Cstan98 When Christians Die Where They Go

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*When Christians Die Where They Go In Perfect Christianity.

Where do You go after You die?

  1. *Introduction: Definition Of Rapture.

    Rapture = when JESUS CHRIST comes the Second Time + all true living Perfect Christians fly to meet Him in the sky to go Heaven.

  2. 1 - Before Rapture

    If you die before Rapture, you have believed in JESUS CHRIST & have faith to go Heaven. Then You go & be with JESUS CHRIST in Heaven. You not go to Hell to live to wait for JESUS CHRIST to come a second time (a catholic belief). You need not suffer on Earth or in Hell anymore. Full stop. You live in Heaven together with JESUS CHRIST. No more oppression by satan the devil governments & people on Earth. But on Your Part. You need to walk the Perfect Gospel = 100% Holy, Perfect, Pure & Sinless.

  3. 2 - During Rapture

    During Rapture, those True Perfect Christians fly to the sky to meet JESUS CHRIST. JESUS CHRIST then bring them to Heaven to live together. From that moment, all Churches on Earth close. Those non-christians & not true christians have no churches to go to. The satan the devil rules over planet earth for a period of 3.5 years. See below what happen to those who are left behind.

  4. 3 - After Rapture.

    After Rapture. After all True Perfect Christians fly to the sky to meet JESUS CHRIST. The satan the devil appears on planet earth to rule over planet earth for a period of 3.5 years. The satan the devil requires you to have the mark of 666 in order to trade for foods. If you bow to satan the devil to get the mark, when you die you go to GOD Firebox Forever & Ever. If you do not bow to satan the devil not to get the mark, then satan the devil troops behead you. Therefore those who left behind on Earth, have a hard time to go to JESUS CHRIST Heaven. Currently, my Cstan98 Panda Cultivation = me can only survive only 3 weeks tribulations beta testings = 2 weeks finish all money to build eat foods & drinks in body + only able to survive 1 week without foods & drinks + then bow down to singapore police to be arrrested (3 times 3 weeks beta testings at Singapore Middle Road GUAN YIN Temple). Therefore, me understands it is impossible to survive more than 3 weeks, least say 3.5 years. That is why the Setup of Tribulations Lands only in europe+middle-east+africa. You are supposed to escape run to the 3C(United-Kingdom+Israel+South-Africa). So that this 2/3 planet Populations can survive. Or else, 0% survival rate.

  5. Soul Sleep.

    Some Christianity Schools like 7th Days Adventist/Methodist. Believe when You die. You go to Soul Sleep. You sleep. When JESUS CHRIST comes back. You wake up. In another word. When You die. The next moment You are in Judgement/with JESUS CHRIST. You do not notice the time You are death sleeping.

  6. Waiting Area.

    When Christians die. They go to a waiting area where many s/Souls are walking around. You need to approach the Bright Light. The Bright Light is guarded by many fierce looking Angels. They are scary because They need to prevent evil demons from entering. Do not be afraid. You just ask Them for Permission to enter the Bright Light. After entering. You go to another World. There is a Church. You need to attend ask GOD, JESUS CHRIST & HOLY SPIRIT for Forgiveness of Your sins. When You confess all your sins, then you can see GOD. Then you live in Heaven or come back to satanic planet earth as a Guardian Angel.

  7. *Conclusion: Many Theories.

    There are many Theories what happen when christians die. It actually depend whether what have y/You done in y/Your l/Life. Have sins? Make satanic vows? y/You die trap inside satanic planetary shields?

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