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Financial Planning: Taxi Driver.

  1. Condominium House.

    30 years ago, He bought a Condominium House when Houses are very cheap. Now the Condominium House is fully paid.

  2. Do Not Invest.

    He does not invest. He keeps all His money in banks Fixed Deposits. He concentrates on earning more & more savings to increase His wealth.

  3. Do Not Spend-Spend.

    He: "if you anyhow spend, you become very poor. And need to work like mad."

  4. Exercises.

    He does a lots of exercises like free swimming in His Condominium. So that He is fit enough to work.

  5. Happy Marriage Life.

    He always go out with His Wife for meals, when They are not working. Cstan98: "Faithful Marriage is the Foundations of Good Wealth Planning."

  6. No Vices.

    The me Cstan98: "me thinks He does not drink, gamble, smoke, ... He leads a vices-free Lifestyle. He is a Blessed Christian."

  7. Save A Lots.

    He saves $50,000 a year. That works out to be $4,000 per month.

  8. Shenton Way Executive.

    He: "those executives who work as executives in shenton way (Singapore financial district). Although they have high salaries. But many have credit cards debts. The they do not save much. Might as well work as a lowly Taxi Driver to save more."

  9. Use Rental Taxi As Car.

    When He is not driving taxi for customers. He uses the taxi as a private car.

  10. Work Hard To Have Income.

    He works 12 hours a day. And earn $4,000 to $5,000 a month.

  11. Working Wife.

    His Wife is working also.

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