Cstan98 Why Faithful Monogamy Marriage Make You Rich

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Why Faithful Monogamy Marriage Make You Rich in Money Cultivation?

Simplify Operations. Marriage Monogamy. Don't polygamy.

  1. *Introduction: Why Monogamy Marriage Become Richer?

    Why monogamy marriage make you richer? Why polygamy marriages make you poorer? Sun Zi: "everythings by calculations." Confucian Sage: "not too little sex, not too much sex. Just nice optimal Mean."

  2. Cost Effective.

    For faithful monogamy marriage, your personal expenses are lower. When your expenses are lower, you become richer faster. Unlike polygamy, where you need bigger & bigger houses. More & more arguments downtime, cars, court cases, living expenses, ...

  3. Each Other Remind.

    To be rich. You need feedbacks on things when you do things wrongly. Your Husband/Wife-In-Arms becomes Your Free Financial Advisor 24 hours a day.

  4. Each Other Support.

    If You are business failures, out of jobs, ... Your Husband/Wife-In-Arms becomes your Personal One-To-One Cheerleader. You have a listening ear to sort out your problems siutations.

  5. Faithful Sex.

    As you only have faithful sex with your monogamy wife, you have less chances of contacting sex diseases like HIV. This is because for polygamy, if your polygamy wives are unsatisfied with sex, they run around committing adultery. Giving you many sex diseases medical expenses.

  6. Happy Family.

    For faithful monogamy marriage, you are with your wife & children every night & weekend. This creates a happy & supportive family for you to turn to after work.

  7. Have Good Children.

    For faithful monogamy marriage, you are with your Children every night & every weekend. The Children are more discipline & feel love. The CEO also has more time to guide them.

  8. Mutual Financial Coaching/Mentoring.

    You & Your Wife are mutual Financial Role Models. In fact, You complement each other yang & yin. You see from each other new perspectives. Giving You new insights to better earn & manage money.

  9. Your Sister-In-Arm = Your Queen.

    All big Empires need a good Queen for the CEO. Too many queens polygamy weaken the empire.

  10. *Conclusion: One Good Queen.

    Too much sexual exhaustions from polygamy marriages make you mental & physical weak. This means you become duler to run your galactice empires. The me Cstan98 speaks from wise experiences = One Good Queen makes you richer than 100 beautiful sexy females fox spirits wives.

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