Cstan98 Satan Tricks

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*Satan Tricks.

The me Cstan98 defines satan the devil hands as those very smart people who do things not according to Black & White 5 Comandments. The methods they use to control this planet. They hit under the belt. Therefore, we need to know them, so as to counter-strokes.

  1. Absorbed GST.

    Some shops absorbed GST (Good & Service Tax) on their goods. They say the GST they absorbed is the part money they pay for the goods the goods you buy. They energy drain the GST they absorbed. The solution is to do not buy from them. If unable, then just pay that sum as JESUS CHRIST Church Offerings.

  2. Aircon - Off Cold.

    Some aircon even when off, is still running at lowest aircon temperature to make you die of flu.

  3. Aircon - Sleepy.

    Some aircon give out sleepy gas even when not turn on. A few my cases of falling asleep, next morning suspected blood & semen sample taken.

  4. Big Brother Watching.

    The satan the devil monitors how you fight & learn &, what you do, what you thinking and try to find your weaknesses.

  5. Black Widow Female.

    There are some satanic females who addicted to sex. Marry you. Want sex 3 times every night. The male husband dies of exhaustion ejaculations. After the husband dies, they remarry to repeat stroke to gain more inherited wealth.

  6. Blood Donations.

    Ask you to donate blood so that old satan the devil can change their whole body blood monthly to maintain their health even at old age.

  7. Break Your Willpower.

    From 'Outwitting The Devil, Book'. The interview tells us that satan the devil creates cigarettes & pornography to break your willpower. So that your soul belongs to him. Be determined. Quit cigarettes & pornography.

  8. Cashier Receipts.

    When you buy things, you need to get a cashier (accounting) receipts. Or else they say the things are their, your money is their & the money changes they give you are their. They capture your happiness fates to them.

  9. Cheat In Exams.

    The satan the devil children cheat in schools exam. Either their teachers reveal the exam questions before hand or they know spells to read other students writing answers. Why me Cstan98 is so smart is because me never cheat in exams (except in Primary 4 with a word written in pencil box & at GCE A Level Chemistry Practical Exam because my Teacher asks me to copy my Classmates answers all along). The me answers all the exams from primary school to university & graduate with a NUS BBA degree based on my hard studying.

  10. Children To Satanists.

    The satanists elders want your children. It is reported that these satanists elders are bald head & have small p organ, they rape your children. Child pornography is created by these satanists elders. Do not join satanic cult. Now you know what they want your children for.

  11. Coke Light/Zero.

    The coke light/zero are for diabetics as they cannot take sugar drinks. The satan the devil put sugars in them to make your diabetics worse. So for diabetics do not take sweet things even they are declared sugar-free. Because fake or real sugars all taste sweet.

  12. Contracts - Binding in Dreams.

    The satan the devil enter your dreams & make you promise them things. Whatever you promise them in dreams, they say they are binding.

  13. Copyrighted Free Ebook.

    Careful of some free ebooks that drain your energy & cause you sick. All ebooks deleted & feel much better. If you fall serious sick, it may be something recent you do.

  14. Curse Under Holy Bible/Koran.

    Sometimes, when you talk to a female Christian/Islamic Muslim, some male jealous christian/islamic muslim may curse you under Holy Bible/Koran. You either tell the Senior to chase him out of the Church/Mosque, pray to JESUS CHRIST to bounce back to him or un-curse it like me Cstan98 if you are capable enough.

  15. Different Seeds.

    They play & silence your Queen to let you raise & train their offsprings.

  16. Digital Wizardry.

    Computer softwares that can manipulate pictures & videos. Changing colours of people uniforms for example.

  17. Disappearing Bank Accounts.

    If uncheck. The bank deposit transactions do not appear.

  18. Dry Throat Tea.

    Ask whether you want dry throat tea (throat cancer inducing)? Solution: drink lots of water & stop taking the same drink again.

  19. Dual Currency.

    Some satan the devil say Cash is $1 & Credit Card Dollar is 0.0000001 . Then the exchange rate is $5 = 5 million*0.0000001 . Totally absurd in the same country.

  20. Eaten By Giant Crocodiles.

    YouTube: 'Crocodile Eat female'. You see a satanic male asks a sexy female to stand near a deserted river to take photo. A giant crocodile from the deserted river then eats the sexy female. The satanic male is sending that sexy female as human offerings to satan the devil in Hell. If you think these sexy females enjoy lives in Hell. You are wrong. My Cstan98 understanding is that these sexy females are raped & later eaten eternally. You guess why most of playboy playmates disappear after a few years.

