Cstan98 Why Should Not Debate ISIS (Is Shits Is Shits) Liars

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Why Should Not Debate ISIS (Is Shits Is Shits) Liars in Perfect Christianity?

If you play a game. That is 100% lose. Do you play? Sun Zi: "when 100% lose. Withdraw. When 50% lose/win. Fight."

  1. *Introduction: Why Should Not Debate With Islam?

    Below are the reasons why not to talk too much to muslims.

  2. 70% Is ISIS (is shits is shits).

    A pre-war ISIS (is shits is shits) survey within islamic muslims. Show that 70% of them support ISIS (is shits is shits) ideal islamic kingdom. That mean 70% of islam is ISIS (is shits is shits).

  3. Don't Give Pearls To Dogs/Pigs.

    JESUS CHRIST: "don't give pearls to dogs/pigs. The they do not appreciate them." So why the waste of Perfect Christianity Pearls.

  4. Don't Talk To 30 Liars.

    Understand that Koran says after Prophet Mohammed. There are going to be 30 liars. No more prophets. So why waste Our Perfect Christianity Archangels to talk to non-prophet liars. There is no more any prophet (archangel) in islam after the death of Prophet Mohammed.

  5. Sealed Koran.

    Understand that Koran is a sealed last Scripture of Islam. It is the Last Scripture Book. No more additions, modifications. Whatever We Perfect Christians tells islam. They can never be received. How do you pour Living Water, shine Sunlight, ... onto a sealed hardened rock - hardcore single-minded doctrine. Impossible. Unless S/He comes out of that state.

  6. Sealed Prophet.

    Understand that Koran says Prophet Mohammed is a sealed last Prophet. Other Religions like Confucian Sage-King, Perfect Christianity Archangels, Taoism Sages, Zen Masters, are not accepted to teach as Prophets in islam. So why waste precious resources on hardcore doctrines which are based solely not to accept another single additional Thing.

  7. Warfare: Reciting Koran.

    Understand that satan the devil has penetrated many evil tongues especially in arabic koran. And muslims recite arabic koran every day from morning to evening. When me Cstan98 tries to break the islamic powers in Indonesia in JESUS CHRIST Name.. The me becomes sick for 3 days. Even as Perfect Christians, be expected to be badly hurt if you destroy win over their islamic powers. If you are not perfect, me recommend you change your sinful lifestyles first, before attacking hardcore muslims. Especially of those people who recite Koran aggressively. It just like. If You are a Perfect 1000 Dan Master, of course You can beat 1 million 100 dan enemies (but become badly injured). But if you are a sinful 1-2 dan master, you sure you want to fight a 100 dan opponent?

  8. Warfare: Desperate For Foods.

    Understand that because of islamic polygamy sex system. The their empires are unable to farm & harvest foods. The they do anythings for their next foods meals.

  9. Warfare: Desperate For Money.

    Understand that because of teachings to give their everythings to their mosques. The they do not have any money left. These missionaries people do anythings to get your money to go back home country.

  10. Warfare: Desperate For Polygamy Sex.

    Understand that because of islamic polygamy sex system. The muslims are desperate to have money to buy foods for their next sex session. This kind of desperate sex pervert makes them hardcore enough to do anythings for their next fix. The they are sex addicts (high on sex drugs).

  11. Warfare: Strict Laws.

    Understand that islam has strict laws not to leave their faiths. If They convert to Perfect Christianity, They are badly cursed under their satanic vows. Get outcast by their family lines. Get stone to death. To convert to Perfect Christianity is a more Life & Death Decision than Us buying a House, choosing a Husband/Wife, ... It is a very tough big & tough Decision for Them. Give Them times to think over. It cannot be decided by just 3 hours Debate.

  12. Warfare: Supposed Not To Keep Promises.

    Understand in Koran all muslims are supposed not to keep promises to spread islam. Let say you promise to be muslims if you lose the debate: you are expected to. Let say they promise to be christians if you win the debate : they are expected not to keep any promises. Then what is the point of entering into even the first second of a debate.

  13. Warfare: Supposed To Kill All Enemies.

    Understand in Koran they are supposed to kill all enemies who don't convert. One extra second preaching JESUS CHRIST Gospel to them. Is one extra second pulling a gun trigger hoping it is not loaded.

  14. Warfare: Supposed To Lie.

    Understand in Koran all muslims are supposed to lie in their warfares to spread islam.

  15. *Conclusion: Silence Love Is Gold.

    Just tell muslims: "JESUS CHRIST love You." Full stop. And let them decide slowly.

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