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*Basic Sage-Kings Objectives.

The Main Objective of Sage-King Government is to to look after the People. That is the Reason why Heaven (GOD) creates this Position.

  1. All Knowing.

    All Sage-Kings who are running Countries need to be All-Knowing (also known as Wise). This means Sage-Kings need to study all the Right Things = like Business Administration, Chinese Classics, Economies, Computer, History, Holy Bible, Literature, Mathematics, Military Strategies, Philisophy, Productivity Skills, Science, Strategic Games like MOO2 (Master Of Orion2 computer game), this Cstan98 Website, ...

  2. Ancient Sage-King Wishes:

    (01) All my people are like my little children & I take care of them like giving them monogamy marriage, earned money to spend, foods to eat, interesting jobs to do, sending their children to good schools, ...

    (02) I teach everyone to be Sage-King. While I upgrade to Super-Sage-King & so on.

    (03) When a citizen commit a crime. It is my fault. Because I never teach her/him enough.

    (04) When I have a beautiful & virtuous Queen. I ensure everyone has his own beautiful & virtuous Wife.

    (05) When I have a nice house to live in. I ensure everyone has a nice house to live in also.

    (06) When I have an interesting job to earn a living. I ensure everyone has interesting jobs to earn a living also.

    (07) When I have nice vegetarian foods to eat. I ensure everyone has nice vegetarian foods to eat also.

  3. Black Or White Sage-King.

    China Deng Xiao Ping: "whether it is a black cat or white cat, so long the cat is able to catch mouse, it is a good cat." The me Cstan98: "whether it is a black Sage-King or a white Sage-King, so long He or She is able to implement Sage-King Government is a Sage-King."

  4. Careful Of Alcohols, Sex Drugs ...

    There are satanic people who put sex drugs in drinks & give to Sage-Kings & Perfect Christians. These make them high sex drive & have adultery with the satanic female prostitute agents. Once unfaithful to their Queen, they lose their cultivation. And they become corrupted. Therefore, You must be careful of places where You have their foods & drinks. Especially alcohols do not drink. Chinese Proverb: "alcohols confuse good human nature." Do not lose your years of Cultivations because of silly mistakes.

  5. Confucius Sage-King Government.

    Confucius: "first, give foods to the People. Then, educate Them. Then, make Them rich." 3F = Family (monogamy marriage Sex) + Fat (when citizens are fat, there are many marriage problems) + Food. 3C = Ceiling (housing) + Clothing + Cooking.

  6. Cries & Failures.

    As Sage-Kings are Ren (humanity) Persons. In their implementing of Sage-King Governments, confirmed face failures & obstacles. Sometimes they are so sad for the people sufferings when they are unable to implement that they cry. For example, in 1998, me Cstan98 cries until no tears. All farmlands are unable to produce foods. All females are forced to be prostitutes to survive. All stock markets in this planet collapse. There are mass stealings. When me sees Heaven, find no GOD in control. But me does not give up. And set up my Cstan98 Website Since then, everythings have improved. Do not give up!!!

  7. Emperor Job.

    The Emperor job may sound very glamorous. But the stress kill most common people. Especially You care too much. You don't believe me? Start small. Try a Parent Father. Then Company CEO. Then Army General. Then an Archangel. Then finally the biggest. GOD post.

  8. Encourage Actions.

    The Persons the Sage-King promote to be Big Officials (Ministers) mass encourage Their Actions. For example, if you let those who do well in University examinations to become Big Officials, then every aspiring Citizens study hard to do well in University examinations to become Big Officials. If you choose High Virtues Persons to become Big Officials, then every aspiring Citizens cultivate High Virtues to become Big Officials. If you let those who do well in University examinations but low in virtues to become Big Officials, then every aspiring citizens disregard virtues & go for paper qualifications only. Your country becomes virtue-less, & population become very hard to govern. It is better to promote Persons who are balanced in VQ (High Virtues) & IQ (do well in University examinations). What actions do You (Sage-Kings) want to encourage in your population?

  9. Honour.

    Always protecting the weak, upholding the good & getting rid of evil. Be the Angels of the Country. Be the Guardians of the Country. Be the Knights of the Country. Be the Sages of the Country. Be the Samurai of the Country.

  10. Have 2 Eyes & 2 Ears Also.

    In Confucian Classic Mencius, Mencius: "ancient Sage-Kings are like us. They also have 2 eyes & 2 ears. Everyone is all the same. Everyone can become Sage-Kings."

  11. Lead By Example.

    When Sage-Kings leads by example, all his Ministers & his People follow his example. Therefore, a Sage-King should be Perfect Sinless and very careful of his personal daily conduct. For fear that he sets a very bad example, and misleads his ministers & the people.

  12. Repented Sinner.

    A repented sinner emperor can still be a Sage-King. Confucius in Analects: "an ex-sinner if he repented & become sinless & vegetarian for 30 days. He can still worship Heaven." Confucius in Analects: "a Sage-King if he errored is like a solar sun eclipse. Everyone points his mistake at him. When he corrected, everyone respects Him again." The me Cstan98: "dirty clothes (sinners), after washing, still can wear (of being use by GOD)." Therefore, if you are a bad emperor who robs the people & put huge money in swiss bank accounts. It is time to take out the money & start country businesses to give the people population jobs. It is time to give money back to the people population, through good things like free foods, free housing, free university scholarship, ... There is not a sage-king with swiss bank accounts in Heaven. In Heaven, there are only good Sage-Kings & good Officials & good Officers. When you die, what do you want to be remembered as. A Sage-King who now return to rule again in Heaven, or a robber king with useless huge swiss bank accounts. Moreover, a Sage-King is well loved by his or her people. A robber king is very hated by the people. If you live your whole life, & people hated you very much, what the meaning value of your life. Do you want people to curse you to die everyday, or do you want people to sing praises about You everyday.

  13. Reports.

    Sage-King & His Officials need accurate do not lie Country Reports to govern the Country. To get 100% accurate Reports, you must follow B&W (Black & White) Commandment Do Not Lie. Because when You 100% do not lie. The other people cannot lie to You. You hear Angels Voice Reports telling you things.

  14. Sage-King Government Can Apply Everywhere.

    In big things, Sage-King Government Principles can apply to big Countries. In medium things, can apply to business companies. In small things, can apply to small families unit. Sun Zi: "management of big armies & management of small armies are the same. You just apply accordingly."

  15. Use Capable People.

    Because Sage-Kings Themselves are Capable People, therefore Sage-Kings are able to recognize & employ Them to help run the Countries.

  16. Wisdom Discernment.

    Sage-King needs to pray for HOLY SPIRIT Wisdom Discernment to come to Him = so able to tell right from wrong & truth from false.

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