Cstan98 Sex - Why Good Young Single Males Do Not Court Females

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Why Good Young Single Males Do Not Court Females.

Why some bad males court you (females), while those good males do not court you.

  1. No Money. Small P Organ.

    When Young Single Males starts to enter society & meet You (Females) in schools & university. Why They don't court You. Main reason: "I do not have job incomes yet." No money for foods = their p organ are small. No money in the pocket = they do not have money to treat you on courting dates.

  2. Masturbation & Pornography.

    Tell your out-of-energy Males Friends not to masturbation & pornography to increase their energies & self-worth.

  3. Recommendations For Females.

    Females Court Males Instead. You (Females) tell Them it is ok to have small p organ (you don't mind. Because after job income for foods, the p organ become bigger later anyway.) Tell them it is ok that they do not have money for courting dates (She play dutch = pay Herself for Her own share of the courting dates.)

  4. Recommendations For Males.

    Keep Her contact numbers. Quickly find a Job to have steady incomes. Once steady incomes. Quickly call Her to date Her out.

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