Cstan98 Why Christians Need To Give 10 Cents Or 10% To Church Weekly

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Why Christians Need To Give 10 Cents Or 10% To Church Weekly in Perfect Christianity?

10% Tithing is a GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Command.

  1. Introduction: Why at least 10 cents?

    If you do not have enough money to give during weekly Church Service, then give at least 10 cents. Everyone can afford 10 cents. Because if You give. GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM multiply that simple offering & give You earn 1000 times more = $100 . But if you do not even give a cent. Then GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM is unable to multiply your income. The you are forever poor.

  2. 10% Tithes.

    In Holy Bible, it is recorded Christians are expected to give 10% of their income to GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM. 10% of income = is called Tithes. *Note: 10% of income, not 10% of leftover profit after expenses. Also, 10% in increase of value, like selling shares, house or car... Less than that is stealing from GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM. A Christian Financial Consultant recommended the formula 10-10-80 = you give 10% Tithes first + save 10% second + spend finish the rest of 80%.

  3. Accounting Calculations Correctly.

    The me Cstan98 notices whenever me goes back home. If the first thing me does not do Daily Accounting for my 10% Cstan98 (B&W) Black & White Tithes. The me becomes very energies drained sleepy. Merits Money are very scary. You need to account to the last cent as soon as possible.

  4. Billionaires Give Tithes.

    You notice Billionaires like Bill Gates & Buffet Warren. They give 10% Tithes to a good Church.

  5. Blessings Feedback.

    If the Church uses the 10% Tithes correctly. The Blessings Returns are very great. This kind of good Feedbacks mean You are giving to the Right Church. If the blessings returns are negative (you become worse off), then might as well give the 10% Tithes as 10% Cstan98 B&W (Black & White) Tithes & administer Yourself.

  6. Check Church Accounts Time To Time.

    Although after You give Tithes to a Church. Your Tithes Accountability is transfered to that Church. But You need to time to time check Her Accounts. For my 2017 Church YCCA (Yishun Christian Church Anglican). They have AGM (Annual General Meeting) where the Yearly Accounting Report is published. If somethings are fishy, You need to be ready to give somewhere else.

  7. Do Not Administer Your Own JESUS CHRIST 10% Tithes Until You Have No Choice.

    Effective 14/07/2014b. Before Tribulations, do not rob JESUS CHRIST of His 10% tithes. End Times Tribulations Tithes Administration is like Bible Acts Tithes Administration = Christians sell away all Their properties & give the money to the Apostles who divide equally among all Christians.

  8. Free Gifts Things.

    When You give JESUS CHRIST Tithes & Offerings. JESUS CHRIST deals with free energies-draining discounts, gifts, ... for You.

  9. JESUS CHRIST: "Do Not Look Down On Copper Coins Donation."

    Luke 21: 1-4: As JESUS CHRIST looks up, He sees the rich putting their gifts into the temple treasury. He also sees a poor window puts in two very small copper coins (10 cents coins). Say: "I tell you the truth. "this poor Widow has put in more than others. All these people give their gifts out of their wealth. But She out of her poverty put in all she had to live on." If you are poor. Coins are very huge. So according to JESUS CHRIST, do not look down coins donations.

  10. Make Good Use Of 10% Cstan98 B&W (Black & White) Tithes.

    You can administer the 10% JESUS CHRIST Tithes Yourself. By administering the 10% Cstan98 B&W (Black & White) Tithes Yourself. Because CSTAN98 (Knowledge Website) is a Consultancy (Church) Company Registeration. And the Laws of This Church states that You can administer the 10% Tithes Yourself. *Warning: adminster wisely = because You get all the Blessings & sins accordingly. Follow the Term of Service & Spending Plan at the bottom of the Webpage with Wisdom.

  11. Split The 10% Tithes.

    My 2017 Stationing Physical Church YCCA (Yishun Chrisitan Church Anglican). The Church as a whole also gives 10% Tithes. In fact, split the 10% to different receiving Organizations at different potions. And all these Organizations are reputed Accounting Entities with great credibility.

  12. *Conclusion: Merits Money.

    *Note: all 10% Church Tithes are Merits Money. They should not be taken lightly. The my Cstan98 Understanding: when You use Them, by right You are supposed to bear all the sins of that amounts to relieve JESUS CHRIST dying on the Cross. You need to be a Perfect Christian (Archangel) to take it.

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