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**Cstan98 Gushiwen - Buddhism Section:

List Source: https://www.gushiwen.org (古诗文网) - 子部 - 释家类.


(*) Basic Budhdism Heart Percepts Foundations. Like no attachments donations = so it is completely given to receive full returns (无相布施). Like no attachments to born (have) heart (thoughts) (无所住而生其心).


(*) All 5 consciousness (五蕴) is temporary emptiness flows. That means there don't exist in fixed states.


(*) If you are determined to change. Your fate can be changed from bad to good.


(*) Direct to heart. You can basicsally understand Zen by common senses simplify to basic points. Heart that don't think of good/evil right/wrong is correct Zen buddha nature (不思善不思恶是本来真面目).


(*) Extract 42 quotes from 3000 Books Complete Buddhism Scriptures (大藏经).


(*) Describe Hell panes & Hell Old-Buddha Vows.


(*) Self-Cultivation (自度自觉). If (楞严咒) is in this worlds. Buddhism exists. If not. Buddhism dies don't exist anymore.


(*) Teacher-Others (度人觉人).


(*) Buddha lay outs all concepts of Universe He knows.


(*) Buddha tells how major Sub-Buddha (half Old Buddha dan) methods of cultivations.


(*) Buddha tells recite Amitabha Buddha Cultivation Methods. (阿弥陀佛净土法门).


(*) Buddha tells Monk Cultivation Methods (僧法门).


(*) Buddha tells recite Amitabha Buddha Cultivation Methods. (阿弥陀佛净土法门).


(*) Buddha tells Monk Cultivation Methods (僧法门).


(*) Eastern Zen Buddhism. Double talk meanings in both words + zen heart.

(*) Basically about coaching/learning zen heart in words. For example:

(01) Concepts. Teachers teach zen heart concepts. Step by step.

(02) Coach. Student ask questions about zen heart. Teacher coach.

(03) Adjust. Student has a zen heart issue. Teacher adjust.

(04) Test. Student may have a zen heart problem. Teacher test.

(05) Duel. 2 same dan Students. Test each other levels.

(06) Counter. Student counter. Teacher counter back. Student counter back...

(07) Motivate. Tell about new zen heart levels. So Students don't lose interests.

(08) Curiosity. Give words riddles. To confuse. So that Students change new perspectives.

(09) Higher. Student give insights. Teacher copycat methods. Give a higher insights.

(10) Overall. Teacher summarize one scripture overall concepts. Direct fast learnings.


(*) Confucianism real life applications in Sage-King Government.

(*) How Confucian 4 Books + 5 Scriptures interacts to know Gentleman Tao.


(*) Menicus real life applications in Gentleman Culitvation.

(*) Know differences in Knowing All & chaotic knowing.

(*) Know differences in Knowledges Specializations. And narrow-minded.

(*) Knowing stress on GOD Works big applications. Not on small gains.


(*) List of Complete Buddhism Scriptures existing translations Books at time of authoring.


(*) Records of Zen Schools/Masters Successions after 6th Zen Master.

**Buddhism Study Notes:

(*) How to study.

(01) Step 1: .Recite (after memorizing) GUAN YIN Methods - 7 Main Steps - Scriptures texts in:

EPub: https://www.ddsingapore.org (法鼓山新加坡护法会) - 智慧隨身書 - 學佛入門 - 學觀音 做觀音 - 观音法七步骤:

(01-01) 楞严经. 耳根圆通.

(01-02) 心经. 观五蕴皆空.Recite 心经全文.

(01-03) 普门品.持观音名.念一声南无大悲观世音菩萨.

(01-04) 六字大明咒. I don't recite Tongues.

(01-05) 白衣大士大神咒.Recite 全文 except Tongues.

(01-06) 延命十句观音经. Recite 全文.

(01-07) 大悲心陀罗尼经. Recite 大悲咒全文. Not tongues version chinese texts version. Found in EPub: https://www.ddsingapore.org (法鼓山新加坡护法会) - 智慧隨身書 - 學佛入門 - 共修力量大.

(02) Step 2: .Recite (after memorizing) 6 Books - Key Terms in: EPub: https://www.ddsingapore.org(法鼓山新加坡护法会) - 智慧隨身書 - 學佛入門 - :

(02-01) 皈依三寶的意義(增訂版).

(02-02) 佛教的修行方法(增訂版).

(02-03) 阿彌陀佛與淨土法門.

(02-04) 共修力量大.

(02-05) 學觀音 做觀音.

(02-06) 因果與因緣.

(03) Above 法鼓山新加坡护法会 Buddha Monks EPub books summaries is a better methods to study all Buddhism Scriptures. Because these 6 EPub Books basically summarized all 3000 Books Complete Buddhism Scriptures.

**Buddhism Further Study Notes:


It is said complete 3000 Books Scriptures is divided into 3 categories: 经律论.

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