Author Notes To Surf This Cstan98 Website

Version4 2020.11.17

*Author Notes To Surf This Cstan98 Website:

Definition of terms & syntax that are used here. Read this first to gain most out of.

  1. All Chinese/English texts are all typed entered by me Cstan98. Sometimes copied & pasted from Apple Reminders entered by me.

  2. All Chinese Scripture Texts are all copied & paste from Apple Chinese iBooks.

  3. English translations texts are done by me based on the best interpretations.

  4. '....' denotes copied Term from other people.

  5. (...) denotes (additional) information.

  6. <...> denotes <additional comments>.

  7. [*] denotes undefined near chinese [θΏ‘*] word.

  8. Underlined denotes Hyperlink to click to go that webpage. It is either black or red in colour. Except the Title of Webpage which is also underlined.

  9. ALL CAPITAL texts denote Divine Names like GOD, JESUS CHRIST & HOLY SPIRIT.

  10. First Capital texts denote Respect like words Religion, Master, Zen, ...

  11. Connected-words denote connected-meanings.

  12. Red Texts denote latest changes in texts in that section.

  13. Pink Texts denote <key notes>.

  14. *B&W = Cstan98 Black & White.

*Other Notes:

Other Definitions. Read this first to gain most out of.

  1. Age Limit.

    There is no Age Limit for this Cstan98 Website. This Website is written in simple English for even a 8 Years Old (intended for Google Search Engine) to understand. In fact. Children are encouraged to start reading as soon as possible. When They are able to read English. This is because this Cstan98 Website is written by a Founder & CEO (me). So if Children read this Cstan98 Website very young. They become a Founder & CEO by the age of 12 (me predicts). Although this Cstan98 Website contains Quit Masturbation & Pornography, Marriage Sex, Sex Zen Stories, ... Materials. Parents & Guardians continuous side-by-side Coachings & Guidances to Children are advised. If Children take Green Tea regularly. They do not have enough sex drive to commit adultery/masturbation/pornography.

  2. Arranged Points.

    In important/alphabetical order.

  3. For Files PDF.

    You can view Them in Apple iPhone/MacBook.

  4. For Languages.

    This Website is mainly in English. But contain Chinese Languages characters - both Simplified/Traditional Chinese. In future. May contain other Language like Japanese. Because Monk must be fluent in all languages - at least Certificate dan. Buddha: buddha dan every schools of knowledges must know.

  5. Latest Changes Refresh.

    Some Internet Browsers surfing this Cstan98 Website need to press 'Refresh Button' in the Internet Browsers to see latest Version of that Webpage.

  6. Latest Changes Scroll Down.

    Red Fonts. You need completely all the way to see whether there are more changes at bottom sections.

  7. Navigations.

    For moving between Webpages. You can use the Left Arrow on Top left of the Safari Internet Explorer to go back last surfed Webpage.

  8. Systematic Reading.

    (01) Read first the Homepage headings from top to bottom without clicking any Hyperlink. *This gives you an Overview of the Whole Website.

    (02) Then go back up top. Read hyperlink one by one from top to bottom.

    (03) Repeat each day. Until You finish reading this Cstan98 Website. But it is forever upgrading so long me Cstan98 is always updating.

  9. Time Needed.

    To read all of this Cstan98 Website. Official on Oct2007. A Person read finish this Cstan98 Website (from scratch) 7 days straight (may be with little sleep). This Cstan98 Website get longer from Oct2007.

    Rest assured. I Panda have you readers in mind. I will time to time reduce/shorten rubbish contents. To speed up reading/learning this Cstan98 Website.

  10. Update Continuously Time To Time.

    If there are no updates for a long period of times (like weeks/months). It may mean Rapture already begins or me Cstan98 is drugged, hardwares/softwares repairing, hospitalized, killed, no-access-to-internet, prisoned, run out of funds, ... The me Always Stand Up (back on the ground my very best fast for each fall my enemies hit me).

  11. Versions per day.

    (01) There may be more than one Version per day. The me Cstan98 tries my best to stick to below timings to give You Jedi enough rest:

    (02) First Version after Singapore time 0.00am starting midnight of the day.

    (03) Last Version before Singapore time 11:00pm night of the day.

    (04) This Cstan98 Website is best at least start reading at Singapore time 11.00pm.

  12. Version Month.

    Version 2017.04.00 denotes Official Version of Year 2017 Month 04.

  13. Version Numbers.

    (01) 2017.05.19 denotes for Year 2017 Month 05 Day 19.

    (02) There may be updates everyday from Monday to Sunday.

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