Cstan98 Success Cultivation - Approach Problems Head-On

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Approach Problems Head-On Success Cultivation.

Every Successful Person faces His problems head-on directly. They confront problems. They solve problems sources. They don't escape from these problems.

  1. Are You Best Of Best?

    'Top Gun, Movie': "are You the best of the best?" The next generation must be better than the current generation. For Us Jedi Command to survive. We Old Jedi needs to guide New Jedi to fight. The first thing to fight is to solve all Our Jedi Problems. Cannot wake up = take black coffee first thing out of bed. Not educated at 80 years old = go back to Business School. Jobless = work as a slave temp staff to earn peanuts to build working hours discipline. No girlfriend = quit masturbation & pornography + controlled thoughts. If me Cstan98 can do it, so can You.

  2. Don't Be A Life Crowd.

    Don't be a life crowd. Don't back up from situations. Don't escape problems. If you cannot once, try 100 times. If you cannot 100 times, try 1000 times. Chinese Sayings: "a continuous tiny drops of water from a roof can a hole into a stone." Chinese Sayings: "a big iron rod can be grinded into a tiny needle." All You need is head-on the problems again & again.

  3. Just Do It.

    Nike: "just do it." Don't think too much. The moment you hesitate. Fear come in. Apologize to Your Parents now. Apply that job now. Approach that Girl now. Finish all your homeworks backlogs now. Buddha: "once this Fate pass. You need another 100 Creations to again." Solve all problem head-on now.

  4. Let Do It Do It.

    'Madagascar, Cartoon Movie': "let do it do it." Don't run away from problems. Face them head-on. Fight Your Best for the Day. Take a rest night. Wake up next day. Fight again. If Everyone repeat this for 100 Years, all world problems are solved.

  5. Stand Up And Fight.

    'Independence Day, Movie': "now it is the time We fight back." Don't be a sissy. Stand up and fight. Last time satan the devil always win. Because last time we give up too easily. Fight head-on. Solve all problems now. It is now or never.

  6. 1: Analyze Problem.

    First Step = Analyze Problem. Do Sun Zi Calculations. Think it over again & again. Plan Your next moves. Then solve it with One Clean Stroke.

  7. 2: Solve Problem.

    Second Step = Action Solve Problem. Cstan98 Use Problem To Solve Problem Stroke. You cannot wake up. You do not have time to read Cstan98 Website Daily. Solution Stroke = wake up early in the morning with black coffee + reward condition yourself with a Morning Cstan98 Website Reading.

  8. 3: Feedback Adjust Stroke.

    Feedback Step = Adjust + Go back First Step & Second Step + Repeat. It is just like Shaolin Martial Arts Trainings = once You get the Basic Foundations Right + You can take every problems your enemies hit you. Basic Foundations = Wake up Every Morning + Do Routines + Plan Next Moves + Advance.

  9. *Conclusions.

    When You believe You can. You can. 1 problem not solve, all infinite problems cannot solve. 1 problem solve, all infinite problems can be solved.

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