Cstan98 Playing Chess With ISIS

Version2 2018.03.00

Playing Chess With ISIS (Is Shits Is Shits).

Teachings Everyone How To Play B&W (Black & White) Chess To Fight ISIS (is shits is shits) To Survive In Satanic Planet Earth.

  1. *Currently, isis (ISIS) commands are the primary governments threats to B&W (Black & White) Empire. The isis (ISIS) commands create mass polygamy systems & mass slaves systems which expect 100% satanic tax rates from the People. Majority of the People cannot survive. Let Fight to win back GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Governments on satanic planet earth.

  2. Attacking Cstan98 Knowledge Website.

    The isis (ISIS) needs to disable me Cstan98 Knowledge Website to take out whole planet earth. Because the Whole Panda Earth HQ Command is the Cstan98 Knowledge Website. Once Cstan98 Knowledge Website is down. The isis (ISIS) is able to destroy the whole Panda Earth Command. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  3. How To Shave ISIS Beards.

    If You want to shave off isis (ISIS) side-burned beards. But they grow back very fast. Solution = after Cstan98 One Big Solution Solve Big Problem Stroke + Cstan98 As Little Daily Small Routine Solutions To Normalize Stroke. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  4. Hunger Die Naturally.

    For the Zhou Dynasty 500 Soliders to take out many huge divisions of evil shan dynasty. The isis need to hunger die off naturally. Totally no people support (even the isis extremists need to realize 100% tax rates do not work or else they think because they are blocked from resupplies). Let the isis europe red cross help the isis middle east. The me Cstan98 wants to end these wars fast to reduce sufferings of the People. Let bankrupt satan the devil europe swiss banks throne. 'The Matrix, Movie'. Morpheus: "let see how deep the rabbit hole goes (let trace isis supplies routes to satan the devil throne)." All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  5. If Breaking ISIS/Islamic Vows.

    When you break isis/islamic vows to go for JESUS CHRIST. You experience a period of cursed periods depending on how many vows & how strong you made. Don't go back to make renewed vows if you cannot take the periods. The isis/islamic shamen curse you into more stronger vows. JESUS CHRIST: "do not go back to vomits." The me Cstan98: "always go forward. Do not go backward." All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  6. ISIS Is Not Islam.

    The recent isis (ISIS) attacks during Islam Holy Month. Confirm with Everyone that isis (ISIS) is not islam. The isis is (Is Shits Is Shits). The isis (ISIS) is so high on sex drugs that they do anythings to have their polygamy sex. Including killing Their Islamic Brothers. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  7. Islamic Heaven.

    Looking at islam on planet earth. You know what is happening in islamic heaven. The current islamic heaven you are going to if you are islamic muslims or isis (is shits is shits) = allah is not in control + darkness isis (is shits is shits) kill islamic brothers for their polygamy sex + darkness isis (is shits is shits) & light islam are fighting all the time + don't know where is prophet mohammed + many females are recruited as sex slaves + many males are recruited as farmers slaves & soldiers slaves + many polygamy males are on sex drugs very horny to have the next polygamy sex, ... Are You sure You want to go islamic heaven? All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  8. My Cstan98 Next Moves.

    If You have been family members are threathened, mental medicines drugged, mind hackings by the dark side, sexual abused, sex-drugged, videotaped, ... Just remember when You are stationed in the last satanic planet earth, everythings are going to get worse. If You don't recover fast enough, all Your Good Pawns are going to die. Because everythings are going to get worse. For example, me Cstan98 is still unable to id satan the devil = he seems to be a dark side force not a person yet. And isis (ISIS) ceos are losing their powers. The me Cstan98 does not think they are capable enough to be anti-christ. To prevent me Cstan98 from turning into anti-christ, me Cstan98 tries to stalemate with satan the devil with JESUS CHRIST America+3C & Panda Asia against satan the devil europe+middle-east+africa without turning this planet into one currency & one world to prevent the anti-christ prophecy. If the anti-christ prophecy comes true, an anti-christ arises & combines africa+europe-middle-east into one world & one currency. The me Cstan98 may be the Holy Bible Revelations White Horseman who wins wars everywhere. *Note: the Holy Bible Revelations 4 Horsemen may be only One Archangel Person. *Note: the dark side attack Panda Earth Command weakest link. The Cure = Cstan98 No False Stroke No Waste Movement + Cstan98 Do Not Test The Effects To Become The Weakest Link Stroke + Cstan98 Do Not Be The Weakest Link Stroke + Cstan98 Let Help Each Other Stroke. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  9. Obama Get Killed Prophecy Moves.

    The me Cstan98 predicts obama gets killed by his isis (ISIS) command finally.

    (01) Look at isis (ISIS). They kill those who are not useful to save their money foods.

    (02) The anti-christ of isis (ISIS) should be a middle east muslim. The isis (ISIS) command believes middle east blood is more superior than blacks or yellows.

    (03) The anti-christ of isis (ISIS) soon discover obama is too powerful threat for him.

    (04) Understand that satan the devil isis (ISIS) command is a ranks & files kill ranks & files command.

    (05) The dark emperor/darth vader do not tolerate mistakes like obama losing the United States Command to JESUS CHRIST Command.

    (06) The obama is a hardcore drugs addict whose mind is getting more & more dull (less & less useful). Cstan98 36 Strategies Stroke - Use Knife Kill Person Stroke = use isis (ISIS) middle east command to kill their isis (ISIS) ceo obama. Lessons To Be Learned = Do Not Drugs Stop Now Before Too Late + Do Not Join isis (ISIS) Command You Get Killed By isis (ISIS) Friendly Killings Or Us Enemies Killings Whichever Come First. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  10. Obama Quiet Moves.

    The obama has become very quiet like the pope. The me Cstan98 think they think they are taking united states command. Even donald trump takes united states (losing United States Texas, which is hardly). All my Cstan98 United States B&W (Black & White) Companies & JESUS CHRIST Armed Forces temporary move out of united states to JESUS CHRIST Canada+Middle-Amercia+South-America Command. Wait for mass famines & mass starvations in donald trump 100% tax rate (if mis-government) united states. Then when there are no more cries in united states. Go in & retake united states command. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  11. What ISIS Do.

    Analyzing past isis (ISIS) chess moves. The isis (ISIS) uses beautiful isis (ISIS) females slaves, handsome isis (ISIS) males slaves & isis (ISIS) money to take out my Queen Choy Marriage Fortress Chess Piece, my King (Cstan98 + CSTAN98 Company + Cstan98 Knowledge Website) Company Fortress Chess Piece. The isis (ISIS) also try to take out my Singapore Church Fortress Chess Piece, my Singapore Country Fortress Chess Piece, my United States President George H. W Bush & United States President George W. Bush Kings Chess Pieces, my United States Texas Country Fortress Chess Piece. The isis (ISIS) also try to prevent me Cstan98 from promoting United States Republican Candidate Jeb Bush Castle Chess Piece to King Chess Piece. And to prevent me Cstan98 from trying to promote United States Republican Candidate Macro Antonio Rubio Bishop Chess Pieces to Castle Chess Pieces. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  12. *Let See What Happen Next. Waiting for isis (ISIS) next chess move.

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