Cstan98 Wisdom Social Skill - Stress Management

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<Source: Revised from Anglican Church Singapore Mental Rehabilitation Centre Courses.>

Below are my own Cstan98 study notes. Not mean to replace actual course.

*Stress Management Wisdom Social Skill.

Solve all problems at their buds sources. To reduce stress long term way. Short term measures like pornography/sleeping/.... Cause problems stresses to become bigger. Not smaller.

  1. Deep Breathing.

    Count 1-10 when you breathe in & out. With deep breathing. You relax & more oxygen go to your brain. Last time. The me Cstan98 does it 2 times a day morning/night. With Apple MacBooks Photo Booth App in taking a Self-Photo. It works wonders to how You look.

  2. Do Not Alcohol/Drugs/Smoke.

    The alcohols/drugs/smoking/... may seem good ways to reduce stress. You are wrong. They make things more complicated. Your problems become bigger as alcohols drinking/drugs taking/smoking are expensive habits. Your money become lesser. Giving you bigger problems later in your life.

  3. Do Not Masturbation & Pornography.

    To vent out stress. Do not masturbation & pornography. Because it makes problems worse. As you are escaping from reality. Moreover. The masturbation ejaculations give you pervert face. And make your p organ small. Making you low self-esteem. Creating bigger problems. Making you more stressful.

  4. Do Not Sleep.

    To vent out stress. Do not sleep. You are going to skip meals. Without foods energies. The you sleep more. When you sleep more. The you become more stressful. As your stressor problems become worse.

  5. Find A Girlfriend (Wife).

    Girlfriend (Wife) is main de-stressor. You can play Cstan98 Lover Games with Her. If You love Her. Marry her. Then you can have marriage sex.

    Give Credits To Yourself.

    When You finish a task. Give Yourself credits for doing it. This adds to Your self-esteem. This kind of positive self-talk boost your morale greatly. Especially when you are starting to learn social skills with very few friends.

  6. Meaningful Activities.

    Do more positive meaningful activities than negative no meaning activities like sins. Doing sins like alcohols/drugs/masturbation/pornography/smoking/.... The they are bad activities. The they damage your self-esteem. Because they hurt conscience. Do more GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Works.

  7. Meaningful Friends.

    Make many meaningful friends. All these meaningful friends listen/support to your problems. When you have stress.

  8. Physical Exercises.

    To vent out stress. You can do physical exercises like jogging/martial arts/physical trainings/shopping/swimming/walking/...

  9. Read Cstan98 Commandments - JESUS CHRIST Everyday.

    Remembering JESUS CHRIST Commandments each day. Not only help you reduce stress. It also increases your faith/self-esteem. Because reading every day builds discipline. And discipline increases self-esteem.

  10. Read Cstan98 Jedi Quit Masturbation & Pornography Everyday.

    Remembering Your cultivation to quit masturbation & pornography each day. Increase controlled thoughts. And self-esteem through discipline life.

    Read Cstan98 Marriage Sex Cultivation Everyday.

    Remembering how to love/sex Your Wife gives You meanings in life. Life is not just to quit masturbation & pornography. But to monogamy marriage sex active for whole eternal life.

  11. Reasonable Expectation.

    Try to have reasonable expectations for all things. If you expect too high. The you confirm unable to perform. Feel like a loser. If you expect too low. The you feel like a loser. Because don't do much. Try to challenge Yourself all the times. With reasonable a bit higher expectations each time.

  12. Repeat Strokes.

    Learn to recognize your old stress problems/symptoms. Remember last times how you solve these stress. Repeat strokes.

  13. See Cstan98 Panda Zen Official Music Video In YouTube Everyday.

    Looking/understanding Females NLP. Help You to build a good relationship with Your Wife better.

  14. Solve All Problems.

    To reduce stress. Go for the main source: the problems. Solve all of them. For example. Last time my school works textbooks reading/tutorials exercises pile up too high. The me Cstan98 becomes very stressful. Always sleeping. Making problems worse. After me finish every backlogs before examinations. The stress become gone. Since then. The me reasons cannot escape problems.

  15. Surf Internet.

    When you are stressful You can. Clear/read your emails. Google Search: how to clear emails fast. Listen to YouTube playlist in MacBook. Read this Cstan98 Website. Website Flipboard to read business/entertainment/technology/world/... news Just careful of pornography temptations in internet. Masturbation & pornography make things worse.

  16. Take A Break.

    Take a day off each week. GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM calls it sabbath day. Also. Take many 15 minutes during working day. Especially when you are tired. As doing more means more mistakes.


    Try to find some quiet times to talk to GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM. GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM is good listener. And with His wisdom. He guides you to solve all problems.

  18. To-Do Lists.

    Get into actions to tackle all your stress problems. Use iPhone Notes to data/define problems. Setup goals/tasks. Use iPhone Numbers App to come up to-do lists. Getting outstanding tasks done out of your mind heart reduce stress.

  19. Watch Weekly Movies.

    To have a high IQ life. You can have a great time by watching weekly movies. With Girlfriend/Wife.

  20. Write A Journal.

    Writing about your problems sources of stress. Force you to face the stress to solve them. Can keep diary/journal. Use iPhone App like Apple Numbers/Notes/Pages. For me Cstan98. The me uses this Cstan98 Knowledge Website to journal. And iPhone Numbers/Notes App to correct/monitor my life.

  21. *Conclusions.

    Stress destroys. GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Works done build up. Your Call. You decide.

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