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*About Author Cstan98:

  1. Rick Tan Chun Siong. Also known as Rick Cstan98. Or Rick Panda. Is Founder & CEO of CSTAN98 (a web internet-based online Temple Entity.

  2. Singapore ACRA Company Registration Number: 53101971C.

  3. Website URL: http://www.cstan98.com.sg .

  4. NUS (National University of Singapore) BBA (Business Administration Degree) Graduate. With first study student year awarded Dean’s List for excellent academic results. Previously studied in HJC (Hwa Chong Junior College) Pure Science stream. With major in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. Proficient in both languages of English and Chinese. This is actually a very vigourous pre-Med (medical doctor) educational path. Because me aspire to be a psychologist like Carl Roger. Later choose Business degree instead. Because my Singapore father and mother setup a Family Business from scratch.

  5. Before going to University. Completed 2.5 years of National Service (Singapore army compulsory army years). Highest Appointment is Basic Signaller man during SAF (Singapore Armed Forces) BG (brigadier general) military training exercise First Land Rover. And awarded Best Shooter for scoring a perfect 40/40 score of M16 shooting.

  6. Acute Psychosis in 1994 NUS (National University of Singapore) study years. Able to hear Zen Spirit voices since then. Later found out GUAN YIN (Goddess of Mercy) Cultivation Methods. It is the first step to hear learn from Old-Buddha Teachings Voice. Since then Zen Cultivation has advanced very fast.

  7. With 22 years inside Heaven Tao (a Confucian Religion Body) teaching all 5 Core Religions Classics and Concepts. That mean me is very well versed in major Religions Scriptures like Confucian 4 Books. Taoism Tao De Ching. Buddhism Heart Scripture & Diamond Scripture. Christianity Holy Bible. Islam Koran. And all their sub-Books.

  8. The me is also very involved in Strategies Classics like Sun Zi Art Of War and 36 Strategies. And many sub-Books.Trained in Pre-Med School. Mean I know enough Biology & Chemistry knowledge to be well-versed in Zen Medicine. Together with my Business Degree Trainings. The me is very well-versed in running a business company. Ranging from working in Companies jobs like Operations Assistant to Admin Manager to current Founder & CEO.

  9. My Secondary Schools years subjects include geography, history, arts, music, metal/wood Works. This mean me know a little something of all subjects under the sun.

  10. The me also has a (approx) ELO900 in Chess. And a (approx) 21K in Weiqi Go.

  11. For martial arts. The me been through Shaolin basic punches. To TKD (Tae Kwon Do) yellow tip. To SAF (Singapore Armed Forces) Unarmed Combat brown tip.

  12. Setup Cstan98 Knowledge Website (http://cstan98.com.sg). Which setup Panda Zen Temple & Perfect Christianity Ministry.

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