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*Zen Continuous Improvements.

Forever improving in your Cultivation. Also. Known as Japanese Kaizen. It is about forever better to attain more & more Life Perfection.

  1. Build On.

    Each Zen Continuous Improvements Steps should build on each other. They are like Bricks Blocks of a Building. They complement each other. They do not conflicts. Coming together to achieve the overall Picture. Each Step should work together & build each other up.

  2. Continuous Improvements.

    You need to be Forever Continuous Improvements to reach your Zen Perfection Goals. It is a never ending progress. Even after body death, You still keep on the same even after You go Heaven. You keep on going & going. The progress never dies ends.

  3. Forever.

    Continuous Improvements are forever. It never ends at death. You keep on improving even after You go Heaven. It is never-ending. There is no destination. Only a Journey. Zen is a Journey. A Way of Life.

  4. Get The Effects Stroke.

    When You Zen Continuous Improvements. You need to get the Effects. You need to get nearer & nearer to your Goals. Do not go the opposite directions. You need to be heading the direction of towards Your Success. Do little testings. Get feedbacks. Modify Your Strokes. Head towards your Overall Picture.

  5. Goals-Setting.

    Before You do Zen Continuous Improvements. Do some Goals-Setting. What do You want to achieve? What do You want to get? What do You want to reach? You must do some soul-searchings. When You understand your needs & wants better, means your each step of Improvements not go in vain. Have the Complete Picture in mind.

  6. Perfection.

    The Goal is Perfection. So to reach. You have to keep going nearer & nearer. So Continuous Improvements are a Way of Zen Livings. You breathe Better. You drink Better. You eat Better. You hear Better. You see Better. All the time.

  7. Step-By-Step Strokes.

    You can never reach Zen Perfection in one day. You get nearer & nearer. That why You need Continuous Improvements. To push you further & further. Daily Better & Faster. Each step closer to the Goal of Being Perfect. You see the great results from your Step-By-Step Daily Strokes in years time.

  8. Systematic.

    When You do Zen Continuous Improvements, You need to be systematic. Do not go around in circles. Do not be at the same spot all the time moving around in circles. Basic OS step by step to get nearer & nearer to your Goals. Come up with Your System Strokes = mean your Basic Foundations Stroke which You keep in Your System.

  9. *Conclusions.

    Keep on Zen Continuous Improvements. To keep on going. You need Zen Controlled Thoughts. Because it is the thoughts that control daily body actions & habits. Then all the rest of things fall into place.

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