Cstan98 No Sweet Carbonated Drinks Slim Down Program

Version2 2018.03.00

*No Sweet Carbonated Drinks Slim Down Diet Program.

This is a Diet to quit taking sweet carbonated can drinks like coke/7-cup/... to lose weight. Below are the reasons:

  1. At First.

    At first when you Quit Sweet Carbonated Drinks, you feel out of energies. But as your body gets use to no bad sugars boast, you feel more & more energetic in the long run. Your body manage energies better & better. Become more & more carbohydrates efficient.

  2. Bad For Kidneys.

    Sweet Carbonated Drinks are bad for your kidneys. These sugars overwork your kidneys. When you have less for your kidneys. Your kidneys not overwork & have more rest. This means healthy kidneys.

  3. Cold Distilled Water.

    Drink Ice Cold Distilled Water instead. Water is a good alternative to Sweet Carbonated Cans Drinks. It quenches your thirst. Rehyrdate your body & brain, making you energetic.

  4. Fat People All Drink Them.

    If you ask around. You find that all fat people drink Sweet Carbonated Drinks. If you ask thin people. You find that all thin people do not drink.

  5. Main Reason Of Growing Fat.

    Sweet Carbonated Drinks are the main reason why people grow fat. This is because sweet carbonated drinks contain many bad sugars. Intake of them make you fat.

  6. More Thirsty.

    Do you know when you drink Sweet Carbonated Drinks. You become more thirsty & greed for more & more. It is a deadly cycle which makes you very fat.

  7. Need Many More Sex Loads.

    If You are fat. You need a capable Male to do a lots of sex loads to turn You into a Female Fox Spirit (Sexy Body). But the problem is = this kind of Male does not like too fat females. So on your part, cut down all Sweet Carbonated Drinks. Slim down enough to get married to a Capable Same Fat Husband. Then You 2 can have all the foods & drinks You want & not gain weight. *Warning: during Marriage if abrupt stop of sexual activities. You are required to reduce calories intakes sharply also.

  8. Tea Without Sugars.

    Drink Tea like British, Chinese, Green, Oolong, ... *Please note should not be from sweet cans drinks. As some canned contain sugars. Brew Yourself or choose sugar-free ones. They wash away all your fats & cholesterols in your blood, making you thin. Also cure weak kidneys. You need not go toilets so often.

  9. *Good Way To Lose Weight.

    No Sweet Carbonated Drinks Slim Down Program is a good way to lose weight.

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