  21. Eaten By Giant Snakes.

    YouTube: 'Snake Eat Female In Satanic Palace'. The real live video has been taken down. You can only watch animated video. You see sexy females being eaten by giant snake in satanic palace as human offerings to satan the devil in Hell. If you think these sexy females enjoy lives in Hell. You are wrong. My Cstan98 understanding is that these sexy females are raped & then eaten eternally. You guess why most of playboy playmates disappear after a few years.

  22. Emails Deletion & Insertion.

    You email ask Question1, Answer1 is deleted. Enemies email ask Question2, you get Answer2. Answer2 is not what you want. Sometime you get Answer10. Then all these administrative costs are charged using your income tax.

  23. Energy Draining Discount.

    Some shops like to give you discount, then drain your energy for that money discount. But you need to buy from them. How? You just buy the items, compare the cashier receipts. How much is the discount? Then give JESUS CHRIST Church Offerings of that discount value money.

  24. Evil demons Fighting.

    When you become near Archangel (Old-Buddha Class), many evil demons are fighting to pay you that breakfast. One throw away my breakfast, gives his breakfast as donation. Another throws away that breakfast, & gives his breakfast & so on. Add value, do not deduct or no value. Why don't you people just ask whether can treat donations me?

  25. Free Plastic Bags.

    Most stores in Singapore give free plastic bags when you buy things. When at home, if you don't throw them away, then you get energy drained. Especially for those items that have no cashier receipt. This is because another energy drainer pay for it. The seller no choice give energy draining plastic bag to account for it. As you pay for the item also. So if you get free plastic bags. Pay JESUS CHRIST Church Offerings of that free gifts value.

  26. Free Things.

    Careful of free things. The me Cstan98 has fallen sick ever since downloaded about 300 free ebooks into my harddisk. Must Delete all free ebooks from harddisk after reading. Best is download one, after that delete.

  27. Gold Inside Common Coins.

    Put gold inside one dollar coins (for example). When you spend the gold coin, you finish spending your money fate.

  28. Headache Drinks.

    Injure your brain tissue with advance technology tiny micro machines for sampling.

  29. Hedge Funds.

    Use your donated/invested funds to attack takeover your Companies or attack your Country Currencies. Making many people jobless.

  30. High Blood Pressure - Chemicals In Your Drinks & Foods.

    If you are a vegetarian, by right you should not have high blood pressure. The satan the devil put high blood pressure chemicals in your drinks, foods, medications, tap water, ... to make you high blood pressure.

  31. High Blood Pressure - Mess Up Reports.

    When you have headaches, you know you have high blood pressure & are going to suffer a stroke. You go to doctor & check. The blood pressure measuring machine is satanic made to falsify the blood pressure reports. Same for high sugars in your blood, proteins in urine, .... reports.

  32. High X-Ray.

    They up the x-ray radiation dosage when you take x-ray. You just have to be very vegetarian to be radiation resistance.

  33. Human Meat Components In Tap Water.

    In a pig harvesting farm, if a pig seems to gain awareness that if he eat he is to be killed. The pig is forced to eat pig components foods to turn him forgetful mind crazy. Similarly. In a human harvesting planet, if humans begins to gain awareness. Sometimes drinking tap water makes me very dizzy sleepy. The me Cstan98 thinks only human meat components in foods & drinks can only do this to me.

  34. Human Meat Harvesting.

    Planet Earth uses to be next planet for meat harvesting = us. Not because we are a delicacy, but because they hate a human kid very much. They call it feast. We call it war.

  35. Hydrochloric Acid.

    Put HCl in your Vegetarian Foods so that you have gastric stomachaches.

  36. Income Tax & Product Money.

    Do you know you need to declare all income tax & pay full product licence money. For example, me need to Apple Numbers App declare-calculate full amount of monthly income + bank interests income to be free from satanic world. The they say it is a lots. For b/Bill g/Gates, me tries not to use his pirated products since started to work, to become that rich.

  37. Inner Circles.

    The satan the devil places a spy inside your inner circles bodyguards & friends to know what you do & to kill you if necessary.

