Cstan98 Understand Church Revival Problems

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*Understand Church Revival Problems of Perfect Christianity.

My Cstan98 Understanding on how to start Church Revival by solving below problems.

  1. Careful & More Careful.

    Be more careful & more careful. Is it you are using JESUS CHRIST Church Tithes Money wrongly? Is it you falsify the Church Accounts to breakeven the expenses? Is it you grieve the HOLY SPIRIT by not respecting Perfect Christians, Elders, Little Children, Pastors, ...? Is it you still have relationship problems in the Church? Is it you still masturbation & pornography little sins every 3 months?

  2. Do Not Connect To Satan The Devil.

    When you sins like adultery, being too proud, masturbation & pornography, using JESUS CHRIST Tithes Money incorrectly, ... All these sins connect you to satan the devil. The greater & more serious the sins, the greater the connection to satan the devil. When you are sinless, You connect to GOD. The Church needs to be 100% connected to GOD, JESUS CHRIST & the HOLY SPIRIT for Church Revival to come.

  3. Do Not Grieve HOLY SPIRIT.

    Do not grieve the HOLY SPIRIT. Perfect Christians should not argue with Perfect Pastors. And Perfect Pastors should not argue with Perfect Christians. All Perfect Christians & Pastors are Servants Of GOD. Do not argue = it grieves the HOLY SPIRIT. The HOLY SPIRIT is a hyper-sensitive Being. Slight arguments, errors, mistakes, problems, sins, ... grieve the HOLY SPIRIT. Do not grieve.

  4. Need To Be One Heart.

    Holy Bible Acts: "(when waiting for the HOLY SPIRIT to come up as JESUS CHRIST Instructions). They (First Christians) are at One Accord (One Heart)." The Church needs to be in Unity with all Christians in One Body, One Goal, One Heart, One Mind, ...

  5. Need To Be Perfect.

    Everyone in the Church must be Perfect Christians. All Perfect Christians start from imperfect christians. All c/Christians & p/Pastors in the Church must altogether strive to be more & more Perfect like GOD, JESUS CHRIST & the HOLY SPIRIT. It can be done. The me Cstan98 has lead by example that being a nearer & nearer Perfect Christian is achieveable.

  6. Need To Be Pure Heart.

    JESUS CHRIST: "only Those Christians Pure In Heart can see GOD." HOLY SPIRIT is GOD. So to see HOLY SPIRIT at works. All Christians need to be very Pure In Heart. Child-like Faith.

  7. Need To Be Sinless.

    Blessings & Revival do not come to a sinful church. Everyone in the Church needs to be sinless after public confessing of all past sins. Even a little bit of sins grieve the HOLY SPIRIT, & make Her not come. For Church Revival, the coming of the HOLY SPIRIT is the most important first step. My Cstan98 Understanding is that all c/Churches have HOLY SPIRIT. But if any sinner christian grieve the HOLY SPIRIT. The HOLY SPIRIT becomes very sad & keeps quiet. Then only a little bit of HOLY SPIRIT is present in the church. When the Church is 100% sinless, then HOLY SPIRIT is strongest inside the Church. This is when the HOLY SPIRIT is at Her Most Powerful Moments.

  8. Prayers.

    The me Cstan98 agrees Prayers are needed for Revival. But You also need to farming the seeds for Church Revival. Let say you are farmer. You just pray to GOD for a harvest. But do not farm his farmlands, does he gets a harvest? Therefore. Farming the Church Farmland & Prayers must come hand in hand.

  9. Wait.

    If after You have done all these, Your Church just has to wait. The me Cstan98 remembers the Apostles & the Church needs to wait 100 days (forget actual). You just keep Farming & Prayers while You wait for Church Revival to come.

  10. *Conclusion.

    For Church Revival to come. The Farmlands must be ripe for harvest. If the place is not good enough. HOLY SPIRIT does not want to lead anyone there. JESUS CHRIST: "those trees that do not bear fruits. Slowly die off."

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