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*Zen Controlled Thoughts.

Controlling every of Your Thought. It is like a flowing river. Not a dead stink pond.

  1. Change Fate.

    Thoughts change actions. Actions change fate. If You no adultery zen controlled thoughts for whole 3 years. You get a small change of Blessings in Your Fate. If 10 years, You get a big change of Blessings in Your Fate.

  2. Conscious Of Thoughts.

    When You try to control thoughts. You begin to become more aware of Your Thoughts. How do You fight a enemy, if You are not aware of his presence. The satan the devil attacks your thoughts. It all start from a single thought.

  3. Disicpline.

    Zen Controlled Thoughts build discipline. Because if You are in control of mind every second. You have absolute control of body every second. Control demands discipline.

  4. During Sleep Also.

    Not just awake. But asleep also. In your dreams also. Because satan the devil attacks in your dreams. Give you temptations in your dreams. One tiny leak in the your dream, the whole dam cultivation collapses. Be Zen Controlled Thoughts Discipline at all times.

  5. Sincerity.

    The Password to log into GOD is Sincerity. Not the spelling. But the feeling. The higher level the higher the password. To reach the highest level, You need Highest Pure Sincere Zen Controlled Thoughts.

  6. Sinless Perfect.

    When every thought is sinless, it is then You are without sins. JESUS CHRIST: "whoever look at a female with adultery. Already commit adultery." It is all about Heart. Heart is all about Controlled Thoughts. To have Pure Heart, it start with perfect thinkings. Zen Control Your Thoughts.

  7. Thoughts Bend Matters.

    Chinese Saying: "a thought sumons gods & ghosts. Bad ones or Good Ones depend whether bad thoughts or good thoughts." Thoughts bend Matters. A Zen Jedi needs to master His Controlled Thoughts first. A person who is not controlling his thoughts is a weak person.

  8. Zen Looks.

    With many pornography thougths, you get a sex pervert looks. With many drugs thoughts, you get a drugs addict looks. With many Controlled Thoughts, You get a Serious Zen Master Looks. You are what You think.

  9. *Conclusions.

    When Every Thought is Good Thought. It is then You Become a Perfect Christian. Good In Good Out. Rubbish In Rubbish Out.

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