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*Sex Find Speical Someone.

According to Holy Bible. Before creating Everyone. Every Male & Female is already paired one-to-one. GOD leaves everyone Meanings & Purposes in Life. That a Special Someone is waiting for You no matter how long You have waited.

  1. Keep On Improving Yourself.

    The better you are. The better a good mate you can find. When cannot. Start getting worse. It time to quickly get married.

  2. Read This Cstan98 Website Completely.

    This Website is full of tips on how to get a Wife. For example, lover games, money cultivation to have resources, quit masturbation & pornography to get a Wife, marriage sex cultivation to keep your Wife, ...

  3. Stick To Her/Him.

    'Top Gun, Movie': "you never never leave your Wingman." French Emperor Napoleon has the whole Europe under him when he sticks to his Empress Josephine. When he leaves Her & fight Russia, he later loses his French Emperorship.

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