Cstan98 Why CEO Should Be Careful Of Fake Employment Contracts

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*Why CEO Should Be Careful Of Fake Employment Contracts in CEOship.

Mass fake employment contracts mean mass payroll frauds.

  1. *Introduction: Do Not Look Down On HR (Human Resources) Branch.

    Some ceos allow their companies to have massive fake employment contracts to be in circulation. Below are the reasons why not to.

  2. Anyone Can Print An Employment Contract.

    If you don't control HR (Human Resource), you just need company letterheads & a template to print all the company employment contracts you want. This is when the ceo loses control of her/his human resource functions & the start of massive payroll fraud.

  3. CEO Deputies.

    The me Cstan98 recommends a CHO post for Black & White Companies. CHO = Chief Human Resource Officer = a deputy CEO (Chief Executive Officer) who is in charge of all Human Resources Operations in the Company. All deputy CEO (Chief Executive Officer) posts are CFO (Chief Finance Officer), CHO (Chief Human Resource Officer), CIO (Chief Information Officer), CLO (Chief Legal Officer), CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), COO (Chief Operations Officer), CTO (Chief Technology Officer), CSO (Chief Strategy Officer), ...

  4. Controlled Items.

    Some Recommendations:

    (01) Employment Contracts Should Have Controlled Document Serial Number.

    (02) Controlled Company Letterheads = keep your Company Letterheads at a safe place + the paper materials should be unique.

    (03) Standard Employment Contracts Terms = all employees should have same one month notice period for example + another sub-employment contracts for variations like employment hours.

  5. Firing.

    Anyone caught faking employment contracts should be reported to the police & fired from the Company.

  6. Human Resource Important Department.

    Do not look down or overlook Human Resource Department. It is also an important Department. If CEO loses control of Human Resource Department, it means losing salary expenses control, massive employees discipline problems, massive fake employment contracts, massive Payroll Fraud, recruitment of bad people, unnecessary court cases,, ...

  7. Legal Documents.

    Why the fuss about fake employment contracts. Because some people to penetrate a large company, print their own employment contracts & staff ids. And report to work. No one knows how & who employs him. His employment contract says his pay is very high & his notice period is 6 months. Totally impossible to fire him. Now, you know why Employment Contract is such an important issue.

  8. Serial Number Database.

    An Employment Serial Number Database should be given to CEO, CHO, HR Officer. The database should include Serial Number, For Whom, Version, Date Issued, ... CEO may consider putting this database on the company website.

  9. *Conclusion: Careful Of Employment Contracts Frauds.

    Employment Contracts need to be secure. Mean CFO/CHO Branches are secured.

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