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**Cstan98 Monk Life Cultivation - Core 3 Steps:

Objective: to push every second usages towards your life goals.

To fix your messy life. The Monk Way. There are 3 core steps.

First. Goals. Second. Time Allocation. Third. Task Management To-Do List.

Cstan98 Monk - Goals Settings

Cstan98 Monk - Time Trackings

Cstan98 Monk - Taskings

Cstan98 Monk - High Energy Aim for one meal a day monk energy efficiency.

Cstan98 Monk - Plan/Organize Your Life If you don't plan/organize. Life will messy.

**Monk Life Creations:

***(Rule) JESUS CHRIST: All Prophets (Teachers) Commandments (Teachings) will be come to pass (follow).

(*) You just reason out all Teachings logics. Fight faster & faster with no false stroke.

***Goals Settings Commmandments:

(01) You Need To Set Goals.

(02) Life Balance.

(Solution) Balance = x10 10% Life Goals.

***Time Trackings Commmandments:

(01) You Need To Log Time To Know How To Use Time.

(02) Time Trackings Every Second Is Too Tedious.

(Solution) Better Trackings = track to nearest hour.

***Taskings Commmandments:

(01) Don't Use To-Do List.

(02) You Need To Engage Next Task.

(03) Single Taskings. Multiple Taskings.

(Solution) Better Taskings = recycled to-do list + one task + overlap start next task as start reminder.

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