  38. Intercept Spectacle Order.

    When you change order a new spectacle, satan the devil intercept the spectacle order & give you not your specification. It is best when you go shop to order your spectacle. Ask the shop person to write the spectacle model number on your ordering receipt. Also, go for trustworthy spectacle shop which have been reliable all this time.

  39. Internet Banking.

    Welcome you to do internet banking in putting money in bank, gold, shares, unit trusts, ... So that when you die, there is no black & white hardcopy for your wife to know you have them. It is best you keep a folder file where you can tell your wife where all the money are. So that if you die in an accident, your wife can claim some money to feed the children.

  40. Investments.

    Ask you to secretly invest your church/company/country funds. When nothing goes wrong, a statement of accounts jump with returns. When you want to take out, they say you are making huge loss. You need greater investments to cover up your losses. Cycle repeat. More losses. When you no choice need to close accounts, you are required to go to their home country. Then you just disappear without any news from this planet. What do you think happen to all those third world leaders with huge foreign debts. You think they are allowed to live to expose those tricks.

  41. Kill Millionaire, Take His Property.

    Kill you to inherit your wealth by not telling you own property.

  42. Kill You.

    Kill you to inherit your money. Or if you are winning court cases, kill you first. So sometimes it is better to give 50% win money to satanic people.

  43. Loud Headphones.

    Make your iPhone or iPod headphones very loud so that your ears become deaf.

  44. Low Crime Rate, High Accident Rate.

    All crimes are disguised as accidents.

  45. Maids Daughter-In-Law.

    Some maids come to your millionaire family to work. The maid seduces your teenager son, gets pregnant to become your daughter-in-law, so to become rich. Need to discipline your son not to sex mess around with the maid. Careful of people you let into your household.

  46. Make Hungry/Sick To Thanks Him.

    Make you hungry, then give you foods so that you thanks him. Cure your sickness given by him so that you worship him.

  47. Make You Jobless.

    If you do not vote for that satan the devil. The he bribes your supervisor to overload you with jobs, so that you quit. Then jam your communications like email, mobile, & postal so that you cannot get a new job.

  48. Make You Mental Illed.

    No matter which job (except Black & White jobs) you go. Pressurize you so much that you breakdown mentally illed. So sometimes although Black & White jobs the pay is lower, but they are not so pressurizing & the jobs are more meaningful.

  49. Many ID Polygamy.

    Although a country has laws to be monogamy. Some males are issued with many identity card id, & able to trick many single female to marry him (it is legal for him to remarry with another identity id). They become just a sub-wife. During courtship, a female is almost able to see every day. But after marriage honeymoon, he just disappear & see you once a month. Saying he is aboard doing overseas duty, actually courting more sub-wives. If after married, you (female) never see him again, just have some monthly allowances credited into your account. Most likely you have been polygamy conned.

  50. Medicine.

    Most satanic medicine you can teleport out of body using Christianity Pure Heart. There are strains of medicine which you need to EMP (electronics magnetic pulse) first to destroy their internal battery before teleporting them out, all by Christianity Pure Heart. *Note: EMP in body may cause cancer especially if you are non-vegetarian.

  51. Mental Hospital/Prison.

    When you become a threat to satan the devil governments, they send you to mental hospital & prison. Always pray to GOD & JESUS CHRIST for protection.

  52. Mess Up Your Lawyer Team.

    When satan the devil fights court cases with you, they ensure you get a bad performance lawyer team to represent you, so that you lose your court cases.

  53. Money On The Floor.

    Drop money of satanic value on the floor. When you pick up the money, your energies & happiness fates are drained. Saying you exchange them for that money sum.

  54. Nazi Teachers.

    Tell your children hitler is a hero role model, JESUS CHRIST is a fake.

  55. No Rest At Death.

    For Angels like Us, there may be no rest at death. You simply go fight in another world. That is why me Cstan98 recommends 50% Attack (attack satanic army) + 50% Defend (take your Holiday at the same time).

  56. Organs Harvesting.

    Do not sign that organs donation form. You get killed to harvest your body organs.

