Cstan98 Money Matters- Banking Security

Version2 2018.03.00

*OCBC (Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation) = the Red Bank in Singapore me Cstan98 uses. The below is how to secure this Singapore Banking Service. Sun Zi: "for other Local Banks. Just adapt Art Of War accordingly."

  1. Red Bank.

    The blue colour = flag colour of satan the devil. Opposite JESUS CHRIST Colour = Red.

  2. Secure Apple iPhone/MacBook.

    Without a secure iPhone/MacBook. It is very difficult to startup a Unicorn Company. Because It means no secure banking services.

  3. Secure ATM/Visa Card.

    The some people pay your weaker relatives/wife that if they pass them Your ATM/Pin Number. The they can get $50 for them. Actually they just on the Internet/Mobile Banking to their registered mobile. Transfer all the funds they want. After that. Just delete the transactions records.

  4. Secure Banking - Bank Timing.

    The me Cstan98 discovers the best timing to do Banking Services. Is during that Branch Weekday Opening Time. The most solid Officers are there. You just wait 15-30 minutes for the crowd queue to go in. Go to the most solid Frontline Officer when He/She is free. Just greet/remember by His/Her Name. To encourage good feedback/services. Tell Him/Her You like Her Service Attitude. Give thanks to HQ by emails also. This help the Bank to keep on promoting better/good Officers.

  5. Secure Banking - ATM.

    At ATM (Automated Deposit/Withdrawal Machine). Always show Your face for Face ID Recognition. Believe me. They even take your fingerprints.

  6. Secure Banking - Branch Counter.

    Try to sign every transactions on Person basis at one familiar Bank Branch. E-Statements Account needs just NRIC (singapore id) to withdraw. But since mine is Passbook Account. The me Cstan98 always insists updating Passbook after each transaction.

  7. Secure Banking - Internet/Mobile.

    The crooks like people not to on their internet/mobile banking. Once they use your ATM Card to on. The they can do whatever they want. It is more secured to on for Yourself to keep track of weird weird transactions.

  8. Secure Banking - Statement.

    Whether Passbook/E-Statements. Update/See as fast as possible whenever any transactions are done. If not expecting any. Still update as least once daily. Check/confirm suspicious activities. For OCBC (Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation). If You opt for Passbook. Can only see balance in Internet/Mobile Banking. The me Cstan98 never tries E-Statements. So don't know.

  9. Secure Communication - Notifications Email/Mobile/Postal Letter/SMS.

    Turn on all Email/Mobile/Postal Letter/SMS/emails notifications (tick on all options). Especially opening of new accounts. Crooks like to off their own of you don't know shares trade options. Saying they are trading for you. Wins they take. Loss you take. Check all weird weird transactions with Bank immediately.

  10. Secure E-Statements.

    (The me Cstan98 think. Because never use before.) E-Statements are more secured than Passbooks. Why? The crooks can issue many of your passbooks using Your ID (just take birth certificate for example while you are not at home). Let say You sleep at 10:00pm. The they do their own transactions. Update their your passbooks by 05:00am next day. But with secured E-Statements. Every transactions cannot hide.

  11. Secure Hardware Token.

    (00) Sometimes you cancel that hardware token. It is not cancelled. And is all along active. You just need SMS Token. Right. But You also need to keep the Hardware Token with You all the time.

    (01) Attach To Your Pokemon Keychain. To bring with You everywhere. Even to home toilet.

    (02) Always Confirm Serial Number. Hit: a time freeze to swap is very easy.

    (03) Always Serial Number Face You. Hit: a time freeze to press numbers buttons is very easy.

  12. Secure Telecom - Data Plan.

    Don't use wifi for MacBook. Use via iPhone hotspot. Upsize to monthly 21GB Data Plan.

  13. Secure Telecom - Phone Number/SIM Card.

    Always ensure there is only 1 SIM Card issued out by your Telecom for Your Mobile Number.

  14. *Conclusions.

    GOD wants You to be rich. Right. But if you cannot preventive measures how to protect your richness being stolen by satan the devil. How are You going to be very blessed?

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