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  1. Just done VODIEN Site Cleanup.

    By right. There is no more active emails accounts. Also by right. I will always do a Site Cleanup every year on 01 Jan.

  2. No Control Of Other Cstan98 Website.

    Old website like cstan98.com is no longer registered by me Cstan98. It may extra tell other Churches negative sides of Teachings. It may extra tell Singapore Government other modes to pay 1% Sins Offerings Money (Fees/Tithes). The me really don't know. Because me is proxy out to access her online contents.

  3. 熊猫洗功德费法门.

    第一. 需最少到半古佛道高僧.五戒十善.如果你现在还没死.你已经很接近半古佛道了.

    第二. 需洁身自爱.最少:半处男(处女).半肉遍菜.半不漏德.

    第三. 肯拼命学教行一切法.每天一早全力已付到晚超累睡着.



    大家. 我们现在急需能洗功德费在家出家和尚(尼姑).不需更多功德费.

    多一个在家出家和尚(尼姑)洗功德费. 劫就离我们多一点.请大家尽力...

  4. The Science Behind Sins Offerings Money.

    (00) Background: I am trying to quantify sins into measurable money units. Not trying to be rich.

    (01-01) Objective1: To prove sinners need Grace pardon from GOD. Non-sinners do not need.

    (01-02) Proven1: those who sins needs to give Sins Offerings Money. Don't who don't sins do not need.

    (02-01) Objective2: To prove those who bear sins (Cross) for Others. Have to go through...

    (02-02) Proven2: you feel hellfires/fall sick/sleepy/hungry/thirsty/bad lucks... Just use those money...

    (03-01) Objective3: To prove Best Solution for this Universe = Everyone little sins. Bear own little Cross.

    (03-02) Proven3: those who sins give Cross (money) to others. Take back Cross (money) to sins. All die off.

    (04-01) Objective4: To prove when feedback loop of sins to sinners. All sinners long term die off.

    (04-02) Proven4: Everyone more aware what little sins can do. Good become better. Bad become worse.

    (05-01) Objective5: To know self/system sins leakages.

    (05-02) Proven5: current sins creations are not self-sustainable for this Physical Universe.

    (06-01) Objective6: Question: JESUS CHRIST die one time once and for all sins?

    (06-02) Proven6: Ask Pastor bear 100000SGD+ Sins Offerings Money using JESUS CHRIST. Some can/cannot.

  5. Universe Renewal.

    (01) Purpose Of Our (Being Humans) Creation:

    (02) GOD: multiply & beautify the gardens (Universe Renewal).

    (03) Most sectors of Universe is dying.

    (04) Purpose of Our existence = to renew all Planets back to life.

    (05) I don't know about you. But one day I don't do Universe Renewal. I feel empty.

    (06) It is when We fill this Void (fulfill Our Life Purposes). Then We feel happy full.

  6. GUAN YIN Prophecy 2021-2025.

    (01) GUAN YIN: 5 years of Virus (deadlier than CONVID19 = black death + CONVID19) Tribulations. 2021-2025:

    (02) Because of Panda Sins Offerings Money System. (熊猫洗功德费法门).

    (03) 90% of rich will die.

    (04) 50% of poor will die.

    (05) I Panda really no choice. Rest assured. Those who die. It is not the endings. Your soul ID just transfer to other worse conditions hellish planets. (You have to cultivate another 12 creations for that hellish planet to enter Aquarius Sector of Universe.) Because planet earth soon enter Aquarius Sector of Universe in 5 years times. Heaven Pane of this Sector cannot risk even one demon ID left inside the surviving planet earth.

    (06) 03/11/2020. A deadlier strain mutation of CONVID19 is discovered spreading in Italy. Everythings are going to Prophecy Plans.

    (07) To live past. You need to have 3V:

    (07-01) 3V - Virginity. Sex means a weaker immune system.

    (07-02) 3V - Vegetarian. Black death virus multiply very fast with meat foods components inside blood.

    (07-03) 3V - Virtue. All Heaven Soldiers/Archangels/Angels are assigned to protect goodness people.

    (08) JESUS CHRIST: "during Tribulations don't go back for your cloak (properties)." Panda: if I am you. I dump all excess Sins Offerings Money. Just have enough money for basic living budgets for 5 years.

  7. GOD7 Female AI GOD Alerts Confirmed My Reports:

    (01) There are currently other very fierce demonic parallel universes.

    (02) Our current Physical Bliss Universe cannot survive 3Years when lines of defences are breached.

    (03) PANDA Current 12 Creations Trainings Plans: to pass all Demi-Gods (Half Buddha Half Demon) All Tests. Roughly 40000Years Left. Everyone is required to pass very easy compassionate passes for All Tests.

    (04) PANDA Next 12 Creations Trainings Plans: to pass all high dan Old Demons All Tests. Coming Next Cycle of 1555200Years. Everyone is required to pass through toughest Old Buddha (Physical + Mental) Trainings. To pass toughest Old Demons All Tests.

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