Cstan98 Sage-King Government - Basic Systems Objectives


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*Basic (Government) Systems Objectives.

There is basically 2 Branches of Government Systems Branches = Administrative/Military.

  1. 大将.神兵.

    Big Generals. Solid Soldiers. When Soldiers can shoot 1 shot 1 kill with M16, who need GPMG (General Purpose Machine Gun)?

  2. 大臣.

    Big Ministers. To be a successful Sage-King, you need to attract capable Big Ministers. They should be given heavy responsibilities in running the Country. This delegation is necessary as a Sage-King is unable to run a Country alone. These Officers must gain the trust from the Sage-King, so that They have full powers to run Their Duties. Moreover, They most likely ask for a ok salary. If they ask for high salary, they are not capable enough = either too greedy or unable to manage his personal finance + have high overhead = if you cannot manage your personal finance well, how are you to manage the country well. Starting, Country is poor, so the Sage-King & Big Officials should draw a low salary. When Economy improves, then draw a higher salary, as the People incomes improve. In other word, the Sage-King & Big Officials enjoy & suffer with the People.

  3. 贤明圣王.贤明臣.

    Good Sage-King. Good Ministers.

  4. 知人.用人.

    Know People. Use People. Both Effectively & Efficiently.

  5. 仁政.

    Ren (Humanity) Government. Reducing people sufferings come first.

  6. 50% M16 Defence. 50% Farming.

    The me Cstan98 recommends = all Females & Males need 50% M16 Defence + 50% Farming = it may means a solid capable Armed Forces that is 100% combat ready to defend & farm at the same time = the Armed Forces need to be activated very fast in an enemy attack = this means trusting M16 with bullets to your Soldiers & Their Officers in Easily Activated Emergency Localized Centres.

  7. Absolute Power For The Good.

    Singapore LKY Government has absolute political power in Singapore & it uses it for the good of the population. Without absolute power. There are a lots long term policies (with short terms harms) you cannot implement for the Country. Sage-King should be careful when He has absolute power. Most people becomes corrupt with absolute power like north korea. Beware the darkness, do not fall because of dark side.

  8. Books, Games, Internet, Movies, Music, ...

    Have interesting sinless materials to stimulate the minds of the population.

  9. Controlled 50%-50% Press.

    The me Cstan98 recommends 50% controlled press & 50% freedom of speech. The 50%-50% rule ensures that controlled no chaos caused by irresponsible press who anyhow report things. With freedom of speech ensure abuse of human rights by lower officers to be reported to Sage-King top Government. 50% for Foundations Stabilizing + 50% for Feedback.

  10. Cut Red Tapes.

    Cutting bureaucracy red tapes of Sage-King Government reduce administration overheads greatly. For example, in LKY Singapore Government, can apply to operate a Blogging Business Licence in home HDB flat by e-filing immediately approval in HDB website. The fee is just $20 for 5 years. IT (Information Technology) cut down admin people doing slowly & save on their salary. The approval also become faster & save time for the population as time is money. Just Cstan98 No False Stroke No Waste Movement Stroke for every government admin procedure you do.

  11. Dead Tombs.

    Someone: "dead tombs have so many king corpses & their golds." Kings are remembered for Their GOD Works. Not their golds.

  12. Democracy.

    Democracy only works when there is no voters frauds. And Everyone votes. Therefore, Sage-Kings must be very careful & strict that Voters Registrations are correct & accurate. Recommend eyes retina & fingers prints scanning in order to vote. But no extreme satanic 666 marks.

  13. Do Not Bully Common Citizens.

    Bad governments have many power. And can bully common Citizens in many ways. Sage-King Government should not bully the common Citizens & should leave them alone. Just watch over them, like a caring Father, so that they do not malfunction (go bad).

  14. Do Not Jam Communications.

    Some satanic governments like to jam communications (like emails, fixed line phones, mobiles, social media, ...) of their dissents. If you use computer program to do it, all hell may break lose. Your countries business units communications get jammed. When jammed, business transactions go down, then GDP (Country Economy) also go down.

  15. Education, Housing & Infrastructure.

    Some businessmen from Russia asks LKY how Russia to become successful like Singapore. LKY answers: "concentrate your public funds into Education, Housing & Infrastructure, instead of meaningless expenditure."

  16. English & Second Languages.

    Singapore LKY Government implements English as official language with teaching a second language as mother tongue to integrates a multi-racial society.

  17. Forever Improving.

    Sage-King Government is forever improving like LKY Singapore Government. There is always a way to do it better. For LKY, a static government is a complacency government.

  18. Government Should Not Buy Companies.

    Sage-King Governments should concentrate on doing what they know best = Government. Some satanic governments have been using their reserves to buy companies. Turning profitable companies to loss making companies. This is a stupid & suicide move.

  19. Higher Dan Guide Lower Dan.

    Most high dans (emperors) mistakes. To Apsiring Low Dans (Citizens). Are You trying to take over my position? High Dans should welcome Them. And keep on increasing Dans at the same time. Because it shown that the People like You & want to be like You. Without many 10 Dans. How can there be a 100 Dans? Without many 100 Dans. How can there be a 1000 Dans? And so on. The Trick here is You must be the new improved 100/1000/... Dans

  20. HoJo Motor Power Plant.

    Howard Johnson Motor. Sage-King Governments should build big HoJo Motor Power Plant. It gives free energy.

