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Using JESUS CHRIST To Break Demonic Curses In Perfect Christianity.

When there is total Light. There is not even a tiny bit of darkness.

  1. *Breaking Hindu/ISIS/Islamic Demonic Curses.

    How do you break hindu, isis (ISIS), islamic, .... demonic curses. First of all, you must become a Christian in believing JESUS CHRIST. Just cry out "JESUS CHRIST, help me! JESUS CHRIST, help me! JESUS CHRIST, help me!"

  2. Ask JESUS CHRIST For Next Steps.

    Ask "JESUS CHRIST, what am I supposed to do next?" JESUS CHRIST guides you. You get ideas what to do next.

  3. Church Worship Songs.

    In Church Worship Songs, sing out loud & clear words. Praise GOD, JESUS CHRIST & HOLY SPIRIT.

  4. Endure Through The Cursed Days-Years.

    Because you have made demonic vows/oaths to never leave the satanic religion. So when you try to leave. You get demonic cursed. Endure through these cursed days-years. During these cursed days-years. Get Help from Perfect Christians Friends & Perfect Pastors. Go Church. Kneel & repent to JESUS CHRIST all of your sins & demonic vows/oaths you make to break. Read Holy Bible. Do not make any more new demonic vows/oaths anymore. Be more & more Perfect Christians. Because with lesser sins. The satan the devil has lesser footholds. Understand that these cursed times are at most few years at most. But if you cannot take them and go back to them. Then you have to re-do the cursed years times all over again. So resist & never go back.

  5. Higher Perfect Christianity Cultivation Level.

    Let say you are martial arts less trained than your enemies. Of course, you always get beaten. It is about increasing your martial arts level to higher than your opponents. Your Christianity Cultivation Level. Increase Your Christianity Cultivation Level by going Church more often, listen Christian Song more, Prayers more, read Holy Bible more, shout JESUS CHRIST more, ... Keep increasing your Perfect Christianity Cultivation Level Martial Arts.

  6. Higher Perfect Christianity Cultivation Than Satan The Devil.

    If you make demonic vows/oathes to satan the devil (who is an ex-archangel), You need to be at least an Archangel to break them & escape from satan the devil domains.

  7. Listen To Christian Song.

    One good Way to sing praises to JESUS CHRIST is playing & listening to Christian Song. Get iPad/iPhone/Mac Laptop iTuness. Buy a good Christian Song. Play repeat that one song. If You can afford, buy 1 good Christian Song every week. See Cstan98 Official Christianity Songs in Cstan98 Perfect Christianity Ministry for suggestions.

  8. Read Holy Bible. Claim The Promises.

    You need to read Holy Bible everyday (morning or night). Claim all the Promises in the Holy Bible.

  9. Standing Man.

    Each time you fall demonic sicked. You stand up & fight again. Soon or later your enemies give up making you fall demonic sicked.

  10. Thanks JESUS CHRIST. Glorify JESUS CHRIST.

    If you feel demonic sicked, shout out "glorify/thanks JESUS CHRIST." "I am healed in JESUS CHRIST." "I surrender to You JESUS CHRIST" ... until healed. You need to glorify the Name of JESUS CHRIST to get healed.

  11. Throw Away Demonic Things.

    On your parts, you need to break & throw away all demonic things. These demonic things most likely have words in languages you do not understand like arabic languages, ... Some may be free books, scriptures, ... Since You want to break away. You need not have them anymore. Or else, evil spirits still have footholds. *Note: they need to be destroyed in JESUS CHRIST Name, not just throw away.

  12. Unfriend Demonic Facebook Friends.

    Unfriend those demonic friends that look suspicious on you. Those that have animals photo, arabic names, baby photo (how can a baby write facebook postings), bald headed males, females with breasts cleavages, isis (ISIS) beards/sideburns hairs, no profile, nude photo, scenary photo, star photo that don't fit their names, ... Unfriend them all. You feel much better from the demonic curses. To demonic curses you, they need line of sight. Something for you to possess. For me Cstan98, when have more than 500 facebook friends. The me becomes so demonic curses. The me need to unfriend everyone. Delete all posts. And close the facebook account to get uncursed.

  13. Unfriend Facebook Groups.

    Unfriend all Facebook groups. Understand that these evil demons need line of sight to demonic curse you. One good group way to demonic curse you is in a Facebook group with your picture & name.

  14. *Conclusion: It Can Be Done.

    The me Cstan98 is a Living Testimony. The me makes so many Heaven Tao Vows. The me is mass cursed by ISIS (is shits is shits) shamen. But me still every second Controlled Thought. Just 1 relapse of pornography & masturbation for example. The curses come back again.

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