Cstan98 Why Christians Have Fire Tests (Sufferings) & Tribulations

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Why Christians Have Fire Tests (Sufferings) & Tribulations in Perfect Christianity?

There must be a Reason why GOD works that ways.

  1. *Introduction: Why Christians Have Fire Tests (Sufferings)?

    You are a sinner. You accept JESUS CHRIST. JESUS CHRIST has forgiven your sins. Your Salvation is assured. Why do you still have JESUS CHRIST Fire Tests (i.e. Sufferings). Why Christians go through Fire Tests (Sufferings)? Firstly, although your sins are forgiven & you are going Heaven. But in Heaven, there are Christians in White Clothings (called linens), & those Christians in filthy (i.e. dirty) clothings. Those White Clothings Angels are those ex-Earth Christians who have been pure all their life (little sins, virgins for example). Those filthy clothings Angels are those ex-Earth Christians who have sins history records. If JESUS CHRIST is to give White Clothings to those Christians who have been sins records like Apostle Paul, then those sinless White Clothings Angels become very unhappy. Because They despise them (filthy clothings Angels), & reason why JESUS CHRIST is so unfair. "I have been sinless & pure = I wear White Clothings. Those Christians who have ex-sinned = they also wear white clothings." Therefore, those filthy clothings Angels in Heaven look down on themselves. Therefore, JESUS CHRIST creates Fire Tests & Sufferings for those ex-sinned Christians to be refined like gold. To get rid of sins particles in your souls. If you go through all these Fire Tests & Sufferings, you become like Apostle Paul wearing White Clothings & a Crown of Glory in Heaven. This is why other White Clothings Angels accept Apostle Paul in White Clothings, even though Apostle Paul killed many Christians before accepting JESUS CHRIST.

  2. How To Quickly End The Fire Tests, Sufferings & Tribulations.

    (00) To shorten the Sufferings. Reflect inwards. You are in Sufferings, JESUS CHRIST must have a reason. Because it is JESUS CHRIST who gives you the Sufferings.

    (01) Is it you still have sinful actions = cleanse your smallest actions.

    (02) Is it you still have sinful small habits = cleanse your smallest habits.

    (03) Is it you still have sinful thoughts = cleanse your smallest thoughts.

    (04) You are now very hungry. With no foods = is it last times when you see thin & hungry People, you don't help them.

    (05) You do not have money = is it last time you waste spending all your money.

    (06) You have court cases with satan the devil = because you are not careful enough.

    (07) You have no job = is it you last time you are very irresponsible in your job.

    (08) You live in destroyed worlds = is it because you do not know GOD Grace on keeping a good environment for you to live in.

    (*) There must be a reason for your Sufferings. To quickly end these Sufferings. Quickly repent your smallest thoughts, do not curse GOD, cleanse & live through all the Sufferings quickly.

    (*) The quicker you finish all your Sufferings & cleanse yourself = the quicker you become Saints = the quicker you Rapture up to wear White Clothings in heaven.

  3. If You Fail The Fire Tests, Sufferings & Tribulations.

    If you curse GOD = you fail the Fire Tests = you need to re-do them again & again = until you are condemn in Hell Fires. Please do not fail The Tribulations Tests. Eternal burning in Hell sulfur is much much worse. The good news is it is 2015. Rapture have not start on Planet Earth. Tribulations have not start on Planet Earth. Go through the peaceful Fire Tests (= cannot get married, no foods, no job, no money, ...) fast & worthy to be called Saints, & wait for Rapture of the Saints. Do not make things worse, by bowing to satan the devil for foods, by cursing GOD or JESUS CHRIST, the Fire Tests become bigger & bigger, until it is eternal Hell Fire Sufferings.

  4. Why Christians Have To Go Through Tribulations (Sufferings).

    For future times. You are now in Tribulations. You do not know why you have to go through Tribulations Sufferings, even though you are forgiven Christians. It is because you still have sins records, you are unable to wear white clothings in Heaven. So JESUS CHRIST let you go through Tribulations Fire Tests. To refine your souls able to wear White Clothings in Heaven.

  5. *Conclusion: JESUS CHRIST Is With You Through The Fire.

    If you have faith in JESUS CHRIST. Then JESUS CHRIST is with you each step when you go through the fire.

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