCC: fun to be with. Cstan98: practice make perfect.

(*) HCC: likable. Cstan98: Helpful in team building.

Cstan98 Wisdom - Social - Making Friends Skill.

(*) Artisole: 3 Types Of Friends. Lasting. Pleasure. Utility.

(*) Confucius: 3 Types Of Friends. Directness. Helping. Knowledgable.

(*) HCC. Friends Types. Strangers. Acquaintances. Friends.

(*) Cstan98: Best = Wife/Husband. First = Parents. Next = Zen Masters.

(*) Aquarius: Friends are forever. Buddha: there is no such thing called forever enemies.

Cstan98 Wisdom - Social - Problem Solving Skill.

(*) HCC: Steps = Define Problem + Brainstorm Solution + Decide + Plan + Do.

(*) Cstan98: use problem solve problem.

(*) Operations Management: sequential/overlapped/linked problems.

(*) Programming: solve syntax problems.

(*) Cstan98: many little problems = one big problem.

Cstan98 Wisdom - Social - Starting Conversation Skill.

(*) HCC: 3 Stages. Initiate. Sustain. Terminate.

(*) Cstan98: self update with latest knowledges/news to talk.

(*) Book: use bridges/questions/next level/new to lead one topics to another.

(*) Book: give lots of free/unrelated informations to make conversations interesting.

(*) Cstan98: talk/continue to kill. Leave no survivors

Cstan98 Wisdom - Social - Stress Management Skill.

(*) Cstan98: direct To Problems. Don't use addictions like porn/drugs/... to escape from problems.

(*) Cstan98: solve Problems When They Are Small. Problems are main sources of stress.

(*) Cstan98: work until sleep. To solve as much problems as possible each day.

(*) Cstan98: do not sleep. Too many sleep go into depression.

(*) HCC: use to-do list + journal + take break + music + surf internet + talk to friends +...

Cstan98 Wisdom - Social - Fish A Job Skill.

(*) Cstan98: use jobs seeking platform. Like LinkedIn/Facebook/Government Agency/Social Workers/...

(*) Cstan98: go for coureses. Like resume writing. Personal Branding. Interviews. Job Trainings...

(*) Cstan98: know seasons. end of year after bonus many jobs for example. Which day of week jobs ads most.

(*) LinkedIn: networking. 57% of high posts recommend by networking friends.

(*) My CareerFuture: your resume should be targeted for that job. One different resume for each job.

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