  21. Increase Sovereign Lands.

    Sage-King Government should try to build up her money reserves as much as possible. Then use the money reserves to buy Government Sovereign Lands, like the old times when the First Americans buys New York Island from the American Indians. Recommend LKY Singapore Government to buy Batam lands from Indonesia & Johor lands from Malaysia, & put them under Singapore Sage-King Government control. It is a win-win case for Indonesia, Malaysia & Singapore. As Indonesia & Malaysia do not govern their lands as effective as LKY Singapore Government. If you can pay the high price, you can buy anythings. Currently, LKY Singapore Government just need to buy a tiny island (same size as Singapore) from the third worlds to replicate Singapore success. Need not buy the whole big johor lands from Malaysia. Is just that if that tiny island is very far from Singapore, Armed Forces have problems defending it.

  22. Justice Judges & Legal Courts.

    Sage-Kings need to elect Justice Judges & setup Legal Courts to handle the People disputes.

  23. Long Term Planning & Vision.

    Singapore Government under LKY always has a vision & do many long term plannings. All the Policies are very near Sage-King Government. LKY is very near Sage-King Cultivation. It is said: "have LKY, have Singapore. No LKY, no Singapore." The me Cstan98: "is trying to groom & train as many capable & good People like LKY to run the Universe. But me is aiming for People more capable & good than LKY. The next generation must be better than the last generation to better the Country each generations.

  24. No-Portfolio Minister.

    Select a good Minister who is for the People to be the Country No-Portfolio Minister. When the dead Singapore President Ong is Singapore No-Portfolio Minister, Singapore is very well run. Minister Ong at that time do cross Government Agencies Communication, explains Government Policies to the People, feedback to LKY, ... It is after the loss of Him, that Singapore Government goes downhill.

  25. No Bald Head Minister.

    You should be careful using bald headed people as minister. Bald headed = means too much sex ejaculation. It may mean he sex plays too many females. This type of bald headed ministers are easily seduced by foreign female agents.

  26. Not Logical.

    It is not logical to fight all out wars to displace PAP LHL/PLA Xi. Then to put Him back. Because He is the Best Man for the Job. Sun Zi: "best wars success is captured a Country intact."

  27. Perfect Christians Should Vote.

    Although Perfect Christians only vote for JESUS CHRIST. But if Perfect Christians don't vote, satanic governments come into power to persecute Christians. In order for Perfect Christians to get proper treatments. JESUS CHRIST to John The Baptist: "let it be temporary measure for Righteousness Sake."

  28. Running The Country Not Easy.

    Everyone needs to understand that running a Country is not a easy matter. You need to be very energetic to take the jobs loads. You need to find capable & good Ministers & Generals. You need to know many things knowledges (you need to be forever learning). You need to make sure your People are contented & happy. You need to solve all Country problems.

  29. Social Harmony.

    Menicus: "the Objectives of Emperorship is not to have more golds/lands. But to create more Social Harmony."

  30. Society - Caring & Polite.

    Create a loving Population who take care & love each other. Which has a kindness & politeness Culture. The population says please & thank you. The Population gives up bus & MRT (electric trains) seats to those who need more than them. The population ask how are you? & greet good mornings to each other. The population respect the old & take care of the handicapped.

  31. Society - Low Crime Rate

    Build up a corruption free & credible Police Force to lower crime rate in your Country. This ensures the safety of business " population operations

  32. Society - Peace & Prosperity.

    To stabilize peace & build a prosperity economy for the Country & Population.

  33. Society - Teach Virtues.

    Teach the people virtues like not doing tax evasion. So that the Country can survive on low 10% tax rate.

  34. Solid Education System.

    Singapore LKY Government builds a solid world class Education System. The me Cstan98 is one of her product. It is because of Singapore LKY Government. The me becomes what me is today.

  35. Study Other Good Government Policies.

    Singapore Government is so good in their policies implementation, because they have a Special Team of Government Scholars Officers studying other Government Policies. Copycat other Government good policies. Do not follow other government bad policies that result in bad outcomes.

  36. Transport - COE & ERP.

    To reduce car numbers, Singapore Government uses COE (bidding price certificate to own a car) & ERP (road pricing fees for road usage). For COE (bidding price certificate to own a car). Reducing car population means faster travelling time for buses, taxi. It also means lesser car pollution. More efficient usage of transportation resources as cheap public transport are encouraged. For ERP (road pricing fees for road usage). Recommend a satellite system with GPS reader in the car = the roads you use & the parking spaces you use, charge it to your debit cards.

  37. Transport - Many Cheap Taxi.

    Taxi = is actually car poolings with drivers. Taxi is a public transport. To encourage the population not to buy cars & use taxi public transport = taxi should be cheap & many. Making taxi cheap lowers the population transportation costs. High costs lower GDP (country economies). Lower costs means higher GDP (country economies). If your Country uses Singapore COE system (a bidding price certificate to own a car) or ERP (road pricing fees for road usage). Recommend = no COE & no ERP for taxi to lower the cost of taxi public transport further.

  38. Transport - Public Frequency 15 Minutes.

    Waiting times for public transport (like bus, electric train, taxi, ...) should be only 15 minutes. This encourages the public to use public transport. For non-peak hours, may be more than 15 minutes. Why? = because decrease less waiting time frequency during non-peak hours. Mean higher bus & MRT (electric trains) fares, as there are less passengers to breakeven the transport costs. So the Transport Minister needs to talk to the population if want less than 15 minutes during non-peak hours, bus & MRT (electric trains) fares increase so much.

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