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*Panda Zen Understand Books.

Books readings are needed to make You wise. They can be everythings & everywhere. A Leaf. A Little Child. A Movie. Your Zen Master. Your Wife. ...

  1. Business Farming.

    To find secure Daily Foods & Drinks to eat. You need to know the farming systems of this world. Therefore You need to read Zen Business Books like Finance, HR (Human Resource), IT (Information Technology), Marketing, Operations, ... You need to know how to grow farm money to live long long.

  2. Know Source.

    Know the Source of Knowledge Books is from One Zen. Everythings are from the same body. Just Change here & there. Just divide & combine. Just upgrade better & faster. See the true nature of sea is water.

  3. Knowledge Trees.

    For Zen Books Knowledge Trees. Single Subject Specialization or Mutliple Subjects General Knowlege? Revising Same Topics or New Topics? Free Teachings or Paid Teachings? Slow or Fast Study?

  4. Overall Picture.

    When You study all the Zen Books both Knowledges & Wisdom. You begin to see the complete overall picture. What is safe to do? What is not safe to do? What is right? What is wrong? You can calculations things even they happen. You can see everythings every patterns every dark shadows.

  5. Religions Scriptures.

    To understand how this World (GOD) works. You need to understand the Cause & Effect Laws. These Rules & Regulations are find in Scriptures. Zen Books Scriptures from JESUS CHRIST, Zen, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Islam.

  6. Science Knowledges.

    To understand how this World Physical Matters interact. You need to study Zen Science Books like Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics. This new understanding perspective make You more able to get the effects You want. Like what drinking a glass of water do to You. What falling from stairs feel like. What much money coins changes to get back after buying a thing.

  7. Stratgies Fighings.

    Your enemy satan the devil is a very ruthless & an ex-archangel (ex-old-buddha) class. To fight & win him. You need to read Zen Strategies Books to how to fight like 36 Strategies, Cstan98 Strokes Strategies, Sun Zi Art OF War. You need to know the methods you & your enemies to use & using.

  8. Weekly Movies.

    To undertand the outside worlds from this current world. You need to watch Zen Movies Books to know how other People fight, their fighting process, their strategies, their trainings levels, their weapons, ... Learn from Other Successful Jedi & Zen Masters.

  9. *Conclusions.

    To be a Wise Zen Master. You need to study Books. Books can be Actions Modelling. Heart Understandings. Verbal Instructions. Words Texts.

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