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**Cstan98 Wisdom Learning Skills:

List Source: https://kwiklearning.com (Kiwk Learning)

Contents Source: me Cstan98 (stated) + Jim Kwik (from YouTube free video) + Others (stated).

Contents Source: SchoolCHLB = denoted Chinese High (my secondary school) Library Books.

Cstan98 Wisdom - Learn - Memory Skill. (Jim Kiwk called it Recall Course.)

(*) Napoleon Hill: association = Cstan98: link next to current. Number to thing to images/sound names.

(*) Napoleon Hill: repetition = Cstan98: keep on memorize key terms again & again. Until remembered.

(*) Napoleon Hill: retention = Cstan98: if you cannot recite daily. It is not learned.

(*) Cstan98: use fingers for number sequences.

(*) Jim Kwik (free YouTube): brain tea + brain smoothie = for added advantages.

Cstan98 Wisdom - Learn - Speed Reading Skill. (Jim Kiwk called it Reading Course.)

(*) SchoolCHLB: You see word 'funny' as whole word. Not as individual letters 'f + u + n + n + y'.

(*) SchoolCHLB: So you see words as blocks of words. Not as individual words 'You + see + word + funny'.

(*) SchoolCHLB: Your eyes jump read centre point of full block. Keep jumping to another centre point.

(*) SchoolCHLB: Your eye needs to position slightly on top centre of that block.

(*) Cstan98: read fast (useless rubbish). Read slow (important points). Read headings/contents pages.

Cstan98 Wisdom - Learn - Thinking Skill. (Jim Kiwk called it Thinking Course.)

(*) Cstan98: certify in Chess. Like Checkers/Chess/Backjack/Backgammon/Poker/Weiqi Go/...

(*) Cstan98: daily play. iPhone App: Crossy Word. Positions permutations rethinking skills.

(*) Cstan98: daily play. iPhone App: Unblock Me. Problems Solving based on game rules skills.

(*) Cstan98: daily play. iPhone App: Guess Code Mastermind. Guess Source Codes skills.

(*) Cstan98: daily play. iPhone App: Pop The Lock. Fast reflex + long focus skills.

Cstan98 Wisdom - Learn - Studying Skill. (Jim Kwik called it Student Course.)

(*) Cstan98: if you are not re-certify yearly. It is not certified.

(*) Jim Kwik (I think): Memory + Speed reading + Thinking.

(*) Cstan98: exam questions come out from lectures + tutorials + textbooks.

(*) Cstan98: but you need extra materials (many other textbooks) readings for rounded understanding.

(*) Cstan98: see stroke copycat best Student/Teacher stroke. Understand logics not words.

Cstan98 Wisdom - Learn - Teaching Skill. (Not inside Jim Kwik online courses list.)

(*) Cstan98: when you learn all out + teach all out = double all out learnings.

(*) Book: appreciate your child. Verbal praise is free cheap re-conditioning.

(*) Menicus: don't pull/push plants. Add fertilizer/water to grow plants faster.

(*) Zen: action speak louder than words (Role Model).

(*) Zen: coach Students up one level become Teachers. Not coach them remain same level as Students.

Cstan98 Wisdom - Learn - Researching Skill. (Not inside Jim Kwik online courses list.)

(*) Cstan98: learn 10% from each 1000 knowledges branches. Not 1000% from each 10 knowledges branches.

(*) Cstan98: use (learn) other People Resources (lifetime research works).

(*) Cstan98: rubbish in rubbish out. Goodness in goodness out.

(*) Cstan98: use (apply) this on that. Use (apply) that on this.

(*) Cstan98: add values. Don't destroy other people values.

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