  57. P Organ - Artifical Implants. (Castrated Males.)

    It is mentioned in Bible. There are group of satanic males called castrated males. The me Cstan98 thinks they are those males who have big p organ implants. Their organ p organ are so damaged, the p organ have difficulties to erect. They need huge numbers of female & male prostitutes for anal intercourse & oral sex to ejaculate. To maintain these army of prostitutes they need power in business corporations, government & politics. With big p organ, you just drink many water to ejaculate + do many no feeling intercourse to make your wife very orgasmic (for her only). These big p organ sex cause the females who have sex with them to have low blood count = pre-blood cancer.

  58. P Organ - Embedded Pearls.

    Some satanic males put metal pearls embedded into their p organ. These metal pearls cause vaginal bleeding in females. The females pain like hell. Moreover, if the satanic males are HIV infected, the HIV virus enter the females blood stream diretly making them terminal stage of HIV. Moreover, most females after too many bleeding intercourses have vagina so damaged, they cannot have children.

  59. Penny Stocks.

    Some people buy a penny stock, send emails to tell many people to buy a penny stock. When the price of the penny stock goes up, those people who tells you to buy quickly sell. And repeat the progress, to cheat many people who listen to them.

  60. Poisons Foods & Drinks.

    Put poisonous detergent liquids in your foods & drinks to make you depression & mentally sick.

  61. Pornography - Bad Lucks.

    Do you know if you cut off pornography, you are blessed with good lucks from GOD? If you are abstain from sex or a virgin, you are additional blessed with good lucks from GOD.

  62. Pornography - Play Your Wife.

    If you masturbation using satanic pornography, they play your wife-to-be or wife-who-has-died.

  63. Princess Tricks.

    The satanic beautiful princess say to all the males subjects: she likes you & marry you but don't tell anyone. So that all her males subjects work like mad to gain the satanic beautiful princess hand in marriage. If You don't believe me, ask all the males subjects around. The satanic beautiful princess say marry you to all the male subjects. You still believe the satanic beautiful princess keeps her promises & marry all the males subjects.

  64. Prostitutes - Turn All Females.

    The satan the devil want to turn all females into their satanic army prostitutes. They make your female daughters cannot find jobs & therefore no money for foods. Therefore, turning them into satanic army prostitutes. Monopoly of females. So that the only way for a male to have sex. Is to join their satanic army to play these females prostitutes.

  65. Proxy Bank Account.

    Take all your business incomes. Give show only a bit to you.

  66. Proxy Computer Screen.

    Network into thinking you are seeing the Chicken Computer.

  67. Proxy Email/Mail/Phone.

    Intercept your emails/mails/phone calls.

  68. Proxy Website.

    Double-Version-in-1-file your Website files with their names & photos at the site address.

  69. Queen - Arranged.

    The female you marry is no coincidence. They take out all unfit Queens candidate. Basically Arranged Marriage.

  70. Queen - Disturbed.

    They threaten your Queen. They make your Queen divorce you to help you.

  71. Radioactive Materials.

    Put radioactive materials in your toilet water source. Give you radioactive foods & drinks to make you fall sick.

  72. Recruit Your Arch Enemies.

    Recruit your arch enemies to deal with you.

  73. Relieve Of Your Command.

    Say he is sent from your Command & ask you to do something else.

  74. Renounce JESUS CHRIST.

    Promise to give you $1million , you are to renounce JESUS CHRIST. After you renounce JESUS CHRIST, kill you to save his $1million . Promise to give you foods, you are to renounce JESUS CHRIST. After you renounce JESUS CHRIST, kill you to save his foods. Do not renounce JESUS CHRIST. JESUS CHRIST is the most precious treasure a Person can ever has.

  75. Rotting Chemicals.

    They put sticky chemicals on your spectacle & watch to make your ears & wrist rot. All you have to do is wash them with soapy tap water. Then stop wearing watch & spectacle until your wounds heal.

  76. Sabotage.

    Once they cannot win. The they sabotage your Cultivation, Funding Sources, Government, Military, ...

  77. Satanic Bed.

    If your bed is too comfortable, you be sleeping in bed for very long. Wasting your life. Go for uncomfortable bed, so you gain more time awake.

  78. Satanic Church.

    Do you know a satanic church is growing the governments of this planet. Their members are only for those powerful & rich only. Once you are elected president or prime minister. Their members approach you. You go to that satanic church everything look like a JESUS CHRIST church. There are many levels for you to attain. Once you attain the highest level when you are member, they unveil the picture who they worship. A goat = a two horns human who is satan the devil. If you do not stay to worship this goat, you are removed from power of your president or prime minister. This satanic church is powerful enough to remove presidents & prime minister positions.

