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*Understand Blessed Christian Life of Perfect Christianity.

This Cstan98 Website defines Blessed Christian Life as you receive a lots of Blessings from Your Walk With JESUS CHRIST.

  1. Abstain From Every Form Of Evil.

    1 Thess 5:22. "Abstain from every form of evil." Abstain from all evils to walk a Blessed Christian Life.

  2. Accept JESUS CHRIST Rewards.

    JESUS CHRIST: "if you accept a Prophet, you get a Prophet Reward." That is why those who have been accepting & reading JESUS CHRIST Teachings (NKJV Red Texts of the 4 Gospels) are so blessed, because You are getting a JESUS CHRIST Rewards by accepting JESUS CHRIST.

  3. Cstan98 Living Testimony.

    Before me Cstan98 know JESUS CHRIST. homeless 3 times. Go mental hospital 7-9 times. Because me has been disobedient. After knowing JESUS CHRIST, have a Job, a Wife, co-own a house, Daily Foods & Drinks, ... Because me has come back to GOD & therefore has a very Blessed Christian Life.

  4. Do Not Take JESUS CHRIST Dying On The Cross For Your Sins In Vain.

    2 Peter 2:20-21. "For if. After they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the LORD and Saviour JESUS CHRIST. The they are again entangled in them and overcome. The latter end is worse for them than the beginning. For it would have been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness. Than having known it. To turn from the holy commandment delivered to them." This verse says that if you let JESUS CHRIST dies for your sins. Go back to the old ways. You are worse off then not accepting JESUS CHRIST in the first place. Because you take JESUS CHRIST dying for your sins in vain. Do not go back to your old ways after you accept JESUS CHRIST.

  5. Don't Cheat Tithes.

    You notice all those Blessed Christians have 1 Thing in common. They don't cheat 10% Tithes. Go further: Don't Cheat Income Taxes (pay income taxes before they are due). Honour Father & Mother (give Parents Allowances). Look After Children & Wife (give Children & Wife Living Expenses.) Work (Apostle Paul: "you are to work.")

  6. First Seek Kingdom Of GOD.

    Matthew 6:33. "but seek first the kingdom of GOD and His Righteousness. And all these things are added to you." You seek GOD first & do His Righteousness. Then all things like Daily Drinks & Foods/House/Job/Money/Wife/... Blessings are added to you.

  7. GOD Discipline.

    Proverbs 15:10. "harsh discipline is for him who forsakes the way. And he who hates correction dies." GOD disciplines if you go away from GOD Plan for you. If you still hates correction. GOD takes your life.

  8. GOD Nature To Bless.

    Holy Bible: "GOD nature is to bless His People." Therefore. If you are GOD People. Be prepared to be deeply blessed by GOD.

  9. The Parable Of The Lost Son.

    Luke 15:11-32. The my Cstan98 Understanding. When younger son sins. The he is disciplined by GOD to eat what pigs eat. When he repents. The he is well received by His Father (& GOD). The me is not trying to discourage people that sinful christians are disciplined. Only trying to make all Christians to have a Blessed Life which GOD wants you to have.

  10. To Be Blessed, Do These.

    Matthew 5:3-12.

    (01) Who Feel Poor In The Spirit = not enough of HOLY SPIRIT.

    (02) Who Mourn = when You suffer, GOD comforts you.

    (03) Who Are Meek = GOD helps the humble & resists the proud.

    (04) Who Hunger For Righteousness = You get Righteousness if You hunger for Righteousness.

    (05) Who Merciful = those who give mercy, get mercy.

    (06) Who Pure In Heart = for They see GOD.

    (07) Who Peace = Peacemakers are Sons Of GOD.

    (08) Who Being Persecuted For Righteousness Sake = for Theirs is the Kingdom Of Heaven.

    (09) Rejoice & Exceedingly Glad If You Are Being Persecuted = because You are persecuted like JESUS CHRIST & Prophets.

  11. Why Some Christians Are Blessed? Why Some Christians Are Under Trials & Tribulations?

    My Cstan98 Understanding after studying so many Blessed Christians. These Blessed Christians are blessed by GOD because They are very obedient to GOD, JESUS CHRIST, HOLY SPIRIT, Pastors, Word Of GOD, ... For those Christians who are under Trials & Tribulations, it is because they have gone away from GOD Plan for them. Therefore. GOD is punishing them for their disobedience. So to bring them back to GOD Plan for Them.

  12. *Conclusion.

    Don't take my Cstan98 Words for it. Ask around all Blessed Christians. Find out what Their Secrets. Ask around all cursed christians. Find out what they think they do wrongs.

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