Cstan98 Sexloads Slim Down Program

Version2 2018.03.00

*Sexloads Slim Down Diet Program.

Also known as Sex Love Satisfaction Slim Down Program. Use Marriage Sex & Love Satisfaction to lose weight slim down. Do you know if you have enough Marriage Things, you have less desires for foods. Your weight decreases over time.

  1. **First: Do You Part Slim Down.

    Try Your best to slim down as much as possible. Because Capable Males do not like fat females. Ugly females reflects that they cannot manage their bodies & low in IQ. So meet half way. And GOD tries to match You.

  2. **Second: Get Married.

    Then get married as soon as possible to have Marriage Sex from your Husband. Your Program have just begin.

  3. **Third: Increase Sex Loads.

    When you have very high sex loads. You can have all the foods & drinks you want. And still maintain your body. Come with great marriage sex also.

  4. All Knowing.

    This Diet Program requries the Diet Person to be very high dans in everythings. All knowing. Know about energies, exercises, marriage, nutritions, psychology, sex, ...

  5. Good Male.

    The trick here is to find a good Male to get married. A bad male is unfaithful in marriage & you marry in vain. You cannot get enough Marriage Sex & Love Satisfaction. Pray: "Dear JESUS CHRIST. Please arrange a good Male to marry me. Amen."

  6. Monogamy Marriage.

    The trick here is to make the Marriage monogamy. Polygamy husband does not concentrate sex & love fire powers enough on you. Split on too many polygamy wives & lovers. Therefore, you relapses gaining back your weight. Pray: "Dear JESUS CHRIST. Please make my Marriage Monogamy. Amen."

  7. Sex Loads.

    Get the Effects. Should decrease foods & drinks? Or increase sex loads? Or both?

  8. Warning.

    If there is abrupt stop in marriage sex. You are expect to abrupt stop your foods & drinks intakes also. So protect Your Marriage no matter what.

  9. *Conclusion:

    You can have both worlds. Eat all the foods & drinks You want. And have great body & sex at the same time. GOD never creates Females to starve themselves. Have funs. And enjoy!!!

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