Cstan98 Sage-King Government - Conclusions

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*Conclusions - My Sage-King Government Understandings:

Understand a Sage-King needs People Support to function/live. Without. S/He cannot survive.

  1. Public Interests Vs Self Interest.

    According to Confucian Sage. Those rulers who Public Interests in the Citizens wins the Country. Those rulers who self interest loses the country.

  2. Source Of All Problems: Polygamy

    Polygamy is the source of all (country) problems. When ruler starts polygamy, his numbers of children increase tremendously, draining the resources of the country. He then increases taxes & country civil wars starts. Then his sons want to follow his father to have polygamy, draining the country resources further.

  3. Source Of All Sins: Adultery

    According to Guan Sage, adultery is the source of all sins. Because of needs of sex sins, meat are eaten to boast sexual performances causing wars. The polygamy systems are setup to have more sexual wives.

  4. Source Of All Virtues: Filial Piety.

    According to Confucius, Filial Piety is the Foundation of all Virtues. When Populations respect Their Parents. They grow up respecting Their Emperor/Superiors/Teachers.

  5. Source Of All Wars: Meat.

    According Buddhism Scriptures, meats are the source of all wars. The killed animals reincarnated to kill the human eaters/killers.

  6. Same Application.

    Sun Zi: "running a Big Army is same like running a Small Army. The same Rules & Strategies apply." The me Cstan98: "running a Sage-King Country is same as running a Sage-King Company & Family. You just apply accordingly. If you cannot do well in a small unit like company, family, self, ... then you cannot do well in a big unit like country."

  7. 大学四书:“修身》》齐家》》治国》》平天下。”

    Confuciuan Da Xue Scripture: "Govern Self >> Family >> Country >> World."

  8. 大学四书:“大德者得天下。”

    Confucian Da Xue Scripture: "Sage-King Virtues >> Attract People (Population) >> Gain Lands >> Gain Productions >> Gain Money (GDP) >> Gain Under Heaven. Therefore, all Sage-King Governments have Huge Populations & Huge GDP. These are the Signs of Sage-King Governments.

  9. 大学四书:“赚多过用。”

    Confucian Da Xue Scripture: "To create Country Wealth. Productions must be more than consumptions."

  10. 易经:“一家正,万家正。”

    I-Ching: "One House good, All Houses good."

*Modern Sage-King Governments By Constitution & National Pledge:

  1. Hong Kong Government.

    Gradual orderly change.

  2. Singapore Government.

    (01) Irregardless of Race & Religion.

    (02) Equal Education for all.

    (03) Equal Opportunities for all.

    (04) One Male To One Female Monogamy Marriage.

    (05) One Nation.

    (06) One People.

    (07) Total Defence = Economic + Military + Social.

  3. Taiwan 孙中山三民。

    (01) 民主 (Democracy Freedom).

    (02) 民族 (National Unity).

    (03) 民生 (People Living).

  4. United States Democracy.

    By the People. For the People. Of the People.

  5. United States Bill Of Rights.

    People have basic Rights. (Right is inside word Rights.)

*Other Systems:

  1. Buddha No Stealing.

    So Everyone produces.

  2. Christian Countries.

    In GOD We Trust. Like Australia, New Zealand, United States, ...

  3. Confucius Make People Rich.

    Make People Rich to buy Essential Things. Create Wealth.

  4. Cstan98 Clear Laws.

    No hidden laws to trap people.

  5. Cstan98 Education.

    Everyone has a Minimum Business Degree.

  6. Cstan98 Virtues.

    Everyone cultivates Virtues.


    The sinful lifestyles are very expensive to others.

  8. Laozi No Action.(道家无为。)

    Do not overkill a solution. Once optimum solution, small or no actions.

  9. Laozi No Expensive Things.

    Make every Essential Things cheap.

  10. Laozi No Harmful Things.

    All harmful things that make the population malfunction should be removed.

**Do Not Mine Gems/Gold In Heaven Planets.

  1. When you Rapture (= leave satanic planet earth & go into a beautiful Heaven Planet).

  2. Do not mine gold = it dirty the environments & destroy the Perfect Eco-System.

  3. Do not take that beautiful Gem from the river = Gems need to be where they belong to radiate radiowaves frequency for that perfect eco-system.

  4. If you mine gold & Gems, the Heaven Planets weathers change to more & more like satanic planet earth.

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