Project 2021 - Hulk Body P Organ 8 Inch Daily Marriage Sex 1 Hour

Version2 2020.04.03

Goal For 2021: Project Hulk Body P Organ 8 Inch Daily Marriage Sex 1 Hour.

(01) Daily Marriage Sex 10 Minutes.

(*) Because Cstan98 One Stroke One Stroke. Brian Tracy about goals = Power of 3 (goals) do not work. The me finds best is to concentrate firepowers on 1 Yearly Big Goal.

(*) Someone: "if you know You can realize that goal in 10 years (if you try hard enough). What happen if I give You 6 months to complete that goal." Cstan98 Push It Stroke.

(*) So me Cstan98 takes up this Challenge Project.

Status - Start Day 1 (01/01/2020).

Day 31+29+31+03 (03/04/2020 Fri) - 0-0am.

  1. Test Of Quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) = Passed.

  2. Test Of Sexual Exhaustions - P Organ Size = 2 Inch.

  3. Test Of Sexual Exhaustions - Daily Marriage Sex = Passed.

  4. Test Of Sexual Exhaustions - Morning Erection = Failed.

  5. Test Of Sexual Exhaustions - No Dizziness = 60% Passed.

  6. Test Of Sexual Exhaustions - Day No Sleep = 60% Passed.

  7. Test Of Sexual Exhaustions - Full Morning Routine = 60% Passed.

  8. Test Of Sexual Exhaustions - Full Energies = 60% Passed.

Status - Sleep Policy.

Day 31+29+31+03 (03/04/2020 Fri) - 0-0am.

  1. YouTube 2 Minutes Sleep Video = Done.

  2. Sleep Upright Posture = 60%.

  3. Deep Sleep = 0-10am.

Status - Bath Policy.

Day 31+29+31+03 (03/04/2020 Fri) - 0-0am.

  1. Morning Discipline Cold Shower = Yes.

  2. Each area x2 massage strokes. Rashes area x10 massage strokes.

  3. Morning Cold Shower P Organ Head Rub = x200.

Status - Exercise Policy.

Day 31+29+31+03 (03/04/2020 Fri) - 0-0am.

  1. Yogi = Done.

  2. PT (Physical Training) = Semi-Done.

  3. Martial Exercise = Semi-Done.

Status - Food Policy.

Day 31+29+31+03 (03/04/2020 Fri) - 0-0am.

  1. 3 Meals = Light Starter Of Kaya Bread + (Going To Try Back Half-Boiled Eggs) + Wife Breakfast + Wife Home/Outside Lunch + Wife Home/Outside Dinner + Snacks When Energies Clash. Depend On Craving.

  2. Drinks = Cold Black Coffee/Cold Filtered Water/Warm Choy Black Coffee/Warm Choy Milk Powder/Orange Juice/Milk/Milo/ Water - Honey/Water - Salt//Green Tea. Depend On Craving.

  3. Supplement = Vitamin B/Ginkgo.

Status - Cstan98 My Apple Notes (App) To-Do Note.

  1. dailytask-day31+29+31+03+2020-04-03-fri.pdf

Status - Cultivation Training.

  1. Day 31+29+31+03 (03/04/2020 Fri). JESUS CHRIST Wife Choy. 50% Tithes. Daily Holy Communion. Now Using NCC (New Creation Church) Holy Communion Elements. Going To Switch To Generic Bread/Water As Elements.

  2. Day 31+29+08 (08/03/2020 Sun). GUAN YIN Temple (Singapore Middle Road). 25% Tithes.

Status - Mental Health.

Panda Official IMH (mental hospital) Statement: "(I don't need forced injections/medications.) I return working dosages. (JESUS CHRIST & GUAN YIN love you.)"

Day 31+29+30 (30/03/2020 Mon). Acute Psychosis. Weekly Forced Injection.

Test Of Good Benefits - AI (Artificial Intelligence).

If AI (Artificial Intelligence) create more goods than bads. Of course. Go ahead. If AI (Artificial Intelligence) create more bads than goods. Of course. Don't go ahead. Therefore same. If pornography trainings create more goods than bads. Of course. Go ahead. If pornography trainings create more bads than goods. Of course. Don't go ahead.

  1. Test Of Good Benefits - P (Pornography).

    Stick to 1 Second Picture Rule. If too strict 0 second picture rule. Confirm feel fallen. Fall further.

  2. Test Of Good Benefits - M (Masturabtion).

    Stick to 1 Second Touch Rule + Except Morning Cold Bath 10 Seconds Rules.

  3. Test Of Good Benefits - O (Orgasm).

    Aim for Daily Arch-Point Pressing Daily Marriage Sex O (orgasm). Or else don't know Foods/Sex/Sleep Policy is working or not.

**Cstan98 Impotence Cure.

WIP (Work-In-Procees) Beta 5.1 Version.

  1. Controlled Thoughts.

    That means You know your every single thought. You are actually practising mediation every second.

  2. Sleep Upright.

    When asleep don't press p organ. Sleep upright posture facing up. This let you have enough energies to wake up 3am every morning.

  3. Muscles Building.

    Males needs muscles tissues to get body to do male hormone testosterone productions. The me Cstan98 does Martial Arts each morning.

  4. Morning Cold Shower (Without Soap).

    It is said morning cold shower increase male hormone testosterone productions.

  5. Know Male G-Spot.

    Know Male G-Spot. When you urine. To stop half-way where you squeeze without hand? This is the spot to squeeze every stroke you do to Your Wife in marriage sex.

  6. When Sex.

    Every night if no ejaculation with p organ head rubbing. Confirm very horny want to sex Wife. You just lie down naked. With Wife naked on top upright. Use 1 hand hold your p organ. Even it is limp. Massage your p organ head at your Wife vagina opening. Confirm erection. Go up higher at each sex stroke. Squeeze your male g-spot at each stroke without hands. Archpoint Pressing to minimize ejaculations. Do not steal yin fluids. Give back yang fluids. Repeat next day if can.

  7. Absorb CB (Vagina) Juices.

    You should absorb Wife CB (vagina) juices every night. In return. Give yang fluids (minimized with Archpoint Pressing during ejacualtion). GUAN YIN says collect honey. Fingerings before sex session = increase CB (vagina) juices.

  8. You Should Be Faithful Marriage.

    Believe in monogamy wife doing. You should discover your ugly Wife become more beautiful/sexy each going day. Faithful in marriage. Increase your virtues so that GOD trust You with a big p organ.

  9. Increase R&D(Research & Development)/Virtues.

    Male with big p organ. Naturally without implant. Have vast knowledges & virtues. Know how to earn a big p organ.

  10. Respect All GOD.

    Do you know satan the devil is GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Version 666. This satanic GOD is just doing his jobs. It is not up to Us to judge. We now do not understand. When We go Heaven Planets. More chances of understandings. And satan the devil has monopoly which Males to give great sex & big p organ. One less enemy. One more Friend. Right orders follow. Wrong orders don't follow.

  11. Return Working Dosages.

    If you know of governments/people giving impotent/sleepy drugs in forced injections/medications at drinks/food. Just tell them nicely. You return working dosages. That mean if you small p organ impotent. The givers same. If you sleepy cannot function. The givers same.

  12. *Warnings.

    This new Panda system is still under review. Right instructions/orders/teachings follow. Wrong instructions/orders/teachings don't follow.





















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