Cstan98 Success Cultivation - Organize Your Life

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*Organize Your Life Success Cutlivation.

Organize Your Life into Logical Small Routines Steps. Use The Power of Habits to go Automatic Mode.

  1. Budget Money.

    Plan Your Money down to the last penny. Remember to pay Your First Fruits JESUS CHRIST 10% Tithes first.

  2. Budget Resources.

    Monitor Your Inventory. Foods Level. Toilet Rolls. Toileteries...

  3. Budget Time.

    Make every second count. Even when You have Eternal Life. Still the same.

  4. Daily To-Do List.

    Setup a iPhone Productive/OmniFocus2 Apps To-Do Lists. The first for personal habits. (It is a Habits App.) The second for work tasks. (It is a Project Management Taskings App.)

  5. Finance Trackings.

    Daily Accountings &s Long-Term Budgetings. Use a Apple Numbers Spread to keep track of Your Merits Money Administrations.

  6. Fixed Routine.

    (01) Minimize Money Wastes. If you always spend $10 in morning for the same whole day main foods. Over-spendings mean more lackings.

    (02) Minimize Time Wastes. Faster & Faster. Do familiar fixed routine very fast after a few days of get-use to.

    (03) Rewrite Freshnesss OS (Operating System) Of All Habits. 80% Foundation Stoke + 20% Learn Change Stroke. And everything else very fast, everytime.

  7. Spend With Loved Ones.

    Whenever Your Wife & Children approach You. Stop everythings You do & give Every Focus to Them. They are the Reasons why You work so hard for in the first place.

  8. Time Management.

    (01) Life is Short. Have many things to do all the time.

    (02) Lists. List down all the things you want to do in your life. You not believe you have so many.

    (03) Make Use Of Every Minute. Less sleep, less wasteful repeating same mistake, ...

  9. Workspace Housekeeping & Organization.

    (01) Keep Electrical Wires Tidy (like modem, power, printer) run systematically without entanglement.

    (02) Keep Organized & Tidy like Cupboard, room, table, ...

    (03) Keep Same Things Together (for less time to look). Like all files, pens, ... together.

    (04) No Rubbish. Throw rubbish & old-dated unnecessary things away to organize working space.

    (05)Use Simple Reminders. Example on right = extra reading materials, on top of printer = to do, ...

  10. *Conclusions.

    Organized Life is a Discipline Happy Life. Create Meanings in Your Life.

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