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*People Interesting Jobs Objectives.

The People need Jobs to earn money to buy Drinks/Foods & Housings to get married to have Children. Let get the Basics right.

  1. Advance Economy For Jobs Creation.

    Why third world countries only have farmers jobs is because they do not know how to build an advance economy for high-level income jobs creations. Be like past China, Premier Deng is pro-business & invite foreign investments into China like Singapore. Now China is becoming an advance economy after 20-30 years. Be like Taiwan, when Taiwan Government first moves from China to Taiwan, they encourage entertainment artistes & singers. After 20 years, they have music & drama university degree to feed their advance entertainment economy & industry.

  2. Give Jobs.

    Sage-King Government gives jobs to the population people. With jobs, they have money to have foods & able to marry monogamy marriage to have children. Therefore, population people that have jobs, is a happy population people. A happy population people do not fight with the Government so much. Therefore, unrest in the population people is lessen. To give many jobs, Sage-King Government must grow the Country economics, make the population rich to spend so that more jobs are created. Teach the people to have enough skills to have a job.

  3. Jobs Creation.

    Create jobs for your population. Division of labour = everyone has a job. Production > Consumption. Everyone must give productive works. GDP (Country Economy) = total work productions of everyone. The greater the number of jobs = the greater the GDP (Country Economy).

  4. Modified Minimum Wages.

    Singapore gives Workfare instead. Minimum Wages = additional salary pay by employers. Workfare = additional salary pay by Sage-King Government.

  5. Retirement Age.

    Recommend don't set the retirement age. Because when people retired, they die very fast because no meaning in life.

  6. Basic Country Administration.

    *Running Sage-King Government Country.

    (01) Army Defence. Soldiers to defend the Country.

    (02) Education. Teachers to teach business administration operations, languages, mathematics, science, virtues, ...

    (03) Police. Ensure internal safety of the population.

    (04) Tax Auditing. Collect tax revenue to run the Country. Also to ensure 0% tax evasion at low income tax.

    (05) R&D (Research & Development). Improve technology for more efficient production.

    (06) Repairs & Maintenance. Do periodic maintenance & repairs & to Country public infrastructure.

  7. Construction.

    *Sage-King Government do infrastructure construction for the people country.

    (01) 7-11 Convenience Stores. 24 hours foods & drinks convenience stores

    (02) Airports. For domestic & international flights.

    (03) Anti-Missile Defence & Long Range Radar. To shoot down nuclear missiles fired at Country.

    (04) Cities & Towns. Build many urban cities & towns for the population to grow & live.

    (05) Churches. To let more of your population to know GOD, JESUS CHRIST & HOLY SPIRIT.

    (06) Coffeeshops. A Singapore invention. A medium food shop renting out space unit to sell foods.

    (07) Drainage. To drain water to the sea for floods prevention.

    (08) Hawker Centres. A Singapore invention. A group of hawkers in a centre selling foods. Each sub-unit is small, so rental is low, thereby lowering foods costs.

    (09) Hospitals. To cure the sickness of the population.

    (10) Housing. Houses for the population.

    (11) Libraries. Build free libraries for population to increase knowledge R&D (Research & Development) & Education levels of population.

    (12) Parks. Build free parks for population to enjoy & to add greenery to the Country.

    (13) Plants - Electricity Power. To generate electricity.

    (14) Plants - Water Purification. To make drinking water from rain/sea water.

    (15) Reservoirs. To collect rain water for drought use.

    (16) Roads. For commence & transport to do their jobs.

    (17) Schools. For Teachers to teach the young ones.

    (18) Shops. Shops for the population to do business.

    (19) Shopping Centres. Many huge shopping malls to give selling shop units.

    (20) Town Centres. A town centre for every town.

    (21) Transport - Bus & Taxi. Cheap public transport.

    (22) Transport - Mass Transist Train. Fast intra-country trains connecting the whole country.

  8. Jobs.

    (01) Airline Pilots. To fly 747 airplanes.

    (02) Army. For national defence.

    (03) Business Owners. To run businesses operation in the Country.

    (04) Civil Defence. For rescuing natural disasters.

    (05) Cleaners. To clean up the cities.

    (06) Cooks & Hawkers. To cook foods for population.

    (07) Doctors. To cure population of sickness.

    (08) Engineers. To design & build infrastructure.

    (09) Gardeners. To build greenery in the cities.

    (10) Pastors. To marry couples & to turn them to GOD.

    (11) Plates Collector. To collect & wash dirty food plates.

    (12) Police Force. For domestic security.

    (13) Security. Security guards to guard infrastructure.

    (14) Tax Collectors. To collect tax revenue for the Country.

    (15) Teachers. To teach the young ones.

    (16) ehicles Drivers. To drive buses & taxi.

  9. Tools.

    *Sage-King Government provide tools to farm foods & do commerce business.

    (01) Business Know-How. Teach the population how to set-up & manage their business. Bankruptcy costs mean some country money become waste & do not create GDP (Country Economy). Teach your population how not to bankrupt (negative wealth) their companies.

    (02) Computers & Software. Give incentive for business to IT (Information Technology) their business more cost-effectively & to increase productivity.

    (03) Farming Machinery. Give loans to farmers to mass cost-effective harvest their foods. May co-share the farming machinery between small farmlands.

    (04) Fertilizer. Give loans to farmers to buy fertilizer to super-grow their crops.

    (05) Internet Access. Lay high speed internet cable to provide internet access.

    (06) Supply - Electricity. So to power up electrical equipments.

    (07) Supply - Gas. Use for cooking foods for population.

    (08) Supply - Water. Clean Drinking water supply from taps.

    (09) Technology Know-How. Teach the population technology how to produce high-tech goods & machinery.

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