Cstan98 Why Christians Need To Attend Church Regularly

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Why Christians Need To Attend Church Regularly in Perfect Christianity?

We need to go Church Weekly to keep HOLY SPIRIT burning fires in Us.

  1. Introduction: Church Or Home?

    Should you worhsip GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM alone at home? Or should You go Weekly Church Service regularly?


    Every Church has an Altar worshipping GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM. When you go Sunday or Saturday Service, you worship at this Altar. There, you can worship GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM more connectedly & more loudly. Also, Churches premises are properties belonging to GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM. If you or your family members still do little sins, then your bedroom or home still belong to the satan the devil. Praying not at GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Churches, but at homes still belonging to the satan the devil, are less effective. There are more satanic influences & noises. Which make your prayers less heard by GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM clearly.

  3. Fellowship.

    When you attend a good Perfect Church. You enjoy good Fellowship with fellow good Perfect Christians. You can confess sins to Them. Ask Them for guidances (if you are too shy to approach your good Perfect Pastor). You People can pray together (if your good Perfect Pastor is too busy with you). And most importantly, when you in a good Perfect Church, you meet opposite sex good Perfect Christians. Befriending Them is how GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM arranges you to get married. How does GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM arrange a marriage to you if you always stay alone at home & work.

  4. Members Of The Body.

    JESUS CHRIST in Holy Bible speaks of Christians should remain as a member of the Church Body. Can a hand be cut off from his main body? Of course not. The cut-off hand dies. Therefore, if christians are cut-off from the Church Body, they die off.

  5. More Effective Prayers.

    When your Christian Faith is strong. You do zero little sins. And all your past sins including little sins are confessed. Your Prayers requests to GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM become more effectively. And You receive more Blessings from GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM for your Obedience.

  6. Obedience.

    It is being obedience for Christians to attend Church regularly. If you honour GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM by your obedience, GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM bless you. Your Prayers requests are more effective & come true more easily.

  7. Perfect Pastor.

    Going to a good Perfect Church. You definitely meet a good Perfect Pastor. You receive good Guidances & Instructions which GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM directs to you through Him. He is given Formal Authority from JESUS CHRIST to do Deliverance Prayers, Salvation Prayers, & other Prayers request. He does Them more effectively, better than yourself or fellow Christians (non-Pastor trained). *Please note: a Perfect Christian is more powerful than a sinner pastor. Because a Perfect Christian represents GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM & a sinner pastor represents satan the devil.

  8. Renew Faith.

    Going to good Perfect Church Services regularly renew your Christian Faith. It is just like a battery. You need to plug into a Main Electricity Source to charge it. After some uses, as daily uses drain the energies of the battery. Therefore living in a satanic Earth world, your christian faith is drained by the satan the devil. You need to plug into the Main GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Source at the weekly good Perfect Church Services.

  9. Sabbath.

    One of GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM 10 Commandments: "You keep a Sabbath Day free to worship GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM." Why keep a free Sabbath Day in a week? So that you can rest from works every 7th Day. Why worship every 7th Day? So that you remember GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM & worship Him regularly enough.

  10. Worship Duty.

    Why need of Duty to worship GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM? Because GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM has done a lots for Us Christians. We need to sing praises & worship thanking Him.

  11. *Conclusion: Group Charcoals.

    An alone charcoal fires easily extinguish. A Group of Charcoal stay on fires together longer. So that why GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM creates Church for Us Perfect Christians to encourage Each Otehr & to Fellowship.

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