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Why Sometimes Your Prayers Do Not Come True in Perfect Christianity?

There must be a Reason why GOD does that.

  1. *Introduction: There Is A Reason Why Your Prayers Don't Come True.

    Chinese Saying: "no wind, no wave. There must be reasons." To make Your Prayers effective. You need to find out the Sources of the Problems that make Your Prayers ineffective.

  2. Ask Good Perfect Pastor To Pray For You.

    When your prayers do not come through, you may want to ask a good Perfect Pastor to pray for you. As Good Perfect Pastor is a Servant of GOD. Her/His Prayers are more effective. Alternatively. Ask Perfect Christian Friends or Perfect Elders to pray for you if your Perfect Pastor is too busy. *Note: a Good Perfect Christian is more powerful than a sinner pastor. Because a Good Perfect Christian represents GOD. A sinner pastor represents satan the devil.

  3. Have Strong Faith.

    Sometimes prayers do not come through is that you do not have faith. You need to have strong faith that the Prayers are effective once they are prayed.

  4. Imagine You Are GOD.

    There are 2 persons praying at the same time. You pray that in front of your house. That house that is being built not to be built so that it not block your window view. Another person prays that his house in front of your window view be built, so that he can live in it. If you are GOD, which prayer You make it comes true? Of course, the prayer that the house to be built so that people can live in. Therefore, when your prayers reach GOD, He may not make them come true because of some Divine reasons. Trust GOD to be a fair & just God.

  5. JESUS CHRIST Sins Offerings.

    Prayers never come true. Have you accounted for all your money? Have you calculated your taxes correctly? Have you calculated your tithes correctly (even You are administering these Tithes Yourself)? Do You make Your Church Pastors not enough foods money, while you have many MacDonald Veggie Crunch?

  6. Kneeling.

    The me Cstan98 & Wife discover if you kneel down during prayer, it is more effective. The Prayers to JESUS CHRIST come true more effectively. To submit, start with kneeling.

  7. Pray Without Actions.

    (01) If you pray for a good harvest. But don't farm. Do you get a good harvest? Even you get a natural harvest. It is not a big one.

    (02) If pray for good examination grades, but don't study. Do you get good grades? Even HOLY SPIRIT wants to guide you. Also don't know how to guide you during the examinations.

    (03) So Do Your Best. & GOD does the rest.

    (04) Trust Allah right,. But tie your camel.

    (05) Trust JESUS CHRIST right. But bring Your M16.

  8. Sins Make Prayers Ineffective.

    Psalm 66:18 : "if you have sins in your heart, GOD would not have heard you." Sins make your prayers to GOD ineffective. James 5:16 : "The Prayer of a righteous Person has great effectiveness." The Prayers of the sinless Perfect Christians are very effective.

  9. Unforgiveness.

    Sometimes prayers do not come true, because of unforgiveness of some people in your life. LORD Prayer says "forgive others, so that GOD forgive you." For all prayers to come true, you must forgive all those who mistreat you.

  10. *Conclusion: Prayers As Last Resort.

    For me Cstan98, Prayers are only used as last resort. If me is able to help Myself, me does them myself. This frees up GOD, JESUS CHRIST & HOLY SPIRIT Resources. Let say 2 p/Persons. 1 call 999 (police hotline) all the time. 1 call 999 (police hotline) 2-3 in a lifetime. Police mostly likely help who during an emergency. Your Call. You decide.

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