Cstan98 Panda Budhhist Cultivation 佛教弟子

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Panda Dan Cultivation Levels 熊猫道果。

(01) Panda Basic Angel Cultivation 仙道。

  1. 佛教: 戒定慧。 Buddhism: 3 Percepts.

    (*) Red Period Buddhists are supposed to follow & obey White Period Old-Buddha.

    (01) 戒。 Thou Shall Not.

    (02) 定。 Stablize-Still.

    (03) 慧。 Wisdom.

  2. 佛教: 八正道。 Buddhism: 8 Right Paths.

    (*) Red Period Buddhists are supposed to follow & obey White Period Old-Buddha.

    (01) 正见。 Correct Faith.

    (02) 正思惟。 Correct Reasonings.

    (03) 正语。 Correct Speeches.

    (04) 正业。 Correct Occupations.

    (05) 正命。 Correct Life.

    (06) 正精进。 Correct Forever Improvements.

    (07) 正念。 Correct Controlled Thoughts.

    (08) 正定。 Correct Stabilize-Still.

  3. 孔子: 三清。 Confucius: 3 Clear.

    (01) 圣凡清。 Official & Unofficial Clear.

    (02) 钱财清。 Money Dollars & Cents Clear.

    (03) 男女清。 Male & Female Clear.

  4. 孔子: 三达德。 Confucius: 3 Reach.

    (01) 智。 Wisdom.

    (02) 仁。 Ren (Perfection).

    (03) 勇。 Courage.

  5. 孔子: 三纲。 Confucius: 3 Relationships.

    (01) 君臣。 Superiors & Subordinates.

    (02) 父子。 Parents & Children.

    (03) 夫妻。 Husbands & Wives.

  6. 孔子: 四正。 Confucius: 4 Right.

    (01) 身正。 Body Right.

    (02) 心正。 Heart Right.

    (03) 言正。 Speeches Right.

    (04) 行正。 Actions Right.

  7. 孔子: 五常。 Confucius: 5 Characters.

    (01) 仁。 Ren (Perfection).

    (02) 义。 Righteousness.

    (03) 礼。 Rites.

    (04) 智。 Wisdom.

    (05) 信。 Trustworthiness.

  8. 孔子: 八德。 Confucius: 8 Virtues.

    (01) 孝。 Filial Piety.

    (02) 悌。 Brotherhood.

    (03) 忠。 Loyalty.

    (04) 信。 Trustworthiness.

    (05) 礼。 Rites.

    (06) 义。 Righteousness.

    (07) 廉。 Incorruptible.

    (08) 耻。 Shamefulness.

  9. 一贯道: 十五条佛规。 Heaven Tao: 15 Buddha Rules.

    (01) 尊敬仙佛。 Respect Angels & Archangels.

    (02) 尊前提后。 Respect Seniors Groom Juniors.

    (03) 斋庄中正。 Vegetarian Clean Right.

    (04) 循规蹈距。 Follow all Rules.

    (05) 责任负起。 Take Up Responsibilies.

    (06) 重圣轻凡。 Important Official Not-Important Unofficial.

    (07) 谦恭和蔼。 Humble Approachable.

    (08) 勿弃圣训。 Not Abandon Commandments.

    (09) 莫着形相。 Not Trick By Appearances.

    (10) 手续必清。 Paperworks & Procedures All Clear.

    (11) 出告反面。 Report Before Report After.

    (12) 不乱系统。 Do Not Mess Up Systems.

    (13) 爱惜公物。 Treasure Shared Properties.

    (14) 活泼应事。 Correct Just Nice Initatives.

    (15) 谨言慎行。 Careful Speeches & Actions.

(02) Panda Sub-Sub-Buddha Angel Cultivation 罗汉道。

  1. 佛教: 五戒。 Buddhism: 5 Thou Shall Not Commandments.

    (*) Red Period Buddhists are supposed to follow & obey White Period Old-Buddha.

    (01) 戒杀。 Thou Shall Not Kill.

    (02) 戒盗。 Thou Shall Not Steal.

    (03) 戒淫。 Thou Shall Not Adultery.

    (04) 戒妄。 Thou Shall Not Lie.

    (05) 戒酒(问题)。 Thou Shall Not Alcohol (Problem).

