Cstan98 Understand Pastor Problems

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*Understand Pastor Problems of Perfect Christianity.

This Cstan98 Website defines Pastor Problems as those daily & long terms problems all Pastors face.

  1. Burntout.

    When Pastors do His Full Job on His Ministry. The workloads give the Pastors burntout. So We need to be understanding & encouraging enough. If You can, share the workloads of Pastors. So that your Pastors is not so easily burntout.

  2. Criticisms & Conflicts.

    The satan the devil attacks all Pastors all the time. Pastors face criticisms & conflicts all the time. Try your best to edify (build self-esteem) of Your Pastor. Be a Cheerleader to cheer your Pastor on.

  3. Depression.

    When Pastors care & love too much, They may go into deep depression. Just like Social Workers who keep on listening to other People Problems. They are reported to be always under depression. Therefore. same for Pastors who keep on listening to other People Problems. They also Pastors are always under depression. Give accurate feedbacks to Your Pastors. S/He may not see the problems. Like You are getting sad face, thinner & thinner, out of zest drive, ... why Pastor? Be a Psychologist to active listening Your Pastor problems.

  4. Family Problems.

    The satan the devil attacks all Pastors all the time. Pastors face more family problems than you. Their Wives & Children may not be supportive. Reduce the stress of Your Pastor Family Members.

  5. Financial Problems.

    Try to 10% Tithes to the Church. Or else, your Pastor has many financial problems. Especially if your Congregation is poor & small. Do your part to help your Church finances.

  6. Sexual Problems.

    If You as Christians are under attacked by satan the devil for adultery temptations, pornography, ... satan the devil attacks your Pastors more. If your Pastors have addictions of pornography & adultery with other females christians. Try your best to slowly guide Him. Google Search: if pastor commit adultery, if pastor see pornography, ... If Your Pastors don't repent. Pray to JESUS CHRIST to take lives of these false pastors. To keep the Flock pure & holy.

  7. Stress.

    Pastors have stress all the time. Someone: "Pastor Jobs are among the toughest Job in this world." Being a Pastor is very stressful. Because the Church is under attacked all the time by satan the devil. Help to solve Church Problems more. So that Pastors face less stress.

  8. Time Management.

    The me Cstan98 recommends all Pastors to read Brian Tracy Time Management Books. Google Search: life hacks increase productivity, time management, ... Read widely on Productivity Gains & Time Management. So that all Pastors can better manage Their time resources.

  9. *Conclusion.

    Don't isolate Your Pastors. Be a Cheerleader & Listening Friend to Them. They are Humans Angels also. 'We Are Soliders, Movie'. If Your CO (Commanding Officer Pastors) go down. We all go down.

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