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*Zen Perfection.

About being better & better. Faster & faster. It is a Method to be more & more Success Cultivation.

  1. Continuous Zen Perfection.

    It is becoming more & more Zen Perfect. You start somewhere. You know what you want. Then you start actions doings. Each Step brings you closer & closer to your Goals.

  2. Keep On Improvings.

    Japanese Kaizen. Continuous Improvements. Get rid of defects. Become Better & Faster. Improve all aspects & features of Your Life. Then. You are heading for Zen Perfection.

  3. Know How To Get The Effects.

    Zen Perfection starts from knowing how to get those effects. Knowing how to get the effects first start from Wisdom Knowledges. Like asking Good Zen Teachers & learning from reading Books.

  4. Know What You Want.

    The First Step of Zen Perfection. Is know what you want. Next Step is know how to get that Effects. Then. Keep on repeat doing the same steps until you reach Your Goals. Even if you reach your Destinations Objectives, can still be better improve & refine further.

  5. Like Apple Products.

    All Apple Products are very near Zen Perfection. With a passion to create more & more Perfect Products. Both in hardwares & softwares. Their designs are nice to operate, nice to see, proud to have, value for money, ...

  6. Like Japan Zen Gardens.

    To know what are Perfection. Look at Japan Zen Gardens. There are very nice to the eyes (good looking flowers & small trees), nice to the noses (nice smelling flowers & leaves), relaxing to the heart (your heart feel comfortable relaxings), ...

  7. Wisdom.

    Wisdom are the Foundations of Zen Perfection. The wiser the CEO, the more Perfect the outcomes of the end Products. You must not be afraid of failures & obstacles on the ways. You keep on pushing because You are wise enough to know how to handle failures & obstacles.

  8. See Overall Picture.

    To reach Zen Perfection, You need to know & see the Overall Picture. For example. To make a Perfect Garden. You need to see: The branches to be cut. The budding flowers seasons. The falling leaves rubbishes. The fertilizers on the ground. The humans legs who step on the grass. The sunlights. The waters at the plants roots. The winds. Learn to see the Whole Map.

  9. *Conclusions.

    Do a Zen (Perfection) of Everythings. If You do that, you find You are living in Perfect Zen Success Cultivations.

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