Cstan98 Why Christianity Is The New Islam

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Why Christianity Is The New Islam in Perfect Christianity?

Since koran is a sealed scripture. Since Prophet Mohammed is a sealed Prophet. That means Islam is a sealed dead Religion. So Christianity is the New Islam. To save Islam.

  1. Introduction: Differences Between Islam/Perfect Christianity.

    The me Cstan98 thinks near end times. Perfect Christianity is the New Islam. Below me list down the differences between islam & Perfect Christianity. And why It is the New Islam.

  2. Divorce.

    Perfect Christianity = cannot divorce. The islam = can divorce wife simply by a sms. Marriage is sacred in Perfect Christianity. The islam muslims treats marriage as a normal daily task.

  3. Females Rights.

    Perfect Christianity = protect Females rights. The islam = females rights are least consider among all rights as females are deemed as the lowest.

  4. Females Worship.

    Perfect Christianity = Females can enter Churches. The islam = females not allow in mosque worship.

  5. Kill Innocent.

    Perfect Christianity = do not kill innocent Females & Children. The islam = kill innocent females & children in holy wars.

  6. Lie.

    Perfect Christianity = do not lie in Court. The islam = koran allows them to lie in court.

  7. Marriage Age.

    Perfect Christianity = Young marry Young, Old marry Old. The islam = young Girl marry old male.

  8. Marriage Decisions.

    Perfect Christianity = You decide Marriage. The islam = parents decide marriage.

  9. Polygamy.

    Perfect Christianity = Monogamy. The islam = polygamy. Many male islam muslims are unable to get married because of islam polygamy marriages system. There is simply not enough islam females to support a islam polygamy marriage system.

  10. Rape.

    Perfect Christianity = condemn rape. The islam = increase cases of rape among muslims.

  11. Terrorism.

    Perfect Christianity = do not terrorist. The islam = commit acts of terrors to expand.

  12. Wars.

    Perfect Christianity = fight Wars to defend Lands. The islam = fight wars to expand lands. Perfect Christianity only starts wars at the last resort. The islam muslims starts wars very easily.

  13. If You are a female who is a divorcee by islamic laws because you are old. Now is the time to convert to Perfect Christianity.

  14. If You are a Female who is raped in islam, now is the time to convert to Perfect Christianity. When You report to the authority, You get caned as the rapist can lie in court.

  15. If You are a young Couple in islam & your family does not allow you to get married. Now is the time to convert to Perfect Christianity.

  16. If You are being outcasted by islam. Now is the time to convert to Perfect Christianity.

  17. If You cannot marry an islam Female. Now is time to convert to Perfect Christianity to get a Christian Wife.

  18. *Conclusion: How To Be A Christian.

    You just recite this Salvation Prayer aloud = "dear JESUS CHRIST. I accept You. Amen." After You recite. You hear (a small whisper in the head) from JESUS CHRIST Arch/Angels what to do further. Then get a hold of Holy Bible - New King James Version. Start reading slowly = New Testament 4 Gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke & John + End Prophecy Book - Revelation. Rest of Holy Bible speed read.

Islam Fair Criteria.

In Koran: "those who are not Fair. Cannot have more than 1 wife." The me Cstan98 interprets Fair:

  1. Fair To All Males.

    When there are so many Males who cannot even have 1 female Wife. The you are unfair to Males.

  2. Fair To Female Age.

    When old male marry young Female. The you are unfair to that Female.

  3. Fair To Female Happiness.

    When you divorce old Females to remarry young Females. The you are unfair to Female happiness.

  4. Fair To Female Love.

    When that Female already has Someone in love. The you are unfair to that Female.

  5. Fair To Female Safety.

    When most of the female Wives you marry committed suicide. The you are unfair to female safety.

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