(03) Panda Sub-Buddha Angel Cultivation 菩萨道。

  1. 佛教六度万行法。 Buddhism 6 Over To Overcome All.

    (*) Red Period Buddhists are supposed to follow & obey White Period Old-Buddha.

    (01) 布施度贪悭。 Give To Overcome Greed Stinginess.

    (02) 持戒度淫邪。 Thou Shall Not To Overcome Evil Adultery.

    (03) 忍辱度嗔恚。 Endure To Overcome Anger Tempers.

    (04) 精进度懈怠。 Forever Improvements To Overcome Laziness Not-Moving.

    (05) 禅定度散乱。 Stabilize Still To Overcome Confusions Chaos.

    (06) 智慧度愚痴。 Wisdom To Overcome Stupidity Ignorance.

(04) Panda Buddha Angel Cultivation 佛道。

  1. 佛教: 四宏誓愿。 Buddhism: 4 Big Vows.

    (*) Red Period Buddhists are supposed to follow & obey White Period Old-Buddha.

    (01) 众生无边誓愿度。 Beings Infinite Numbers Vow To Save.

    (02) 烦恼无尽誓愿断。 Troubles Infinite Non-Stoppings Vow To Cut.

    (03) 法门无量誓愿学。 Knowledges Infinite Schools Vow To Learn.

    (04) 佛道无上誓愿成。 Buddha Levels Infinite Ups Vow To Become.

(05) Panda Old-Buddha Angel Cultivation 古佛道。

  1. 古佛愿。 Old-Buddha Vows.

    (*) Red Period Buddhists are supposed to follow & obey White Period Old-Buddha.

    (01) 地藏古佛:“地狱不空誓不成佛。” Hell Old-Buddha: "Hell not empty, do not become Buddha."

    (02) 观音古佛:“度尽天下众生。” GUAN YIN Old-Buddha: "save all Souls under Heaven."

    (03) 弥勒古佛:“最后一个成佛。” White Period (Mi Le) Old-Buddha: "last Person to become Buddha."

    (04) 熊猫古佛:“如果是弥勒,最后一个成佛。如果不是弥勒,最后第二个成佛。” Panda Old-Buddha: "if me is White Period (Mi Le) Old Buddha, last Person to become Buddha. If me is not White Period (Mi Le) Old Buddha, last 2nd Person to become Buddha."

    JESUS CHRIST: "You should not vow to earth, GOD, Heaven, hell, Jerusalem, your head, ... Let yes be yes. Let no be no. More than these are from satan the devil."

(06) Panda God Angel Cultivation 上帝道。

  1. Past Old-Buddha Level. Just don't want to be recognized as God Level.

    Either because of things like Better Things to do, not interested, Personal Vows, Situations, Troops Population to worry about, ...

(07) Panda GOD Cultivation 天帝道。

  1. 天帝。 GOD.

    (*) 每一次古佛不是天帝的时候,天下就大乱。我熊猫已经非常怕了。 The Best Old-Buddha should be in GOD Position always.

    (01) 照顾所有仙,罗汉,菩萨,佛,古佛,上帝,老上帝。 Take Care Of All Angels, Sub-Sub-Buddhas, Sub-Buddhas, Buddhas, Old-Buddhas, Gods, Old-Gods under Him.

    (02) 治理因果报应。大罪大罚。中罪中罚。小罪小罚。 Administer Good & Bad Punishments & Rewards Universe Laws. Big Sins = Big Punishments. Medium Sins = Medium Punishments. Small Sins = Small Punishments.

    (03) 让每一人开心。 Able Let Everyone Be Happy.

    (04) 让每一人每天有饭和水吃喝。 Able Let Everyone Has Daily Foods & Drinks To Eat & Drink.

    (05) 让每一人能一夫一妻结婚。 Able Let Everyone Able To One Male To One Female Get Married.

    (06) 让每一人能有自己的孩子。 Able Let Everyone Able To Have Their Own Children.

    (07) Let There Be More Light Then Darkness In The Universe.

    (08) Let There Be More Creations = Produtions More Than Consumptions.

    (09) Cstan98: "Heaven God is a Wise Sage-King in Heaven using Sage-King Government to govern the whole Universe."

    (10) JESUS CHRIST: "Sheep from Other Flocks (Panda Zen), become My Flocks. There is only One Flock."

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