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Christian Living.

Summarized from 'Experience GOD As Your Provider, Book'.

  1. 10-10-80.

    10% income to GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM + 10% income to Saving + 80% income to Livings. Adjust Your Styles to fit 80% of income.

  2. 10% Tithe & Offerings.

    According to Bible, you need to give 10% of your income to GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Works. Less than that is stealing from GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM.

  3. Avoid Temptations.

    Avoid temptations to spend. You cannot afford to go near that person or into that situation. If you do not have the money.

  4. Blessed Resources.

    Use GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM blessed resources effectively. Assets like = your educations, knowledges, mind, money, skills, ...

  5. Cheerful Giver.

    GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM loves a cheerful giver. Give & forget about your giving. So that you mentally also let go (give) of the money given.

  6. Contentment.

    Content that you still have your hands, health, legs, loved ones, ... with you.

  7. Daily Bread.

    Pray for daily bread, instead of big riches. Because GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM knows during famine you cannot eat gold.

  8. De-Clutter.

    Give unnecessary things to those who cannot afford & need them. Alternatively, sell them & give the money to them.

  9. Debt-Free.

    King Solomon says. A borrower is a slave to the lender. Be debt-free. Clear all debts like car, credit cards, housing, student educations, ...

  10. Don't Believe Stock Market.

    Do not believe in stock markets (which GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM may crash anytime), but in GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Grace.

  11. Don't More Money.

    When you have $100,000 , you want $500,000 & so on. It is an endless pit.

  12. Downsize Desires.

    Downgrade to a older/smaller car, house, ... So that you can give more to GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM monthly.

  13. Faithful In Little Things.

    GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM says. If You are faithful in little things, You are faithful in big things.

  14. Financial Goals & Status.

    Know your financial goals like monthly, 2-3 months, yearly. Know your financial status like balance sheets & income statements.

  15. Find A Job.

    Update Resume. Go for all employment interviews & tests to increase your chance of getting a job.

  16. Follow JESUS CHRIST.

    JESUS CHRIST: "follow me." Do according to what JESUS CHRIST says in the Holy Bible. Be a Good Christian.


    Set aside GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM money first, before spending the rest. Do not touch GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM money, even you have spent finished the rest. Best of all. Finished Giving Tithes first thing at the month.

  18. GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Give Someone Else.

    According to Holy Bible. GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM gives unrighteous people money (let them die) to give to His Righteous People.


    Understand GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Providence. GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM may give you free foods through your wife, free housing through your mother. Notice.


    Understand that your riches can be taken back anytime by GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM. Fear GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM. Lead a Righteous Life.

  21. Godly Life.

    Live godly lives. Sinless life means no alcohol, gambling, prostitute, smoking, ... which all costs huge money.

  22. Good Plannings & Hard Works.

    Holy Bible says good planning & hard works lead to richness.

  23. Help Poor.

    Help the poor. Give foods, money, ... Share your car, house, ... To fellow poor Christians.

  24. Library & Park.

    Go free public library & public park more often in free time. This save on entertainment fees.

  25. Little By Little.

    Holy Bible says dishonest money dwindles away, but little by little money become a lots.

  26. Manage Well.

    Manage your expenses & incomes well. So that you need not worry about the finance.

  27. Ownership GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM.

    Understand GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM creates & owns everythings.

  28. Ownership Transfer.

    Transfer ownership of your house assets & investment money funds to GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM. Become a good steward.

  29. Read Proverbs.

    Read Holy Bible - Proverbs. It teaches a lots on money management & matters.

  30. Save For Future.

    King Solomon says. A Wise Man saves for the future. A foolish man spends finish all his money.

  31. Seek GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Kingdom.

    JESUS CHRIST: "seek first GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Kingdom. Then all your needs are filled."

  32. Treasures Heaven.

    JESUS CHRIST: "do not save money in earth treasures which rust." Save in GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Heaven treasures where they not rust.

  33. Treasures Hidden.

    Be surprised when GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM gives you hidden treasures (extra money) hide in dark corners. Make good use of them.

  34. True Riches.

    Know what true riches in your life are. Not the temporary riches that fade away in time.


    In GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM We trust. In bad & good times. That GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM is always there for us.

  36. Wise.

    GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM says wise people are rich both physically & spiritually. Read Holy Bible often, so that you know what GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM wants you to know.

  37. Work Lesser.

    The more you own & spend, the harder you need to work. So own less & spend less.

Christian Living2.

Summarized from 'Keys To Financial Excellence, Book'.

  1. 10% Tithes To Receive Blessings.

    All those Billionaire Bill Gate Jews of their time, like Abraham, Isaac, Job, King David, King Solomon, Moses, Paul who are super-rich. Their secrets = they give 10% Tithes to receive Blessings from GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM.

  2. Church Needs All To Give 10% Tithes.

    In an Old Testament War to take the Jews Promised Lands. A battle was defeat with about 36 Jewish Soldiers dead. When they ask GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM why a defeat now when all along winning. GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM: "because in a previous battle, one of your jewish soldier, steal from my treasury (i.e. GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM has specified that all the gold & silver win in all the battles should be put in GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Treasury) by burying gold items in his secret place." After that jewish soldier is put to death & battles are won again. From this story, it is implied, in a Church if a person steals GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM gold (do not give 10% Tithes). Then GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM punish the whole church body, by not giving His Blessings. All need to cooperate & not steal from GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM.

  3. Good Offerings.

    You reap what you sow. In the Book. Author mentions that he gets spoiled guitar donations. When He donates a spoiled guitar to the Church. It is when He donates a good Guitar to the Church, then he gets many good Guitar donations. Give good items to Church & fellow Christians, should not give spoiled or worn out items.

  4. Include Increase In Value.

    Your 10% Tithe should include not only your income, but increase value like selling car/house/shares, ... Also 10% of gifts value like from Church, other people, ... You must be very careful to get huge Blessings from GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM.

  5. Testimony.

    If you 10% Tithes the Church, & you get huge blessings. The Author recommends the Church to encourages you to come up with testimony. To encourage other people to Tithes also.

  6. Tithes Like Planting A Seed In A Ground.

    Good Grounds = reliable Church who does not mis-use funds. Good Seeds = honest money. Air, Fertilizer, Sunlight & Water = all Factors. You need more than just wait for Blessings to come after you Tithes. You need to be hardworking, has a Ebook/Job/Website, ... A window for GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM to throw the money into your house.

  7. Tithes Now Don't Wait To Become Rich

    Do not wait to have a million dollar then you 10% Tithes. Now 10% Tithes to have that million dollar.

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