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*Understand Everythings Are Zen.

We live in Zen. Inside is. Outside is. Everythings & everywheres are.

  1. Controlled Thoughts.

    To go Heaven. You need sinless Controlled Thoughts. At least 99% sinless. The First Step = Aware Of Your Thoughts. The Second Step = A River Flowing, Not A Dead Pond. The Third Step = Every Single Thoughts, whether awake or sleeping. Everythings are Zen. Right. But Control Your Thoughts.

  2. Determination.

    To go Heaven. You need to be very determined. Because the ruler of this world (satan the devil) is very determined to prison you here in this world. You need to be more determined & higher Cultivation Level than satan the devil (who is ex-archangle ex-old-buddha class). Everythings are traps. Make them Zen.

  3. Do Not Worship Money.

    JESUS CHRIST: "you either worship GOD or money." When you sinless connected to GOD, You receive many Righteousness Thoughts. When you worship satan the devil world money, you receive many sinful thoughts. Connect to GOD, do not connect to satan the devil. Everythings are Zen. Right. But money not earned right are greeds & sins.

  4. Do Not Worship World.

    Do not worship this world. JESUS CHRIST promises there is a New Heaven & Earth. All these old worlds come to pass. Get away from sins of this world. Join the sinless New Worlds. Everythings are Zen. Right. But don't do sins.

  5. Essential Things.

    Life is very simple. You only need Essential Things like Cstan98 Knowledges Website, Daily Foods & Drinks, JESUS CHRIST Holy Bible, Monogamy Marriage Sex, Perfect Christians Cultivation Levels, Weekly Movies, Wisdom Knowledges, ... Throw away all unnecessary things. Everythings are Zen. Right. But keep Life simple.

  6. Know Life Illusions.

    Know this life is temporary & not real. Everythings in this world are electrons & protons. All are changing energies. You need to walk closely with HOLY SPIRIT with Zen Trainings to become GOD Spirits (HOLY SPIRIT). Everythings are temporary. Make them become Permanent Trainings.

  7. Understand Zen.

    Life is living in an illusional world. This illusional world has many names = Flow, Force, Matrix, Word, Zen, ... Understand everythings are temporary. We need to exit this place to go Heaven. Heaven is the Real Worlds.

  8. Zen Is A Journey.

    Let say you are travelling very long distance to a Destination. Do You carry many luggages? Of Course not. You travel light. With only the Essential Things. Same. You are travelling to Heaven. You do not need so much girls luggages, glory luggages, gold luggages, money luggages, sins luggages, ... Everythings are Zen. Right. But bring the minimum with You.

  9. *Conclusions.

    Aim for Higher Things in Life. Forever Improvings. Go Higher & Higher. Realize the Full Potential of what GOD wants Us to achieve in this World where Everythings are Zen.

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