  79. Satanic Command & Control.

    The ceo demon gives you free money (sins offerings). Everyone in his demons groups are all very friendly. The ceo demon invites you to a public gatherings in a bedroom. When you turn up, only he is around. The he gives you a drink (with sex drugs). You don't why you have sex with hime. The he videotapes your sex acts. And since then, you have to do all the ceo demon biddings in order for the sex videotapes not to be released to your churches, companies, governments, husband/wife, public, ... You have to have more sex with all the demons males. Solution: Cstan98 Do Not Negotiate With Demons Terrorists. You make the first mistake or many mistakes. Do not carry on making a lifetime of more mistakes.

  80. Satanic Pop Songs.

    Do you know if you off the music, you can hear angels speaking to you softly?

  81. Sell Soul.

    Many have sell their souls to satan the devil. After their souls are sold, demon souls take over the human bodies. The evil demons souls bodies seem to become more handsome, successful, wealthy. But the old souls are trapped in satanic palaces suffering with endless tortures. The me Cstan98 hears their screams all the time. The satan the devil like to put souls in jars with concentrated acids inside to make the souls scream orgasmic sounds. That is why me hates satan the devil so much.

  82. Send Soldiers To Death.

    According to 'Black Hawk Down, Movie'. The new blue us president administration when trying to gain control of United States Special Forces, decides to send them to death to take in new recruits. The Troops are sent in with little ammo, water & misinformed into a ready & well prepared radical islamic forces. The new blue us president administration seems to be giving information & weapons to radical islamic forces. Soldiers must know the wind directions when there is a change in United States p/President.

  83. Sick Baby.

    The satanic doctor tells that your healthy baby is sick. And recommends you give that sick baby away. After you sign the papers, your healthy baby is sold for a profit by the satanic doctor.

  84. Sleepy Teeth.

    Put tiny micro jamming devices into teeth fillings to make you dizzy & sleepy.

  85. Spiked Drinks.

    If you (female) do not know why you do it to the male at the disco, especially when you do not find him attractive or like him. There is a high chance your drinks have been sex drugged.

  86. Steal Identity.

    Make a clone of you to steal your identity. May be cloning technology, stealth technology.

  87. Stealing Pre-Paid Cards.

    Some foods & transport pre-paid cards gives rebates & discounts. Some cards are honest, but there are those who steal your pre-paid cards storage value. If you remember your pre-paid cards last storage value to the dollar (forget the cents). You notice for example your last store value is $39 . After 5 days, you use the card again, the opening store value is $35 . $4 is missing. They cheats. The best is use Bank ATM NETS Card, do not use pre-paid cards.

  88. Super-race Breeding.

    Trying to breed a superior race, but because of genetic mutations. The offsprings become defective. Because of GOD Punishments Laws = virtues improve genes, sins deteriorate genes.

  89. Swop Your Son For His Daughter.

    They want sons, but they keep getting daughters. So they swop their daughters for your sons. Saying you give birth to a female, when you give birth to a male. The best way to prevent this, is to give birth at your home with the help of a midwife.

  90. Swopped Babies.

    They swap babies so that you raise & train their offsprings. For your real sons, they teach them to fight you. For your real daughters, they play them like sex slaves. They do not give the education, foods & love to your Children. They just let them live & die.

  91. Their Accounts Credit Card & NETS Readers.

    NETS is a Singapore shopping payment method using bank card. When you close shop, they go into the shop to change the NETS depositing accounts number into their bank accounts. So that you do not receive all the NETS payment. Their shop owners must check daily every start of shop opening that the NETS reader depositing bank accounts number is correct. Same as credit cards readers. No unauthorised persons should be allowed to re-program the NETS & credit cards readers.

  92. Toothaches Toothpaste.

    Some toothpaste create toothaches for you to visit dentist to put in sleepy-jammer tooth fillings.

  93. War To Kill Male Soldiers.

    To maintain polygamy structure & to get rid of excess males, send out many unmarried virgin male soldiers to get kill in wars.

  94. Waste Time At School.

    Teachers are sent to waste your children time in schools.

  95. Wolf In Sheep Clothing.

    JESUS CHRIST in Bible: "satan the devil comes as wolves in sheep clothings".

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