Cstan98 Understand Church Problems

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*Understand Church Problems of Perfect Christianity.

This Cstan98 Website defines Church Problems as those daily & long terms problems inside Church which Christians face.

  1. Agree To Disagree - Courteously.

    If you have different understandings of Holy Bible & how Church should be run. Agree to disagree courteously to have Peace, Love & Grace in the Church. Which is more important: Grace, Love & Peace in the Church or the Church is run everythings by you (a proud christian)?

  2. Be Part Of The Solution To Problems In Your Church.

    Be part of the Solutions. Not part of the Problems. Keep solving problems, not to keep creating problems. Build the Church, not tear down the Church.

  3. Don't Give Up On JESUS CHRIST.

    Don't give up on JESUS CHRIST. JESUS CHRIST loves You. Even if you are discouraged by other false christians. Know that We do it for JESUS CHRIST. Not for men.

  4. Expect Church Problems. Realize That Everyone Is Not As Perfect As You.

    We are called to build Our Ministry with Perfect Gems (People) & Imperfect Gems (People). Expect Church Problems to be the norm. Because satan the devil attacks all Churches. Every Church has problems. If you run away from a Church because of Church Problems. The satan the devil gives you the same Problems in your next Church. So that You have no Church. Stay put in Your Church & solve all the Problems before going to your Next Church (last resort).

  5. Forgive Others.

    JESUS CHRIST: "if you don't forgive People. GOD in Heaven also won't forgive You." Be very careful.

  6. If You Are Sure You Are Right About A Concern, Respond With Love.

    If You are sure you are right about a concern. Respond with Love. So that there are One Body & Unity in the Church. Edify each others Spiritual Gifts, not to tear down them down.

  7. If You Leave Your Church, Find Another One Fast.

    If HOLY SPIRIT leads you away from your church, quickly find another Church. Holy Bible: "We are called to be rooted in One Church to grow." The me Cstan98: "changing Church is Major Life Decision. It is like uprooting a tree, & replanting at another place. The tree may die. It is about Life & Death (our Souls are at stake). Think carefully before You act." If You keep changing Churches, you become a Spirit Wanderer = no place for your Spiritual Gifts to root & grow.

  8. Look At Disagreements, Insults & Problems As Opportunities To Grow.

    Sometimes GOD allows disagreements, insults & problems to grow Us. Accept these Divine Plans to prosper Us & not to destroy Us.

  9. Look For The Good In People. Focus On The Positive.

    Every Christians in the Church wants somethings good for the Church. Everyone starts with good intentions & does not want conflicts. See the positives on other People Intentions. They want to edify the Church, just like You. Build People. Do not tear down Other People.

  10. Realize There May Be More To The Picture.

    Realize that GOD allows satan the devil to test all the Churches. Sometimes the Church Problems are from GOD to grow the Church Christians Members. Receive GOD Sufferings & Trials to cleanse & purify Our sins. It is because of these unholy impurities in us, so that there are problems sufferings.

  11. Realize You May Be Partly Wrong.

    Holy Bible: "GOD resists the proud, & gives grace to the humble." Humble yourself & reason you may be wrong. And the other people may be right sometimes. You may not be right all the time. Most of time, both are partly wrong. Remember it takes 2 to fight, only 1 to reconcile.

  12. *Conclusion.

    We need a long term time frame rooted in a Good Church to grow Our Spiritual Gifts. The better the air, fertilizer, sunlight, water, wind, ... & longer the time, the faster the growth.

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