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*What Sins Do To You In Perfect Christianity.

Once you even a little bit sins. HOLY SPIRIT is grieved (powerless in your life).

  1. *Introduction: Our GOD Is Sinless & Holy.

    GOD is sinless & very holy. He has very high standard of cultivation & integrity. And does not tolerate sins. That is why GOD sends His Son JESUS CHRIST to die on the Cross for our sins so that Our Souls can be redeemed. Because if something is not done for your sins. We can never see GOD.

  2. Blessings Withheld.

    When you sins, GOD withheld your blessings. When You are Holy, Perfect & Sinless, GOD pours out all Blessings on You.

  3. Character & Maturity Need To Be Endured Through.

    The other side of sins - what happens if you pass temptations & do not sins. You gain character & maturity from your endurance. Roman 5:3-4 : "not only this, but we also rejoice in sufferings, knowing that sufferings produce endurance, and endurance, character, and character, hope." When You endure pass temptations without committing sins, You gain maturity, endurance, character & hope. Therefore, welcome sins temptations Tests, because if You pass through these Tests, You grow to maturity.

  4. Connect To GOD.

    Understand all Perfect Archangels are HOLY SPIRIT. Archangel Class are telepathic Angels. You notice when do not even a bit sins like mastubration & pornography. You can hear HOLY SPIRIT talks to You. You think with a New Perfect Christian High (Happy).

  5. Connect To Satan The Devil.

    Understand satan the devil is an ex-archangel. Archangel Class is a telepathic Angel. Ephesians 2:2. "in which you once walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince (satan the devil) of the power of the air, the spirit who now works in the sons of disobedience (sins)." The you notice when you sins like even a bit of heart of adultery. The you begin to have many evil lust desires. The satan the devil hacks our minds through the airwaves.

  6. Increase Sickness.

    Understand sins are the sources of all sicknesses. The you get blood cancer is because of foreign blood cells enter body = violent big organ sex. The you get lung cancer is because you smoke cigarettes too much. The you get stroke is because you overdoses on sex drugs. The you get high blood pressure is because you eat meats (according to Holy Bible: do not drink blood of animals, only plants do not have red blood cells). So to cure all sicknesses. You must not even little sins.

  7. Increase Trials & Tribulations.

    We Humans are created to be Holy & Pure. So once you sins. GOD automatically increases Trials & Tribulations to cleanse remove these sins. When these sins are removed, They stop. Then you re-sins, the program reboots again. The you are actually Trials & Tribulations yourselves. We are simply made this way = to Glorify GOD.

  8. Increase World Problems.

    All this planet earth world problems are created by sins. The wars = because we kill animals, GOD initiate killing of humans. The famines = because governments steal from citizens. The epidermics = because virus have entered human populations through adultery sexual sins. The recessions = because companies falsify lie their accounts. The sickness = because we commit sins problems.

  9. Separation From GOD.

    When you sins, you are separated from GOD. Because GOD is too holy to be close you when you sins. Isaiah 59:2 : "but your sins have separate you from your GOD. The your sins have caused Him to reject you and not to listen to your prayers." Therefore, if you intend to go Heaven to be with GOD, you need to be 100% sinless - not even little sins like masturbation & pornography. The satan the devil is very cunning - he creates little pornography so that you sins little sins, & separate you from our GOD. Do not be separated from GOD - do not sins, not even little sins.

  10. *Conclusion: Do Not Let JESUS CHRIST Die in Vain.

    When JESUS CHRIST dies on the Cross. It is an eternal period for Him. He is an Eternal Being. Because we keep on committing new sins. The Cross can never be beared finished. Stop crucifying JESUS CHRIST. Stop sins now.

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