Cstan98 Understand Christian Problems

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*Understand Christian Problems of Perfect Christianity.

This Cstan98 Website defines Christian Problems as those daily & long terms problems all Christians face.

  1. Bored.

    Safety is boring. When Our Perfect Christians Life gets too predictable & routine. We become bored. The best is find an interesting Church which the Pastors give Good Sermons. Read extra Christian Books always to keep the Fire Spirit alive. Watch Weekly Movies to build Your Database of Knowledges. Answer: Make Your Perfect Christians Life Interesting & High IQ.

  2. Disobedient Children.

    Sometimes. As Parents, We are disappointed with Our children who do not follow Our Christian Paths. Therefore, be on guard for All Little Things. Because it is the Little Things that Our Children follow Our Christian Examples. Let Your Children join the Church Children Ministry or Youth Ministry. These Ministry have better Christians Mentors to coach Them. They won't feel bored by just going to weekly adult Church Sermons. They can fellowship & grow spiritually with same-minded Children & Youth Christians. Answer: Coach & Guide Our Children In Each Of Their Steps.

  3. GOD Or Money.

    Holy Bible: "you either worship GOD or money." *Notice: when You Perfect Christians worship GOD & get a Blessed Christian Life. Then, you start to plan for more money (worship money). Then, all your blessed christian life starts to fall apart. It seems money belongs to satan the devil. Once you worship money (satan the devil), you cannot have GOD. Be very careful. Choose wisely = You want GOD or money (satan the devil)? You cannot have both.

  4. Lose Faith.

    When disasters or trials start, We Perfect Christians start lose faith on GOD. When Our Prayers are not answered, We Perfect Christians start to doubt GOD. Don't. Everythings happen to Us Perfect Christians for a reason. Sometimes, it is GOD Plans to change Our Life before bigger problems come. Sometimes it is satan the devil comes & destroys Our Christian Life. The Answer: Renew Your Faith Daily.

  5. Masturbation & Pornography.

    JESUS CHRIST: "if our eyes & hands sins, cut them off. Heart adultery of females are adultery." The me Cstan98 believes this JESUS CHRIST Commandment is talking to us about this modern generation about mass sexual addictions sins. Because you need your eyes to see sex. Because you need your hand to do sex. These are as though committing physical adultery with those photo females. Don't. The Answer: Quit Masturbation & Pornography Totally.

  6. Prayers Not Answer.

    Sometimes. GOD answers Our Prayers with Timings. Holy Bible: "there are seasons timings for everythings." JESUS CHRIST: "if an Old Lady keeps on pestering the Judge (GOD). He answers Our Requests sooner or later, to keep Us off His Back." Answer: Keep On Prayings Until The Prayers Come To Past.

  7. Sins.

    With sins. GOD does not hear Our Prayers. Being imperfect, We Perfect Christians rift away from GOD. Don't let sins reconnect you back to satan the devil. Quickly confess Your sins, so that You reconnect back to GOD. Answer: Always Cut Off Little Sins Before They Become Too Big.

  8. Temptations Christian Problem.

    So long there is satan the devil. There are temptations. Even after body death. When We become Angels. Expect temptations to be the norm. Answer: Resist All Temptations Forever & Ever.

  9. Unforgiveness.

    JESUS CHRIST: "before you give your offerings to GOD. Go & reconcile with your Brothers first." We Perfect Christians are called to forgive all our brothers & enemies first. Before We Perfect Christians go & do Church Worship Offerings each weekly Sundays. Because with unforgiveness. GOD do not accept our worship offerings. Therefore. get it right. Answer: Forgive All Your Brothers & Sisters First.

  10. Worship Money.

    Holy Bible: "the greed of money is the root of all sins." When you worship money, you are displacing GOD from the first place in your heart. Sometimes, we greed for more & more money, & make GOD more little & little. Don't. GOD should be Our Main Priority. Not money. The money should be just a mean to get Our Daily Foods & Drinks. Answer: Do Not Greed For Money.

  11. *Conclusion.

    When our christian lives have problems. It means there are problems. Hidden or obvious. You need to quickly solve them at the sources. Because when they become too big. The you are sucked away from Church by satan the devil.

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