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In University Success Cultivation.

If me Cstan98 can re-do my University study. The me Cstan98 re-do the below lessons.

  1. A Few Clean Drinks.

    If have finanical money problems. The best is one Large MacDonald Ice Coke Zero at least a day. Next best is Icing Day Tap Water. Next best is Raw Tap Water. Best is mixture of One Day One Large-MacDonald-Ice-Coke-Zero/Ice-Day-Tap-Water to cut costs.

  2. Acne Inferiority.

    Solve acne problems to gain enough self-esteem. Go beauty saloon. Always wash face, even with water only (after that need to dry with tissue). Or can try as little facial cleanser as possible with many rinsings for sticky face. Drink vegetables juices to solve acne problem. Cut down poison chemicals meats.

  3. Arch Point Pressing.

    Know the spot to press to lessen ejaculation at masturbation. Better still. Do not masturbation & pornography.

  4. BGR (Boy Girl Relationship) Problems.

    Understand boy-girl relationships. Since you have becomed a Young Adult. Do not make female fails her or yourself university course. Or both fail. Budget your energy & time.

  5. Buy A Mac Laptop.

    You need a Mac Laptop & Printer to print out University work projects. Buy Mac Laptop to get Apple Numbers, Pages & Keynote free.

  6. Cashier Receipts.

    When buying things, especially textbooks, always ask for cashier receipts. This ensures you have property rights bought, not someone play cheat, & taking other people things (saying the textbooks you buy are bought by them). After buying, first thing is write Your Name on the Textbooks to claim ownership. Then You can tear away the cashier receipts after doing money accountings.

  7. Clear Mucus In Lungs.

    If you sleep & wake up repeatedly all the time. Go Church & sing Worship Songs loudly to clear mucus in your lungs.

  8. Cross Exam Studying.

    During exam. Study past other subjects textbooks & notes. So that your exam answers outshines other students.

  9. Enough Foods.

    Especially if you are vegetarian, it is very difficult to find vegetarian foods in university. Get enough vegetarian foods energy. Worse to worse. Bring your own double chocolate chips cookies packs, egg sandwiches or tomato sauce beans rice.

  10. Get A Girlfriend.

    It is very important you get a Girlfriend among your University friends. She accompany & help your University study. As it is very difficult to find One at work life later. Just remember to keep Your Virginity before Marriage for GOD Blessings.

  11. Google Search Research.

    You need to know how to do Google Search Research in the internet. Search 'cancer cure' for example to know all the cancer cures in the world. You can find every informations in Google Search.

  12. Icing Day Tap Water.

    Try to drink clean iced waters at university canteen drinks or water fountain. Do not drink raw tap water. Clean iced waters are less headache & less sleepy.

  13. Impotent Small p organ.

    Accept small p organ fate. Tell the true facts. Ask for acceptance if You get a Girlfriend. So that She understands why You are avoiding Her.

  14. Library Research.

    Go library read up & make notes, so that your exam answers outshines other students. Read finish the complete library books collection during free time breaks.

  15. Little Money.

    Give tuitions or do holiday part time jobs to earn enough extra incomes.

  16. Morning Black Coffee.

    To kickstart Your Day. You need to drink Black Coffee the first thing you get out of bed. To stay awake. During exam study nights. Tests effects of more black coffe = more sleepy or more energetic. During day time, you may need to drink Ice Coke Zero for ice clean caffeines.

  17. No Masturbation & Pornography.

    Do not do masturbation & pornography. As they are sins, you lose GOD Blessings to graduate with honour class one.

  18. Notice Board.

    There is such a thing calls Faculty/University Notice Board. Important messages from courses Deans/Lecturers are from there.

  19. Oxygen.

    If you sleep in non-aircon bedroom, must open window for oxygen. If closed window. Many carbon dioxide make you sleepy.

  20. People Know Your Thoughts.

    Do not mental collapse if you like me, when you discover everyone knows your thoughts.

  21. Sleepy Teeth Fillings.

    Find a good dentist to zap destroy those sleepy causing devices in your teeth fillings.

  22. Software Copyright.

    Buy original software. Do not make illegal copy of university software. This make you very smart.

  23. Spells Resistance.

    Cultivate Archangel (Old-Buddha) High Cultivation Level so that you don't get cursed by spells from enemy students. Be a JESUS CHRIST Perfect Christian to have help from HOLY SPIRIT. Know enough Cstan98 Website Zen Cultivation to combine with Perfect Christanity.

  24. Tables & Charts.

    You need to memorize the details of tables & charts to do well in exam. You cannot leave them out in studyings. This is because the many extra details interesting spike up your exam answers.

Already know then:

  1. All Come Out From Lectures/Tutorials.

    Get the Basics right. To get a B-C Grade. All Professors Examinations Questions come out from Their Lectures & Tutorials. Extra Library Research are for A Grade.

  2. Breakfast.

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Best is 2 steps. First step = easy & light = a glass of black coffee. After first step with initial energy, second step = heavy breakfast = like double chocolate chips cookies.

  3. Buddy Friends.

    Make company of buddy friends to accompany you to lunch & tea breaks. They should not take too much time just talking, instead must study together.

  4. Buy Textbooks.

    Buy all Textbooks. And read & underline them. Memorize the key terms before exam. You need Textbooks to do well in exam.

  5. Time Magazine.

    If your English is bad. Subscribe to 1 year Time magazine before university enrollment. Read every issue the whole magazine. Time Magazine is current/interesting/thoughts provoking. Most of all. Its English are simple. Unlike Newsweek or Economist. Where the English is very difficult. Time Magazine: "only time tells."

  6. Underline Textbooks.

    You need to underline the textbooks of all key points. Then write the keywords terms & concepts structures to note papers. At exam night, memorize the spellings of keywords on note papers. Then speed re-read all underlined texts inside textbooks. You need to complete underlining the textbooks & writing out the note papers before the exam night.

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