Cstan98 Money Cultivation - Strategic

Version2 2019.09.22

*The Perfect Christian Objective of Strategic Money.

(01) To save Your Soul from satan the devil.

(02) To save Other People Souls.

(03) Then all those Blessings from GOD Kingdom are added to You.

  1. Priority 1: Fund GOD Kingdom Operations.

    (00) Give 10% Tithes to fund GOD Kingdom. JESUS CHRIST: "after You take up Your Cross. Now is time to take up Other People Cross."

    (01) Rule1: cannot break up 10% Tithes like 4.5% to JESUS CHRIST + 4.5% to GUAN YIN + 1% to CSTAN98. Currently me Cstan98 is so blessed. Because me gives 10% Tithes to JESUS CHRIST + 10% Tithes to GUAN YIN + 1% Fees to CSTAN98 (Semi-Church).

    (02) Rule2: 10% Tithes are calculated from cash inflows recorded in one bank account transactions (or more. For me Cstan98 only one bank account). 10% Offerings are calculated from free gifts values received. Currently me Cstan98 is so blessed. Because me gives 10% Offerings to JESUS CHRIST + 10% Offerings to GUAN YIN + 1% Extra Fees to CSTAN98 (Semi-Church).

  2. Priority 2: Pay Satan The Devil Dues.

    (00) Pay all satan the devil dues even it mean going hungry:

    (01) Government Taxes like Corporate, GST (Good & Service Taxes), Personal, Property, ...

    (02) Compulsory Government Personal Retirement. Although they are your funds. But they belong to satan the devil fundings to feed You. If they are not compulsory. Leave tomorrow to GOD.

    (03) Credit Cards. Pay off all these outstanding high interests loans. If You cannot afford the items. Don't buy them

    (04) Law Suits. JESUS CHRIST: "settle law suits fast."

    (05) Other Outstanding Loans. Chinese Teachings: "all this year debts must be clear before next year New Year."

    (*) With debts to satan the devil. The your soul belongs to him. Then all your GOD kingdom blessings belong to him also.

  3. Priority 3: Honour Father/Mother & Extra Miles.

    (01) Rule 1: Live a simple life with Your Wife/Children like JESUS CHRIST when He walks on earth.

    (02) Rule 2: Honour Father/Mother. If Father/Mother don't want to live a simple life. And want you to fund their expensive lifestyles. You desperately need to kneel down with your Wife/Children.

    (03) Rule 3: Extra Miles. Helping the poor must also let them live the same standard as your Self/Wife/Children. JESUS CHRIST call them Extra Miles. Because they are the same types of Miles. JESUS CHRIST never call them helping the poor to live good lives.

  4. Priority 4: All Righteousness Add To You.

    (00) JESUS CHRIST: "(after You take up Your Cross + Other People Crosses) = seek GOD Kindgom. All Other Things (Blessings) come add to You."

    (01) Retirement Plannings. JESUS CHRIST: "leave tomorrow to GOD." All old age savings falls on this 4 category.

  5. *Conclusions.

    The me Cstan 98 calls this Money Cultivation - Strategic = Money Kungfu. Because Everyone is fighting a Life & Death Battles in a game chess of money.

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